The Beast And The Blessed

Chapter 56

The Beast And The Blessed

Fifty-Six: Natalie

Natalie’s P.O.V.

I was mortified.

Killian laughed it off, but I could see that even he was uneasy with what had just happened. Having him
talk about someone catching us had been a huge turn-on… until it actually happened. Then, I just
wanted the ground to swallow me up whole and never let me see the light of day again.

Joselin was gone in the blink of an eye, and Killian and I rushed to our room to get ready for dinner. I
couldn’t look him in the eye and rudely blocked him from entering the bathroom and showering with

My plan to talk to him about Charlie and Damien went right out the window as we got dressed and
walked down to the private dining room. I knew that we were still okay. Killian let the back of his hand
rub against mine while we walked to meet the others for our meal, but I was too embarrassed to face
him and didn’t know how to respond.

We were the first ones to arrive.

Killian pulled out my seat, placing a gentle kiss on my temple before sitting at the head of the table to
my right. The ice water in front of me was quickly downed as I nervously waited for the tense dinner to

This would be the perfect time to talk to him about Damien before they got here, and I glanced around
the room, confirming there were no servants or guards inside before opening my mouth to speak.

“Killian…” My jaw snapped shut as the door to the dining room was pushed open, and the witch walked
in. I instantly felt my cheeks burn from the intensity of my blush, and she slowed with a pained look on
her face. I hadn’t been expecting her. I had just assumed that it would be a family dinner. Although they
had all grown up together, so I should have known better.

It was like there was a silent agreement between the three of us not to speak, not even about what had
just happened, but at all.

Joseline made her way to the table and pulled out the chair to my side, leaving the two chairs across
from us open for Charlie and Damien.

I kept my eyes down, painfully aware of my inability to blink as I tried to think of a way to escape this
dinner or maybe even the castle itself. I could rent a room at one of the inns or I could sleep in one of
the cars. Anything to get me away from here right now.

Joselin cleared her throat, and I felt myself tense even more. My legs moved to be angled toward
Killian, putting more space between Joselin and me.

When no one responded, she exhaled loudly. “Everyone has sex. Most of the time it’s hot, and I’ll stop
to watch if they seem to be into it, but I didn’t. I left. There is no reason to act so bothered by it. If
anyone should be traumatized, it’s me!”

My head snapped up at the same time Killian’s did, disbelief on our faces.

Killian beat me to responding as he gaped at her. “You? Are you kidding me? Maybe you’ll at least
learn not to just pop in on people!”

Joselin scoffed, leaning in closer as she scowled at Killian. “You were in the hallway, not a private
room. And having sex is different than walking in on the two of you going at it! That was awful.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I pursed my lips in irritation as Killian snapped back, placing a
defensive hand on my knee as if he could shield me from her words. But I was just as annoyed as he

Oddly enough, I was offended. I didn’t want her to enjoy what she saw. If she saw other people having
sex in public places and they wanted her to watch, then that was on them, and she was free to do as
she pleased. But I knew Killian and I had amazing, mind-blowing sex. To hear anyone say it was
anything less than that was annoying. Joselin looked at me with her eyebrows raised and her lips
curled in disgust before turning back to Killian.

“Have you ever walked in on Charlie having sex?” Her question had my head snapping back in shock,
and I turned to look at Killian who looked green. The idea of seeing his little sister having sex made all
the blood drain from his face.

“No! Of course not! That’s disgusting!” He said, clearly taken aback by her question.

“That is exactly my point, Ian! It was disgusting. You’re like my brother. I mean, Nat looked good. Great
‘0 face’, by the way. But having you there ruined it.” Joselin said, grabbing her glass of water and taking
a sip. The single eyebrow that she raised toward me as she drank her water made me suddenly feel
very flattered and also frozen with discomfort. Vocalizing that she had been looking at me… looking at
me while I came was horrible.

A small part of my brain told me that she was just trying to rile Killian up, and I knew she was. It was a
good thing too because he needed to be back to his normal self before Charlie and her mate showed
up. But my mortification must have been obvious as Killian let out a low and deep growl, grabbing the
arm of my chair and pulling it closer to him.


Joselin laughed, leaning back in her seat as she turned her head to see a disgusted Charlie standing in
the doorway with a giant behind her. “Just in time, Charlie!”

Princess Charlotte looked stunning in a pale-yellow knee-length summer dress, her curls perfectly
styled with only a small section from each side twisted and pinned back.

The man behind her wore a pair of jeans with a black button-up shirt that didn’t fit him quite right and
appeared to be brand new by the creases in it.

His shoulders were almost twice as wide as Charlotte’s. His pitch-black hair matched his eyes.

They were different than the vampire from the road. While the vampire’s eyes were completely black,
on Damien I could still see the whites of his eyes very clearly.

The bear shifter’s hand reached up to scratch his cheek as he shifted with discomfort, stopping before
looking down at his hand and letting it drop quickly as if he had forgotten that he was clean-shaved.

“What the hell are you guys talking about?” Charlie muttered with horror etched on her face before
stepping into the room, pulling Damien behind her by the hand.

“Nothing.” Killian snapped at the same time that Joselin spoke up.

“I accidentally popped in on the two of them doing it, and now they don’t want to talk to me,” She said,
not bothering to look at Charlie as the new couple walked forward. Instead, Joselin’s empty white eyes
were on me.” Calm down, Your Majesty. I have no interest in either of you and never will. I’ll try to never
let it happen again.”

“You better ensure that it never does,” Killian growled before standing as Charlie approached, giving
her older brother a kiss on the cheek. I stood with him, accepting a hug from her as her mate stood
silently behind her.

I needed to find a way to warn her that I didn’t tell Killian about Damien being her mate. If I had shifted,
this wouldn’t have been a problem. I could have just used the pack link.

I subtly shook my head at Charlie, but she narrowed her eyes at me. Whether she took that as my way
of saying that I didn’t have a chance to talk to Killian about it, or as me saying he didn’t react well, I
wouldn’t know. But she would find out for herself soon enough that he was still in the dark.

Damien stood behind Charlie, his eyes on me, and I lifted my chin higher to hide my discomfort. I had
enough people analyzing and examining me today. I didn’t need to look at Killian to know that Damien’s
lack of respect toward him as the king would only make things worse.

It was when he dropped into a bow toward me, with his head tilted in submission that I felt my lungs
stop pulling in air.

I had people bow or curtsey to me. I’ve even had people submit. But something about this was
different. He didn’t even look at or acknowledge Killian yet, something that he should have done. It was
custom to acknowledge the sovereign first.

“Your Majesty,” He muttered in a low but deep voice.

I looked to Charlie, who looked equally as confused by her mate before turning my head to see Killian’s
calculated stare on Damien.

Charlie cleared her throat. “Killian, brother, this is Damien, my mate.”

The growl that ripped through the room made the bear stand from his bow. He swiftly pulled Charlie
behind him, ready to attack if needed.

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