The Beast And The Blessed

Chapter 104

The Beast And The Blessed

One Hundred Four: Natalie

Natalie’s P.O.V.

My mother nodded subtly as I turned to look at her, answering my unspoken question of whether he
knew who I was to him. She managed to look more terrified than I felt, which only made me even more

“Henry,* I tested the name, unsure how to address him. I still avoided calling Aurora by her name when
I spoke to her. I didn’t want to offend her by calling her Aurora instead of mom or mom instead of her
name since she hadn’t been in my life for more than a few months. “It is nice to meet you. Please, have
a seat.’

I gestured with my hand toward the couch and armchairs by the fireplace, and he nodded before taking
a seat in one of the individual chairs.

Joselin was openly examining him with her head tilted to the side. Her back was straight, and her legs
were crossed, looking every bit as beautiful and poised as she was terrifying.

“I’m under the impression that you know why you’re here, so I’m just going to come out and say it to
clear the air.’ I swallowed hard, stalling as I moved to take my own seat. Killian stood at my side as I sat
back on the couch, his arms crossed. I was speaking to Henry, but my eyes traveled to Aurora as my
statement came out sounding more like a question. “You’re my birth father.”

It had been up to me to decide if I wanted to meet him. But then he recognized me as Aurora’s
daughter. If that wasn’t the giveaway based on my age tang their history together, our matching
features could have done it. Once he knew, it was no longer my choice. It was his. He chose to come

back when he could have just returned home. He could have pretended that I never existed, and it
would have been the end of it.

He made a choked noise before clearing his throat at my words, and I bit my lip. “You’re an Alpha?”

The bitter irony that I had been treated like an omega in my last pack made me want to laugh, but there
was no point. I had already won when they discovered that I was the daughter of the Descendant and
was crowned their queen. I was no longer the runt of the pack.

“Yes, and you are a queen. Your brothers will be so jealous when they find out.” He said offhandedly,
and I felt my breathing stop. He hadn’t said his other children or his sons … he said my “brothers.’ “I
have brothers?”

Joselin shifted in her seat, and I glanced over to see a stunned look on her face, realizing this was the
first time she was learning about my father as well.

“Yes,” He laughed, his voice thick with emotion. “Two.”

“And you are planning on telling them about me?” It almost hurt to ask for confirmation. But I feared
that I was going to be cast aside again. Everything seemed too good to be true, and I was waiting for
the color to fade and the shadow men to drag me away, waking me from my dream life.

“Of course! I have no doubt that they will want to know you too.’ He nodded.

“What about your mate? I don’t think she will be happy with me.” I shifted, my pinky touching the side of
Killian’s thigh for comfort where he was leaning against the arm of the couch. ’I wont take it personally
if you want to keep this a secret… me a secret. I have to imagine she won’t like knowing about me.”

Henry’s gaze moved to where I was touching Killian, and the look in his eyes was a deep, soul-
crushing pain. “I’m sure it would have, but my mate passed when our boys were little.”

I’m sorry to hear that.”

There was a tense and awkward silence as we tried to figure out what to say to each other, but he
broke it when he rubbed his palms on his pants and leaned forward to place his elbows on his knees. “I
understand you were raised by another couple. Did they come with you when you moved here?” “They
are dead,” Killian growled out, clearly still unhappy about my treatment in my old home and pack. That
would never go away, but I would always be blessed for the life I had now.

“I’m sorry to hear that as well,” Henry said, looking to Aurora for help as the room fell into an
uncomfortable silence once more.

Joselin smiled widely, and I narrowed my eyes as I glared at her. “What’s so funny?”

Her laugh was musical and made me relax as she sounded more like her old self. “The tension is
amusing. I am glad I am here to witness this.”

Killian growled, and Joselin rolled her eyes but pressed her lips together in a failed attempt to hide her
amusement. I was more curious about her than ever before. After overhearing her conversation with
my mother, I wanted to pull her aside and ask her what she had seen in the mountains. Something
there had shaken her, and I felt it was more than just her getting stabbed.

“Why don’t you stay with us for a while, Henry?” Killian offered, and I was grateful that he was willing to
let my father stick around to get to know me. “It’ll give the two of you a chance to bond.’ “That won’t be
a problem. It’ll allow my eldest to get his feet wet running the pack. I think it will be good for him. My
eldest son, I mean.” He smiled widely, and his slightly crooked teeth only made him more charming. It
was a warm smile, one that expressed his genuine excitement.

“How old is he?” I asked, mentally kicking myself when I saw Aurora flinch at his answer.

“Brandon? He is nineteen, a few months younger than you. You recently turned twenty, from what I
understand.* His eyes flickered over to Aurora briefly before looking back to me. “My youngest, Holden,
is eighteen.”

I bit my lip as I realized he was right, and Killian turned to me with a scowl that almost resembled a
pout at the news of my missed birthday. In my defense, we had been a bit busy.

Aurora stood suddenly, excusing herself politely before making her way out of the room. It had to be
hard hearing how the love of her life had moved on so quickly. Not only did he mark another woman in
the short time she was away, recharging, but while she was all alone trying to raise a newborn in The
Sanctum, he was at home loving and caring for another woman’s baby. His baby.

Henry’s eyes dimmed as she left the room, and I knew no love was lost there. I only hoped the two of
them realized that for themselves one day soon. They had spent enough time apart and shouldn’t
waste any more.

“You should probably go after her,” I whispered, standing up and feeling Killian’s hand immediately
finding my lower back.

“I think we have done enough talking over the past few days. She needs space, but I would love to take
you up on your offer and stay for a while. It would mean the world to me to get to know you. Maybe we
can go on a run later?” He looked hopeful, and I was filled with excitement. Mainly because we
wouldn’t have to fill the time with uncomfortable small talk.

I nodded, “I would love that.” “I’ll need to run to town to buy a few things since I’ll be staying, but I look
forward to it.” Henry moved toward the door, sounding excited. He paused on his way past me, and I
tensed as he placed his hand on my shoulder. “I…” His voice cracked, and he cleared his throat. “I’ve
always wanted a daughter.”

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