Saved By The Lumberjack

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Chapter 6
Warm lips on the back of my neck wake me up. It takes me a second to remember what happened, and when I do, a smile spreads over my face.
I roll over to look at Burke, his blue eyes bright in the soft morning light.
“Morning,” he says, his voice still rough from sleep.
My smile widens. “Morning.”
He brushes a kiss to my lips before pulling me against him. I close my eyes, just enjoying being here with him. I feel safe, safer than I’ve ever felt. As long as I’m with Burke, nothing can happen to me. As long as this strong, grumpy, sensitive man is by my side, everything will be okay.
“Don’t fall asleep again,” he says, and I can hear the smile in his voice.
“I’m not. Just a little sleepy.”
He trails kisses over my jaw and neck. “I can think of a way to help you wake up.”
My eyes fly open to see Burke’s lips pull into a sexy half-smile.
“And what would that be?”
Instead of answering, he kisses me. Soon, he’s on top of me. And I give myself to him again. Give him everything I have.
It takes us a while to get out of bed. Every time I try to get up and shower, Burke reaches for my waist and doesn’t let me go. Not that I’m complaining. I could stay here all day, having sex, cuddling, talking, laughing. Burke’s bed is now my happy place.
Once I get up and finish showering, it’s already past noon. I make my way into the kitchen, following the smell of coffee, and find Burke sitting at the kitchen table, a steaming mug in front of him.
“Here.” He takes an empty mug and fills it with coffee.
“Thanks.” I take it from him and take a big sip, not caring that the coffee is still a little too hot.
“When you’ve finished that, you should change.”
I look down at my leggings and T-shirt. “Why?”
“Because we’re going into Ashwood Grove. I need to meet a potential customer, and I want you to meet Marianne.”
He wants me to meet Marianne? My pulse quickens. If he wants me to meet someone who’s that important to him, that has to mean something, right?
I take a sip of coffee, and then another, the hot liquid burning the roof of my mouth. “I can’t wait to meet her.”
Relief washes over his face, as if he wasn’t sure if I’d want to meet her.
“Awesome. I’ll jump in the shower, and then we can head out.”
He stands up and walks around the table, pausing next to me. “Daisy?”
I look up at him. “Yeah?”
He leans forward and kisses me. It’s just a soft touch of his lips; even so, my heart beats faster. “Do you want me to join you?” I ask, heat pooling between my legs.
He chuckles. “I can’t believe I’m saying this, but no. If you come with me, we won’t leave the house today.”
I sigh dramatically. “Fine.”
Burke ruffles my hair, grinning. “Next time, baby.”