The Beast And The Blessed

Chapter 91

The Beast And The Blessed

Ninety-One: Natalie

Natalie’s P.O.V.

The heat radiating from his body increased as I pressed myself against him beneath the blanket. His
arm wrapped around my lower back, pulling me closer as I took his lips. The way he responded was so
pure, so instant… so delicious.

His hips pressed into mine, and I smiled against his lips when I felt he was already hard and ready for
me. He groaned as I flicked my tongue out and gently touched the tip of his.

My hand slid along his firm chest, grabbing his muscular shoulders as I pushed myself up, forcing him
to roll onto his back. His hold on me tightened, taking me with him as he moved.

Killian’s hands slid under my shirt, resting on the bare skin of my waist as the blanket fell from my back.
The night’s cold air made me shiver, and I pressed myself closer to Killian as I kissed him deeper.

He groaned when I adjusted my hips to have his hard length between the lips of my pussy as I ground
against him. The noise sent a rush of pleasure through me, and I felt myself growing wetter. Hearing
him moan and groan beneath me always made sex with him more enjoyable. I loved when he was
vocal about what he liked.

His eyes glowed a bright red when he opened them and took my breath away. “I believe I still owe you
an apology, my mate.”

I pushed myself up, lifting my arms as he pulled my shirt over my head. My eyebrows pressed together
as I stared down at him with confusion. He had already apologized for what he had said. I couldn’t think
of anything else he may feel guilt or remorse for.

“You don’t owe me an apology, Killian. I promise. What was said was already forgiven. It wasn’t even
you saying it.” I smirked when I saw his eyes drawn down to my bare breasts, and I reached up and
cupped them, hiding them from his view. “Ah, uh! Eyes up on my face if you want to talk. Eyes down
here if you want to play.”

A low, guttural growl filled the room, and I licked my lips as a shot of pleasure pulsed through my core.
“You are mistaken, my love. I said I needed to apologize. I never said we needed to speak for me to do

I gasped as he flipped me until he was on top, the cold metal of the pendant around his neck brushing
my chest as he ripped my shorts from my body.

“You see. What I said may have been forgiven, but it was not forgotten. So, I am going to spend as
long as it takes to make you forget everything besides my name.”

My toes curled into the bed as he kicked off his boxers, leaving us both naked. I knew I was teasing
and challenging him, but I enjoyed it. “And how do you plan to do that?”

He grinned at me in a way I had never seen before. It was heart-stopping. He looked so carefree and

I let out a deep breath, my chest caving in as he made his way down my body, stopping at my breasts
to take my nipple into the warmth of his mouth. “I think I will wear a purple dress to our next ball.”

The sharp pain of Killian’s teeth against my nipple made me giggle as I knew he was warning me just
as I pushed him. I cried out from the pain and pleasure of the nibble, arching my back up to be closer to

He moved down my stomach, stopping to kiss and lick just above my belly button. My body relaxed
again as I let out a sigh of pleasure. “Maybe I’ll wear my hair down, so it would need to be an open


Killian looked up at me, seeming to enjoy the way I was teasing him as he reached down and lightly
smacked my pussy. My eyes widened as I tried to jump from the bed in surprise, but he held me down.
There was a light sting between my legs, but the pleasure that shot through me had my hands flying to
his shoulders.

“What were you saying, my love?” Killian whispered against the skin of my hip before moving between
my legs. His mouth closed over my clit as he began to roughly suck and lick it. “You’re so fucking wet
for me.”

His moan of approval only made me want him more, and my hands moved to lace through his hair as
his fingers danced in the wetness around my opening.

His head of dark brown hair between my legs was a sight to behold. I stared down the valley of my
breasts, enjoying how he was moaning as he pressed his face further against me with one arm
wrapped under my thigh until his hand rested over my stomach.

My orgasm was building closer with every stroke of his tongue, and I closed my eyes as my head fell
back against the pillow. “Maybe I’ll wear a pair of silver heels with it.”

My eyes shot open as he thrust two fingers into me, curling them to immediately find my g-spot. He
pulled a loud moan out of me as my walls tightened around his fingers.

“Fuck, Killian!” I cried out as he pumped in and out of my wetness as his mouth ravaged my clit.

“Good girl. That’s better,” He gloated. But his response sent me over the edge. I gripped his hair tighter
as I came on his fingers, staring down into his red eyes.

He placed a final kiss on my clit before moving back up my body, trailing his lips over my skin as he
went. My muscles were limp as he continued to pump his fingers into me, allowing me to ride out every
last wave of pleasure.

“What were you saying, my love?”

I shook my head as I caught my breath but smirked at the sight of my wetness on and around his
mouth. He pulled his fingers free from me, placing his hands on either side of my head as I pushed
myself up.

My fingers wiped around his lips, and I laughed as the loud popping sound of his nails puncturing the
mattress filled the room when I leaned up and flicked my tongue over his lips once. “I was saying that
I’ll need to get my nails done too.”

He chuckled darkly as he reached down and grabbed my thigh. I moved willingly as he propped it onto
his hip and lined himself up with my entrance. “Wrong answer.”

My fingers dug into his back as he slammed into me. The sound of our bodies moving together in my
wetness was incredible, and I gasped out a moan with every thrust. It was glorious and magnetic. I
wanted to roll him onto his back and ride him until I couldn’t move again, but I also wanted to tease him
until he tied me to the bedframe and fucked me until I blacked out.

I knew we would have more time for that later. I settled with the former as I pushed my foot off the bed
and rolled us over. Killian’s looked surprised at my increased strength, and I placed my hands on the
center of his chest as I adjusted myself to have my feet under his thighs.

The wide spread of my legs gave me just the right angle to pleasure myself on him. His eyes followed
my hand as I reached down and spread my lips as I pressed my clit to his pelvis. He groaned, willingly
giving up his control as I shamelessly ground my clit on him with each thrust and stroke.

“You’re not playing fair, my love.” He growled out, and I purred in pleasure as his grip on my hips
tightened, sure to leave bruises for a few minutes when we were done.

I smiled at him as his eyes closed, and his jaw dropped open. “I disagree. I’m getting exactly what I

“Fuck, baby! That feels so good.” He groaned as he lifted his hips in time with my movements, pressing
himself impossibly deeper into me.

“Mh!” I tightened around him as I leaned down, pressing my breasts against his hot chest, my head
falling next to his. There was no stopping the loud moans I let out by his ear, but he didn’t seem to
mind. My cries of pleasure were joined by me slowing my movements as I rode out my orgasm, and he
pushed my hips down to keep as deep in me as possible.

“Don’t stop, baby!” He groaned, and I rocked my hips against his, sliding up and down his shaft this
time instead of grinding on him. The additional wetness with my climax was a welcomed addition,
adding even more pleasure as I took him as deep and hard as I could.

I lifted myself up with my hands on the headboard, pushing off the wood as I slammed myself down
onto his cock. His low groans made me go harder and faster with each movement until, finally, he
pulled my hips up and freed himself from my hold, cumming on his stomach.

“You’re too fucking good at that!” He growled as his head dropped back and his hands relaxed on my
hips. But I was still enjoying myself and continued to slide against him as he came down from his
orgasm. My clit was overly sensitive, and it only took a few minutes of me grinding against his cock for
me to cum again.

Killian stared at me, his red eyes melting to hazel as he smiled. “When this is all over, there is nothing
in this world that will prevent me from finally cumming inside you. I will fuck you so long and hard that

you will be dripping from me for hours.” 1

I froze on top of him, staring down at the love of my life. “Are you saying you want a baby?”

His eyes scanned over my face as he seemed to ponder the idea. His smile was gone, and he looked
pensive before nodding. “Yes.”

My heart jumped to my throat, and I forced my excitement down. I hadn’t thought he wanted one after
everything that happened with his family. An heir was needed for the royal line, but did he actually want
a baby?

This was important to me as I had been dreaming of a real family for years, ever since mine turned on
me when I failed to shift. The idea of one day creating one with Killian was a dream come true. I just
didn’t know how excited I should be based on his outlook on family and upbringing.

“Do you want a baby or an heir?”

He looked confused, staring at me almost as if I were crazy for asking such a stupid question. “Are they
not one and the same?”

I shook my head, knowing it had been too good to be true. “No. No, they are not, but we can come
back to this once everything is over.”

I leaned down, placing one last and long kiss on his lips before sliding off of him and walking toward the
bathroom to rinse off so we could get some more sleep before morning.

His voice called out to me, stopping me in my tracks, and a smile came to my face. “I want to build a
family with you, Natalie. Our children will be our heirs, but they will always be our children before
anything else.”

His voice was firm as if it were a command, and I couldn’t help the excited giggle that left my lips as I
turned to face him. He was sitting up at the edge of the bed and rose with a serious look on his face.

“That sounds perfect. Do you want to join me in the shower?”

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