The Beast And The Blessed

Chapter 59

The Beast And The Blessed

Fifty-Nine: Natalie

Natalie’s P.O.V.

I was alone, mostly naked, and terrified.

My team had given me a run-through of what to expect and what was expected of me over the past two
days. But the moment was finally here, and I felt in no way prepared for what was about to happen.

They had turned me into an entirely different woman. I had an idea of what I walking into from the loud
sounds of the crowd breaking through the walls into my small room, but I had yet to see it for myself.
From the sound of it, there had to be thousands present.

Before I had been ushered into my dressing room, there had been creatures of all kinds running
around. They wanted to be witnesses to the ceremony and were helping to set it up. I was positive that
I had even caught a glimpse of a sprite for a moment, dipping itself into someone’s water bottle before
it disappeared, no doubt ready to wreak havoc on an unsuspecting victim.

I just hoped it wasn’t me.

There were humans running soundboards and cameras, looking terrified whenever another species got
too close. The Lycans had been standing guard, and it helped to keep anyone from seeing me as I was
discretely taken to my staging area. But they were also on high alert. With so many people in one
place, it was the prime opportunity for a big attack from the vampires and witches.

It took hours for my team to prepare me and decide I was ready. When they left me, the lights in the
room dimmed, and I was left to my thoughts as I waited by the double door, preparing for my first
worldwide debut.

Anyone who wanted to was about to witness my very intimate bonding ceremony, which would then be
followed by my coronation as the Queen Consort.

I wasn’t a fan of the public showcasing of my bonding ceremony. Primarily because I knew that when
Killian bit my mark, it would take everything in me not to cum in front of the entire world. If I thought
Joselin popping in on us was bad, I had a feeling this would kill me.

My eyes were glued to the large metal doors with my hands wringing the stem of the golden chalice
that I was to present to my mate for my coronation. I remained still as Joselin popped in next to me just
as the crowd fell silent.

’It’s time. You ready?” Her question was met with a sudden, short, and panicked laugh that escaped me
before I could stop it. I stopped and pressed my lips together, and she stared at me for a moment
before nodding and disappearing again.

No acknowledgment or words of reassurance? No good luck or break a leg?

I shouldn’t have been surprised, but I was. Even more so when the doors were slowly pulled open, and
the sound of the soft instrumental music from a live orchestra reached my ears. The ground before me
was dirt, and as my bare feet stepped onto it for the first time, it reminded me of powdered sugar.

With my first step out of my chamber, the loud sound of our people rising to their feet made my heart
stop momentarily.

White candles lit the walkway, with a field of flowers on either side. I could barely see the large stadium
audience in the moonlight, but it felt as if they all held their breath at the same time, matching my own.

He stood at the end of the walkway, waiting in the center of the arena in a tux. Even though I couldn’t
see it, I knew his eyes were locked on me.

Was this how humans felt when they got married?

I had heard of other mates doing the bonding ceremony in private under the moon, but it was an old
tradition that seemed to be dying out. For the royal family, the tradition would live on.

Killian’s feet were shoulder-width apart, one hand locked on the opposing wrist in front of him.

Staring at him and seeing him waiting for me at the end of the aisle made me forget about my
insecurities at being exposed. It didn’t matter that the world was currently seeing parts of me that only a
mate should.

I could see him, and only him.

Each step forward felt like I was being pulled by an invisible force. I couldn’t turn away if I wanted to.
My eyes began to adjust to the night. The candles mixed with the moon, gave just enough illumination
for me to see the bright smile on his face and warmed my heart as he held his hand out to me.

“You look devastatingly beautiful, my mate,” Killian said softly, but the crowd hummed and awed in
response before they took their seats.

I smiled as I whispered a low, “Thank you.”

I had wanted to say more, but Killian squeezed my hand, looking up to the moon before walking me the
last few steps to the altar. I lifted the chalice as I had been instructed, holding it out in front of me as I
bowed before my king.

His warm hand brushed against mine as he accepted my offering, his voice projecting through the
stands, and I knew there had to have been a microphone somewhere to pick up the audio clearly for
the cameras. The metal chalice was placed at the center of the altar behind a terrifying- looking dagger,
but I did my best to avoid looking at it.

Our hands connected as he turned to me again, and he glanced up, watching as a small cloud moved
past the moon until it was completely exposed to witness our bonding.

’I, Killian Amery, have been blessed to have you, Natalie Matthews, as my mate. You have made me a
better man and leader. I would be nothing without you and your beautiful soul. I vow before our people
and our Goddess to love and honor you every day for the rest of my life.” His lips were pulled up at the
corners as he stared down at me. His hazel eyes burned deep into my soul.

I felt my heart pump rapidly as the word love passed his lips. It was the most beautiful sound I have
ever heard. It was the closest he had come to actually telling me that he loved me. Even though it was
a part of the formal mating bond ceremony, I would cherish this moment forever.

My chest tightened as I swallowed hard. Killian’s hold on my hands tightened as I began to shake. “I,
Natalie Matthews, have been blessed to have you, Killian Amery, as my mate. You have brought joy
and light to my life that I had not known was possible. Nothing has made me happier than having you
by my side. I vow before our people and Goddess that I will love and honor you every day for the rest
of my life.”

Killian leaned forward, pressing a soft kiss to my forehead as he smiled widely down at me, flashing me
his perfect teeth. I held still as he walked around me, letting his hand run over the thin lace on my hip,
burning a line into my skin where he touched until his chest was against my back.

Goosebumps covered my skin as his fingers slid over my neck, pulling my hair away from my mark. He
placed a gentle kiss on the spot, and I closed my eyes instinctively, shaking in anticipation.

’I accept our bond.” He whispered, his noes gently brushing my ear.

’I accept our bond.” My words came out sure and strong even though I was a quivering mess on the
inside. Killian let his forehead lean against the back of my head for a moment, and I could feel him
smiling before he bit down on his claim.

My knees went weak, and he wrapped his arm around my front, holding me to him. I let out a loud
whimper of pleasure, biting back the moan of his name that was threatening to come out. It took all of
my willpower not to unravel before our people, but having them there was enough of a distraction to
prevent me from making a fool of myself.

Killian retracted his teeth, licking the skin once before placing a small kiss on the sensitive area. The
ecstasy pumping through my body made everything seem brighter as I opened my eyes. The
thousands of faces staring back at me cheered in excitement, making the ground shake from their
stomping and yelling.

“Mine.” Killian whispered.

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