The Beast And The Blessed

Chapter 55

The Beast And The Blessed

Fifty-Five: Killian

Killian’s P.O.V.

Natalie walked quickly, her damp workout clothes stuck to her body, drawing me in. What had started
out as the best day of my life had been soured by my little sister. It put me in such a bad mood that
even my guards put more distance between us. I was half tempted to say fuck it to all the work I had to
do today and go deal with the bear now.

There was no need to wait for dinner. It would only ruin the meal when I would inevitably spill his blood.

The only thing stopping me was that I knew Natalie would be livid when she heard about it. The damn
woman was my heart and in turn, seemed to have become my conscious. I loved and hated it at the
same time.

Before her, I would have no qualms about ending a life. Now, I was second- guessing everything. I had
two of my people locked up in the dungeons when I previously would have killed them, or at the very
least, ripped out their tongues, and a bear wandering around the outside of my city.

The longer I thought about it, the angrier it made me. My skin itched, and I felt uncomfortable as I was
consumed by the need to draw blood.

So, I returned to the castle before I gave into temptation and slaughtered and skinned the beast that
had tarnished my sister’s reputation.

But as soon as I saw the Goddess walking away from me, my mind was silenced. I trailed after her like
a lost puppy, enjoying the rhythmic way her body swayed as she strode purposefully to our room. My
mate. My Natalie.

Never before had I craved anything more than blood when I was in one of these moods, but seeing her
had my mouth watering for something else. I forgot about everything that didn’t involve me sinking
deep into her and claiming her as mine.

I stormed after her, a man on a mission, catching her in the hallway that led to our room. My guards
dispersed as soon as we had reached the castle, and her guards dipped their heads and moved back
the way we had come to guard her from the entryway at the end of the hallway.

Natalie let out a squeal of surprise as I grabbed her hips and spun her around until her back was
against the wall. A smile fell over her perfect fucking lips, teasing me, taunting me as her tongue came
out to wet them.

“Hello/ she giggled, and I felt my chest puff in happiness that I had caused that sound to leave her. ”Did
you have a good day?”

My nose found her neck, and I groaned as it skimmed over my mark on her skin. Her soft, delicate skin.
‘Interestingly enough, now that I have you in my arms, I don’t remember anything about my day.”

My tongue ran over her mark, and her hips pushed off the wall until they were pressed against me as
she moaned. “What do you remember?”

Her soft voice asked teasingly as the smell of her desire welcomed me to press closer to her. My teeth
nipped at her ear lobe, and her hands grabbed my white dress shirt in response. Her small fists were
sure to leave wrinkles in the fabric, but I had no plans to keep this shirt on any longer than I had to.

“I remember how good you taste.” She gasped as I dropped my mouth back down and nibbled on the
sensitive and raw mark on her neck. The raised pink skin was still healing from the several times I sank
my teeth in last night. But that wouldn’t stop me from doing it again.

Natalie had thoroughly enjoyed it, cumming each time I placed my mark on her. The instant orgasm
drove me wild. I had used my tongue, my cock, and my mark to bring her to the point of tears last night
as she came for me. And then…she would ask for more.

I would give her everything that I had. I pressed my cock against her stomach, rubbing it against her
shamelessly. There was no one around us to witness my crude actions. But even then, I had the feeling
from the way Natalie’s eyes would occasionally trail down the hall that it excited her to potentially be

While I knew for a fact that she was the most gorgeous woman on this planet, I didn’t want anyone to
see her naked but me. It was hard enough having my people witness her in her skin-tight yoga pants
and tank tops as she worked out. She was a walking wet dream, one that I had several times.

I knew they thought about her and pictured her. They were respectful, but their eyes would trail after
her and over her everywhere she went. Even a few of the women would be caught admiring her. It only
fed my ego and pride that she was mine.

One of my dreams would never come true though. I understood why and decided never to bring it up to
Natalie. But if she would let me, during the next mating mixer, I would take her to the center of the room
and claim her for all to see. They would have no question that she was mine as they watched me fuck
her senselessly before sinking my teeth into her mark and get to witness the glory of her unraveling for

They would all worship her, just as I did, but wouldn’t be able to touch her.

I knew my people wouldn’t mind. Fucking in public wasn’t taboo, but she wasn’t ready for that, and I
didn’t want to make her uncomfortable.

The idea excited me as much as it angered me. I wanted to claim her in front of everyone. I wanted to
show off how fucking responsive and submissive she was to me. But I knew right after, I would want to

kill everyone around us for laying their eyes on my woman.

It really was better for my mental sanity and their want to live for me to keep Natalie to myself.

So, I settled with making her scream loud enough in private that the entire pack could hear her. And
she did not disappoint.

“I remember how good you feel against me,” My finger ran down her collar, over her rapidly rising chest
to the top of her tank top. Her eyes were locked on me as my nail elongated, and the black, beastly
claw sliced easily through the fabric from her breasts down to her belly button.

Her top and sports bra fell to the sides, exposing her breasts and pebbled nipples. Goosebumps
covered her chest even though she still had beads of sweat forming and ready to fall from her workout.
Her hands released my shirt, grabbing the torn fabric and holding it up so only I could see her exposed
skin, and I pulled back, bending down with my hands on her hips to grab a nipple in my mouth.

Fuck, she tasted sweet.

“Killian,” She moaned, and I glanced up as I gently nibbled on her nipple, watching with satisfaction as
her cheeks turned red. “Bedroom.”

The gasp she let out as my thumbs dipped into the front of her pants had my already hard cock
twitching, wanting more.

“I think I like watching you squirm,” I whispered against her chest as I moved overt© the other breast.
The fabric fell from her hands as her fingers laced into my hair, her head falling back against the wall.

“Someone might see us.” She said breathlessly, pushing her chest up and closer to me.

“Does that bother you?” My hand slid across her stomach, dropping down beneath her pants and
cupping her warm pussy before spreading her lips with my middle finger. Her slick entrance made me
groan with excitement, knowing that she was ready for me. “From how wet you are, I think you like it. I
think that you want someone to catch us. Would you enjoy that, my mate? Do you want someone to
watch as I fuck you?”

Natalie seemed to be mulling it over in her head as I slipped my finger inside her, pumping slowly. Her
knees buckled beneath her, and I pressed her harder into the wall. The thought of her being open to
trying new things, even if it wasn’t something as extreme as that, made me happy.

Her shaking fingers moved to my slacks, quickly freeing me as our mouths connected in a desperate

The feeling of her small hand around my pulsing cock was euphoric, and I moved my finger in time with
her rhythm. The small gasps and moans coming from her hand me ready to unload, but I wouldn’t let
that happen until I had been inside her.

Natalie paused as I pulled away, grabbing her pants and yanking them and her thong to her feet in one
swift movement. She stepped out quickly, lifting one of her legs up and smiling victoriously at me as I
grabbed her ass and allowed her to wrap her legs around me.

I wasted no time sliding into her, feeling her walls pulse and tighten around me. Home.

Her nails dug into my shoulders as I slammed into her, only feet away from our door. She felt hotter,
wetter, and more enthusiastic as I grabbed her wrists in one hand and lifted them above her head,
pinning her to the wall.

Her head dropped back, and I felt my slacks falling further down with each thrust into her.

“Ah….yes…” She whimpered, her walls tightening around me, squeezing me in a death grip that had
me fighting not to cum just yet.

“Ian, I think I found…AAAHHHH!” Joselin screamed as she appeared next to us. Her eyes were wide
with horror as Natalie moaned loudly, cumming on my cock.

Natalie licked her lips, staring heatedly at me as her body trembled before realizing we were not alone
and turning to face our intruder with wide and terrified eyes.

‘What the fuck? In the hallway?!”

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