The Beast And The Blessed

Chapter 70

The Beast And The Blessed

Seventy: Killian

Killian’s P.O.V.

My hands were pressed together under my chin with my elbows on my knees. I had been staring out
the balcony doors to the city below. It was one of my favorite things to do, a reminder of what I was
working so hard for every day. My people.

But then I found my head turned as I stared at my mate sleeping soundly in our bed, and my hands
dropped in front of me as I continued to lean forward, examining every exposed inch of her. Even the
curve of her waist with the blanket covering her was attractive, and I still couldn’t believe that she was

She was all that I had left.

I knew Charlie would probably be gone by the time I woke up. She had no reason to stay here when I
had disappointed her again. She wouldn’t have stayed for me, not after what she had just witnessed
last night.

“What are you doing up so early?” Natalie’s soft voice called out, and I looked up at her face, smiling as
I met her gaze. She was finally mine in every way.

I was proud to have her by my side, and now I had the honor of wearing her mark. I would stay true to
what I said to my mother. I was going to treat Natalie the way a mate and man should. She was my
everything, and I wanted to make sure that she felt it. “Good morning, my love.”

Her smile stretched wider, showing her teeth as she closed her eyes. The look of pure happiness on
her face filled me with pride. I stood from the armchair, climbing over her and holding myself up on my

hands and knees as she rolled to her back. Her brown hair was wild around her head as it fanned itself
across the pillow.

I knew I was probably setting wrinkles into my dress clothes, but I didn’t care. My mate blinked up at
me with her stunning green eyes, and I leaned down and stole a kiss from her lips. “What made you
smile like that? I adore that smile.”

My question was met by another blindingly large spread of her lips, and suddenly everything that had
been weighing on me was lifted.

Her cheeks turned an adorable shade of pink. I leaned down again, brushing my lips over each one
before hovering with my nose brushing the side of hers. Her eyes fluttered closed, and her arms lifted
until she was able to grab the front of my button-up with one hand and wrap the other around my neck.

“You keep using that word,” Her lips brushed against mine as she whispered. I groaned, giving into
temptation and pulling the duvet down as I kissed her deeply. She allowed me to move the blanket,
spreading her legs for me to fall between them.

“What word?” I asked as I let my lips travel down her bare chest until I reached her perky breasts. Her
nipples were hard and waiting, and I felt my dick twitch in my pants at the thought of having her again.
My thumb brushed over the pebbled peak as I admired her naked body. The color was just a shade
darker than her lips but looked just as inviting.

My tongue passed over her nipple as I licked her before closing my mouth over the small pink point and
sucking. My teeth grazed her as she let out a moan and arched her back toward me.

I moved to the other one, and her fingers laced into my hair.

“Love,” she moaned out.

I paused for a moment and felt her tense beneath me before I resumed giving her the attention and
affection she deserved.

My nose brushed against her breastbone as I dragged my lips down her stomach. “That’s all? That
word makes you smile so big and blush so bright?”

Her body trembled as I placed a kiss just below her belly button, and she hummed in response.

“I can say it more if you would like, my love.” I teased. Her knees fell to the sides as she invited me
back to my favorite place in the world. There was nothing that looked, smelled, or tasted better than
her, and I left an open- mouthed kiss just above her slit. My fingers joined in as I slid them down over
her to her opening where her wetness had gathered.

She tightened her hold on my hair as I moved the tips of my fingers back up, spreading her labia and
finding the little bundle of nerves that brought her so much pleasure.

Her breathless whisper of my name would not have reached my ears if I had not had supernatural
hearing. It was so light, so airy.

That. That was my favorite sound.

“Yes, more would be good.” She gasped as I let my tongue meet her clit, rubbing and licking it.

“More of that word, or more of this?” I asked as I entered her with one finger and placed my mouth
back on her center.

My eyes were open as I glanced up at her, meeting her stare as she looked down the valley of her
supple breasts to me between her legs.

“Yes,” She moaned, closing her eyes and letting her head fall back. I pulled my finger out of her, and
she wiggled her hips before glaring down at me.

“Keep your eyes open,” I smirked as she did as she was told. “Good Girl.”

My mouth met her again, and she cried out in pleasure as I slipped two fingers back into her this time.
She always did seem to enjoy my praise, and I loved that she grew wetter at my words.

Her panting became heavier as a little moan left her sexy lips with each thrust of my hand. I knew she
was close, and I continued my pace as I licked her clit. Her thighs began to shake, and I looked back
up to see her eyes were slowly closing.

A third finger did the trick without me having to speak, and her eyes shot open. I hit her g-spot as I
curled the digits, reminding her that I was the one in charge still. Her hands tightened their hold on my
head as I nibbled lightly on her clit before sucking it hard.

As the orgasm racked through her, I kept my mouth on her for a few moments more before pushing
myself up and kissing up her body as I switched back to two fingers and continued to pump in and out
of her wetness.

“I can say that word whenever you want. Just as I can fuck you whenever you want, my love.” The
meaty part of my palm brushed firmly against her clit as I kept my hand between her legs, and she
twitched as she came down from her high.

Natalie smiled down at me, her fingers moving up to circle her mark on my neck. “I know, but you only
say it as a pet name.”

My hand stopped as I looked down at the Goddess beneath me. She had to know that I loved her. I told
her all the time. Yet as I thought back, she was right.

“I do,” I said as I pressed a kiss to her lips and pulled back to look deep into her eyes. ‘ But I do love

The joy that washed over her face had me holding still as I knew it would be the first time I would hear it
too. Only, it wasn’t the right time for her.


I cut her off with a kiss until she was breathless beneath me, her hips pressing up against my hand.
“There is something you should know about that may make you change your mind, so don’t say
anything just yet.”

Her smile slowly fell, and I took my hand from between us, rolling onto my side until I was staring at the
ceiling on my back.

Natalie had high hopes for me to be a good man, and I had not always been one. I had been a strong
leader, but I also took pride in the fact that others feared me.

She deserved to know the truth before she heard it from someone else. I was sure by now that Charlie
had more than likely told at least her mate what she had walked in on, if not Joselin too. That was if
Charlie was even still here.

I didn’t need nor want my mate to hear from anyone else that I had just tried to kill my mother. That I
had been battling with the idea for years, but this was the closest I had come to actually doing it.

“Nothing you can say will make me change my mind about you or about us. ” She said, rolling until she
was facing me. Her head was propped up on her hand as she lay on her side. But she gave me the
space that I needed even though I hadn’t asked for it, and she didn’t touch me.

So, I told her. I kept it short and sweet, explaining my thought about why I should and shouldn’t before
falling silent.

My eyes closed as I waited for her to get out of bed, not wanting to be near me after that. But there was
no movement and no sound.

I forced my eyes open, masking my emotions as I prepared for the worst. But there was nothing but
love and understanding in her eyes. It was a look that I wanted to hold onto forever.

“I understand how hard that choice would be for you, and I appreciate that you were willing to share
with me. Charlie may not understand right away, but with time, I think she will be able to see your point
of view.” Natalie placed her hand on my chest, leaning in to kiss just above my heart, and I felt my
lungs empty as I let out a sigh of relief.

I hadn’t realized just how much her understanding and support would mean to me. I had been severely
wrong about mates my whole life, and I had a lot to learn if I wanted to keep her happy… and I did want
to keep her happy.

“I love you too.” She whispered, and I felt my heart squeeze uncomfortably in my chest. It was the first
time I had heard those words from someone and truly felt that they meant it. That they had chosen to
love me and didn’t say it out of obligation or because they were forced to.

I opened my mouth, unsure of what I wanted to say, but felt the need to say anything.

A knock on the door made my jaw snap shut, and I winced as I remembered why I had been up so
early, to begin with.

“There’s no taking it back now,” I said, forcing a laugh out.

“Why would I take it back?” Natalie wondered as she pushed herself up to grab the sheet and cover
herself in case anyone walked in. It seemed to be a habit of Joselin and Charlie, something I would
need to address.

“I was up because the first council member to arrive had just been spotted entering the city. If anyone
can make someone rethink everything about their life and want to die, it’s them.”

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