Saved By The Lumberjack

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Chapter 4
I’m woken by the sound of Daisy making breakfast, and almost against my will, a smile tugs at my lips.
I roll out of bed and make my way to the kitchen. With every step, Daisy’s out of tune humming becomes louder. When she hears me approach, she falls silent and turns to look at me, her face pink. “Don’t stop on my account,” I say, barely hiding my grin.
The color on her face deepens, and she tucks a strand of her dark hair behind an ear. “Sorry. I didn’t know you were awake. I can’t sing for shit,” she says, an embarrassed smile on her lips.
“I’m glad you’re a bad singer,” I say, not thinking.
I take out plates and cutlery to set the table. “Because.”
She snorts. “Oh, come on, Burke.”
I shake my head, but my name on her lips makes me smile.
I turn to look at her, which is a mistake. She’s looking up at me, making puppy eyes, and I know I can’t deny her anything. “Because then you’d be too perfect,” I say gruffly.
Daisy blinks at me, and then a smile spreads over her face. I can’t look away. Maybe it’s that damn dimple, or just the fact that she almost died two days ago and can still smile with so much warmth it takes my breath away.
“I don’t think anyone has ever called me perfect,” she says, and then her face darkens and I just know she’s thinking about that asshole she ran away from.
“Well, you are, so you better deal with it.”
She doesn’t reply, but the dark cloud vanishes from her face as she slides half an omelette onto each of our plates.
“When do you have to go to work?” she asks halfway through our meal.
I glance at the clock. I have to leave in forty-five minutes. “Why?”
She shrugs. “It’s just so nice out and I thought maybe we could go for a walk.”
She’s right. The sky is a bright blue, making the frozen tree branches sparkle. “I have time to go for a walk with you.”
Her face brightens. “Do you want to leave right after breakfast?”
When I nod, she claps her hands, and I take a second to marvel at her enthusiasm. How can someone get so excited about a simple walk? Not that it really matters. As long as Daisy is happy and I get to spend time with her, all is well.
“Where are we going?” Daisy asks beside me, her breath like a cloud of smoke in the cold air.
“You’ll see.”
“Tell me.” She pokes me into the side with her finger, making me smile. Fuck, I’ve been smiling a lot since I met her.
I glance to my right to see her pout, and the memory of her lips on my cheek rises up in my mind. Her mouth would’ve been on mine if I had turned my head just a little.
I wanted to kiss her. I wanted to bury my hands in her sweet-smelling hair and pull her onto my lap. But I didn’t. Daisy is going to leave in a few weeks, so it’s best not to get too attached.
“Are you alright?” she asks, her brows furrowed.