The Beast And The Blessed

Chapter 71

The Beast And The Blessed

Seventy-One: Natalie

Natalie’s P.O.V.

It was a mad dash to get ready. Killian had been planning on meeting them at the door without me,
telling them I was still sleeping as the sun hadn’t risen yet, but it felt rude to do so when we were asking
for their help.

I slipped on a dress and pulled my hair up into a neat bun before I felt comfortable being seen by
someone so powerful.

It was hard to keep reminding myself that I was allegedly a descendant of the moon goddess and that I
carried magic too. The book Joselin had given me was frustrating, to say the least. What was even
worse was that Thomas waited several hours, watching me type the book into a translation software
and getting confusing results back before he admitted to knowing and being able to read Latin.

He then spent until dinner, reading the book aloud as he translated it for me. The text focused on how
to harness your power source and become one with it so you could bend it to your will.

I felt nothing, and I was almost positive that it was a practical joke Joselin was playing on me. I was
even second- guessing whether I was the one who had tripped her with the book or not. There hadn’t
been any other magical incidents as far as I was aware, and a small part of me was hoping to keep it
that way until I could at least master my wolf form.

Truth be told, for a queen, I felt like a hot mess. There was still no way I would feel confident to be on
the battlefield with Killian and make it out alive. I wasn’t even expecting to last five minutes.

I had to keep reminding myself that I had only been here for a couple months, and had my wolf for a
week. When I put it into perspective, it didn’t seem so bad. But I did have millions of people of all
species watching and counting on me. That pressure would drive anyone mad, and I didn’t know how
Killian did it.

He was a force to be reckoned with, but once we were downstairs, even he seemed on edge. His hand
was cold in mine, his body tense as we waited. But we didn’t have to wait long.

A single form moved gracefully through the gates, a black cloak trailing across the ground with a hood
pulled over her head. She had no bags, no belongings besides the clothes on her back. Was she not
planning to stay?

I masked my confusion, doing my best to mimic the way that Killian would push down everything and
remain void of feeling. It was either nothing or anger from him. The people could always count on one
of the two versions of their king.

The cold morning air made the atmosphere even more ominous as our guest approached, stopping at
the base of the large marble stairs that led to the front of our home.

Matte grey nails were the first thing I noticed. They were at least two inches long and came to points
like claws as she lifted her hands and pulled down her hood to reveal a short, jaw-length bob of curly
red hair.

Her blood-red lips and smoky eye makeup had her looking ready for a runway, but I had the feeling that
she was more interested in torturing people than she was posing for them. The way she walked up
each step with her head held high, told me that she had been here countless times before and knew
she held power within these walls.

What bothered me the most was that she looked no more than thirty. She had to have been closer to
Killian’s age than I was. Even though he wore my mark, the way her eyes traveled over him made my

beast rise up within me in anger.

‘Rona, thank you for coming. I am sorry to hear about Melinda’s passing, but I trust that you will be
more than satisfactory in taking her place.” Killian kept one hand at his side while the other held mine
and his jaw twitched with irritation as she raised her hand toward him. She seemed to be expecting him
to kiss her knuckles as if he were below her.

My eyes widened in fake admiration as I interrupted the moment, not willing to let my mate stop so low
as to bow to her even though we did need her help. He was the king, and I had the feeling before she
left, one of us would need to remind her of that fact.

’Oh, what a beautiful ring,” I said, grabbing her hand and pulling it to be facing me before letting her
hand go. She dropped it to her side and curled her lip at me, her eyes landing on Killian’s mark on my

‘Yes, dear.” She said dismissively, and I narrowed my eyes at her. She turned back to Killian. “It was a
great loss indeed. She will be missed.”

The lack of emotion in her voice led me to believe that she could care less that Melinda, whoever she
was, was gone.

‘May I present my mate, Queen Natalie Amery. Natalie, this is Rona Wi I la one of the members of the
royal council.” Killian said. When his eyes met mine, I could see the fire burning in them. He was angry
at the witch but amused by my antics. That much was clear. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be praised
for the way I handled the situation or punished.

Either way, I had the feeling that I would thoroughly enjoy myself, and so would he.

My anger rose as the witch then turned to the servants waiting and snapped at a young man to show
her to her room.

It was something that I had never felt before, but her dismissal of both myself and Killian had me
seeing red. I wanted to make her bow to us and choke on the blasted ring that she had tried to shove in
Killian’s face.

My hands shook.

The witched paused and turned to face me with amusement in her eyes.

’Two powerful witches in one castle, and you still called upon the council,” Rona tsked tauntingly. “One
would assume that had the proper royal advisor been chosen, they wouldn’t need to call for help. It is
lucky for our people that I was able to make it. Where is she anyway?’

I had the feeling that Joselin was nearby listening in, but I could not see her. Instead, I answered for
her, hoping she wouldn’t pop in and ruin the moment. “I have her working on more important tasks than
greeting our visitor.”

I wanted her to know that there were more important things and people than her, contrary to the way
she carried herself and disrespected her king and queen.

Killian squeezed my hand gently as he nodded in agreement.

’Hm. So be it.” She said snidely as she turned her back on us and began toward the door. The balloon
of anger that she had set in motion snapped inside me, and I felt myself losing my temper as I called
out her name.

’Rona!” My voice carried, full of power. She spun around, looking unimpressed. “The proper way to
greet your King and Queen is to bow.”

She grunted as her body arched against her will. I glared at her, wishing for a moment that I could
crumple her body until her perfectly painted face smashed into the ground. Killian pulled gently on my

hand as Rona glared up at me from her forced position, and I waited until she looked down
submissively before letting the anger inside me dissipate.

She scurried into the foyer, wrinkling her nose at the rune Joselin had burned into the flooring before
walking right over it and up the stairs, being led by the shaking servant boy.

I waited until the doors closed before I turned to Killian. Joselin appeared behind him with a smile on
her face. I knew she had been watching. I could feel her.

“I didn’t know I could do that!” I exclaimed, and Killian shook his head, but the corner of his lips

‘Not even five minutes in, and you have made an enemy of one of the council members. This is going
to be fun.” Joselin said as she shook her head. ‘Told you they are bitches.”

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