The Beast And The Blessed

Chapter 73

The Beast And The Blessed

Seventy-Three: Natalie

Natalie’s P.O.V.

Killian leaned over, grabbing my hand as I stared in horror at our pack. They were laughing and talking
loudly as they dug into the first course. Drinks were flowing as they celebrated. The noise was
deafening, and I heard a high pitch ringing in my ears.

But there was something alarming about the air in the room. It wasn’t as dark as it had been in the
infirmary, but I felt ill just being here.

I didn’t want to offend the men who had risked their lives for me by staring with distrust, and I looked up
at Killian as he gazed at me with confusion. “You don’t feel it?” I asked.

Killian looked at me for a moment longer before turning and slowly examining the room. He shook his
head as he looked back at me, and I turned away from him to meet Joselin’s curious stare and Rona’s
annoyed one.

’You feel it, don’t you?”

Both witches shook their heads, and I sank back into my chair.

“It’s not right. Something is not right.’

The food in front of me looked delicious, but my appetite disappeared as I watched the pack dig in. The
others may not have sensed it, but I did and trusted my gut.

I could not enjoy the evening when I knew something bigger was happening here. Something evil.

Tobias seemed to have heard me from where he was eating, and he glanced from me to Killian, who
had also not

touched his food. They were watching…waiting. They trusted me and my instincts as well.

Their eyes inspected each person for something to be amiss, but everything looked normal.

“It’s too dark,” I whispered again, as my stomach tied in a knot. The air felt thicker, and I struggled to
pull in a deep and calming breath.

Charlie reached across her brother and grabbed my hand, squeezing it as she spoke to me through the
pack bond.’ Don’t worry. Nothing will happen here. Everyone had to cross over Joselin’s casting to get
here tonight, and there are guards at every entry point.’

I forced a smile at her attempt to calm me, but I also wanted to scream to the pack that they needed to
run. Only, I had no proof.

It was nothing but a gut feeling, one that no one else seemed to be having, and I didn’t want to ruin
their celebration because I was scared. Killian nodded to my plate as he rubbed my knee soothingly.

“Eat something, my love. We are safe for now.” I knew he was trying to calm me, but from how his eyes
turned black and glazed over, he was contacting someone else through the pack link.

Several guards shifted with unease, and a few of the pack members stood as they continued their
conversations. But I knew they were on alert now.

The food before me made my stomach turn, and I couldn’t imagine holding anything down until the
darkness was gone.

I didn’t want to look at the food, let alone eat it.

Most of the room seemed oblivious to their change in demeanor, but as I met Heath’s eyes, he smiled
brightly and lifted his glass to me before downing the drink. The way he held my gaze as he swallowed
each gulp was an open challenge.

I could feel the air growing darker and thicker, the room dimming slightly as I looked away from the
warrior who had risked his life for me.

’No, no, no.” The word spilled from my lips softly, and Killian tensed further. ’It’s here. It’s too dark!” My
hand grabbed Killian’s forearm as I looked up at him with wide eyes, my nails breaking through his
skin. “We have to do something!”

Heads began to turn as my panic was noticed. I looked around the room, positive that my fear was
evident. Several people stopped their conversation to watch me as I continued to spiral.

Heath laughed at something Nolan said, and the man stood from his seat, placing his napkin on the
plate of food in front of him. Heath’s mate smiled up at him lovingly as he leaned down and pressed a
kiss to her temple before looking back and holding my gaze once more.

‘It’s him,’ I whispered in realization before looking to Tobias, who was waiting for my order only a table
away, begging him to intervene. Several guards stepped forward as I shoved my chair back, allowing it
to topple over loudly as I stood. I tried to find my magic as I had done when I faced Rona this morning,
but there was no time as Heath grabbed the steak knife from next to his plate. “It’s him!”

My scream made the dining hall fall silent, and Tobias jumped out of his seat.

‘Stop him!” I couldn’t move as Heath smiled, the whites of his eyes turning black as he laughed before
sliding the jagged edge of the blade across his throat. Tobias reached him just as he collapsed forward.

Heath’s body crashed loudly as he slumped over the table. Tobias stopped only a few inches away,
hesitating as he reached for but did not touch the body.

’Don’t touch him! Everyone get back!” Killian was on his feet next to me and was over the table in the
blink of an eye.

The blood-curdling scream of Heath’s mate tore a hole into my heart. I tightened my hands into fists,
my nails breaking through the skin of my palms as I stared at the man hunched over the table, his
blood spilling out onto the ground.

Tobias changed his mind and reached for the woman instead of the body. He grabbed Heath’s mate as
she tried to claw her way free to get to her other half, sobbing and screaming Heath’s name as more
guards moved in and

forced everyone back and away from the rapidly growing pool of crimson liquid.

The clatter of dishes and silverware made me jump as I watched Nolan’s mate shove everything off the
table and out of his reach as she eyed him warily, her children standing behind her protective stance.

The fear in her eyes seemed to mirror his. While he appeared terrified that his friend had just been
compelled to kill himself, she was terrified that her mate may do the same … or turn on her or their

Nolan stood slowly from his seat, his eyes still locked on his pack brother’s body as he lifted his hands
in a surrender motion. His eyes were their usual color, but I couldn’t tell if the darkness was coming
from Heath still or from Nolan. He looked terrified as he turned to face Killian and whispered, ’ Don’t let
them get me too.’

A large man burst through the main doors only seconds later with chains rattling as several guards
surrounded Nolan. He willingly allowed them to restrain him. Tears silently ran down his cheeks as he

glanced at his mate.

’I’m going to be okay. They’ll figure this out. Take the kids home. I love you.” His voice shook as the
guards pulled on the chains.

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