The Beast And The Blessed

Chapter 107

The Beast And The Blessed

Two: Joselin

Joselin’s P.O.V. – Present Day

One had to be a special kind of stupid to let their ignorance feed their fear.

Yet, as I stepped into the pub, the room fell silent. Bodies shifted, and multiple people began collecting
their belongings to make a quick escape. Only one person in the building should have been afraid of
me, and he was sitting with his back to me at the bar, trying to enjoy his day off.

I was about to ruin that.

My chest warmed as my eyes ran across his broad back and shoulders. He didn’t bother turning to look
at me as I approached him. I rested my elbows on the counter next to him as the bartender placed a
beer in front of me and then rushed to the other end of the bar.

The sound of feet scurrying away as the room rapidly emptied made me grit my teeth, knowing I would
have to leave a large tip to make up for the loss of his business. A quick scan of the room showed only
a few castle guards, who were used to me, had chosen to stay and were enjoying their meals.

But that was how it worked. I used to let their reactions get to me. The people would take one look at
my long white hair and colorless eyes, and they would leave. When I was first brought here, a few
people protested King Amery from taking me in. They lost, but it still bothered me.

But now, even though most of them had grown used to me, I embraced it.

I loved that I instilled a deep-seated fear in people. Humans, Lycans, Wolves, Fae… you name it.

Except him.

He had never been afraid of me, not since day one. At least, that was what

I told myself. In reality, our past was a bit more complicated than that… more painful.

Tobias pushed his plate of food in my direction, and I bit back a smile as I grabbed a fry before sliding
the ceramic dish back toward him. I wasn’t hungry, but I wouldn’t turn his offer down. His glass of water
sat untouched in front of him, and I watched as a drop of condensation ran down the glass onto the
paper coaster beneath it.

Tobias quickly pushed his thigh against mine, nudging me to grab my attention. The warmth of his body
managed to make it through his jeans and into my skin. It was glorious, and I dropped my hands in my
lap, hoping to hide the goosebumps that rose along my skin at his touch.

His rich brown eyes scanned my face, and I felt my breathing speed up when he briefly looked down at
my body. When his eyes met mine again, I swallowed hard and had to turn away.

It was difficult enough for me to have to come here and ask him a favor. But seeing how he looked at
me, his pupils dilated, and his lip pulled up ever so slightly on one side, always made my body feel
warm and my mouth dry.

The man was a god, always just out of reach. If my family had been right, I was a demon.

The two didn’t mix.

Maybe I was afraid of him too.

’I need a favor,” I muttered, bitter that I had to show up in a place like this to ask for help. “But you’ve
been avoiding me. Should I even ask, or should I go to someone else for help?”

My childhood best friend had challenged me a few months ago to toss my reservations aside and go
for it with Tobias. But there was no point to it. He had a soulmate somewhere out there, and when he
found her, she would be the luckiest woman in the world.

Yet, I did it anyway. Getting to be loved by Tobias, even for a limited time, would have been worth the
heartbreak of him eventually leaving me for his soul mate.

I tried to get his attention by flirting with and touching him… He never responded. He wasn’t like the
others. Other men fell at my feet if I approached them. They loved to be able to say they fucked me,
The King’s Royal Advisor, but they never wanted anything more than that.

I wanted more than that, but I had only ever felt that way for Tobias; for the one man that rejected every
advance I made and refused to touch me.

So, I gave up the constant humiliation of his repeated rejections. It wasn’t worth the pain if I never got
the chance to be with him. But that didn’t mean it didn’t still hurt every time I saw him or was reminded
that I wasn’t good enough for him.

He made it easy and did everything he could to avoid me over the past two weeks. Now I was here,
humiliating myself again in public to tell him that I wasn’t strong enough to do this on my own.

But he was the only one I trusted to keep it a secret, not only because there were very few people he
would ever talk to, but because I trusted him not to.

Tobias lifted his glass, the movement catching my attention. His eyes were open, holding steady on me
as he sipped his ice water. I watched as he swallowed, the tanned skin of his neck moving slightly as
he did so.

My mouth dried, and I took a large gulp of my beer, forcing my eyes away.

“Don’t make me beg, Tobias,” I said, placing both hands around my beer mug as it hit the wooden top
of the bar, staring at the wall of liquors in front of us. “I’ll do this alone if I have to, but please don’t make

He raised his eyebrow, silently asking me to explain. But even thinking the words make a ball form in
my throat. How did I tell him that the horror I had experienced as a child may have happened again to
someone else? How do I tell him what I had seen in the mountains the night before the war?

I pushed my chair back, ready to tell him to forget about it. But I stopped when Tobias placed his hand
over mine on the bar top. Sparks erupted across my skin, and I felt my breathing halt as I stared at our
hands. It wasn’t the first time he had initiated contact between us. Still, it was the first time he didn’t pull
away immediately. 1

His amusement at the situation had vanished. He nodded once before standing to fish his wallet out of
his pocket and leave some money. My heart dropped when he let go of my hand, but I masked my
emotions and did the same, leaving a couple hundred as an apology for clearing out the bartender’s

From the corner of my eye, I watched as Tobias lifted his hand instinctively as if he were going to place
it on my lower back. But he clenched his hand in a fist and pulled his arm back to his side.

I should have known he wouldn’t want to. He had made it very clear over the past couple of months
that he wasn’t interested in any physical affection from me.

The disappointment that he didn’t want to touch me was overshadowed by the humiliation when I
looked up and saw the remaining patrons watching the interaction.

I held my head up as I walked calmly out of the building. Still, I knew they could hear my heart beating
erratically and my uneven breathing as I shoved my feelings down. If he didn’t want to touch me or
want me touching him anymore, I would do my best to avoid it at all costs.

“It’s about a day’s drive. If you’re up for it, we can leave now.” I pointed with my thumb over my
shoulder. The dark lines on my arm caught my attention. They made me scowl as the familiar runic
symbols and patterns that had been etched over my body stood out sharply.

They would forever remind me of that day, a day I wished more than anything I could forget.

Tobias let out a growl as I turned my back on him, but I ignored him and continued walking to the city’s
edge, where the cars were stored.

We didn’t make it very far before he stopped me, grabbed my bicep, and turned me to face him. It
wasn’t very often that I would travel anywhere on foot. I preferred to teleport. It was a complex casting,
and very few witches could do it.

But the last time I had done it, it had scarred me.

“What’s wrong with driving?” I asked as he looked down at me, his eyebrows pulled together like he
was trying to understand me. My arm was still in his grip, and I felt my chest barely brushing against his
as it rose with each breath. It was too much.

I pulled away quickly, my other hand rubbing my bicep as I stepped away from him. I couldn’t think
when he was that close, let alone touching me.

Before the war, I had all the confidence in the world. But now that I finally accepted that he wasn’t
interested, I was trying to do the right thing by respecting his space.

Tobias shook his head in response, and I grumbled as I debated trying to teleport with him. I wouldn’t
be alone, and I knew he wouldn’t let anything happen to me. Even so, I was stronger now than I was
then. The last time I teleported, I had a knife sticking out of my back. It was gruesome, and I almost
didn’t return to this realm when my blood loss became too great.

“Fuck it,” I muttered, lifting my hand and holding it in the air as I stared at the one he held out to me.
Tobias straightened his fingers impatiently, but I couldn’t grab it for some reason. Instead, I reached up
and placed my hand on his shoulder. The thin cloth of his shirt did nothing to act as a barrier between
us, but I knew it was better than nothing.

The world flickered around me, and I dug my fingers into him tighter as the color faded from our world,
and we were sent spiraling through the darkness. It took only a minute before we arrived at the
mountain’s base, and I could put some space between us again.

The darkness of death was all around. I looked over my shoulder to see the field had been cleaned of
any remains, leaving behind hundreds of burn marks in the grass where the Queen, Natalie, had
destroyed an entire species in seconds.

Tobias let out a growl as he inspected the surrounding area, his nose flaring as he searched for the
scent of anyone nearby.

Knowing it was finally only the two of us, I knew he would eventually speak, but hearing his voice still
sent a shiver down my spine.

It was the curse of unrequited love. Everything he did had an effect on me. “Why did you bring us here,

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