The Beast And The Blessed

Chapter 40

The Beast And The Blessed

Forty: Killian

Killian’s P.O.V.

Her eyes were wide with wonder as she looked up at me, a smile pulling at the corner of her lips.
Something about the way she was looking at me had heat rising in my cheeks and the tips of my ears,
and I cleared my throat as I looked away.

It was that siren look she had, with her big green eyes and her long brown hair. Her red lips were
parted just enough to show a small sliver of teeth, and her chest rose and fell faster and deeper than

She was pulling me in, calling me to her.

‘Boss!” My driver called out as he slammed on the brakes. My arms tightened around Natalie as she
sat in my lap to prevent her from going flying at the sudden stop. My eyes burned as they flashed red,
and my beast made himself known as I let out a loud growl.

My pack was surrounding the car quickly. All but the drivers were stepping out of the vehicles and
shifting into their Lycan form as they roared, announcing they were prepared for battle. We were just
outside the city, a mile, if not less. But the chance of us getting back into the city without an issue had

I didn’t need to ask what caused the chaos. Up ahead, I could see him very clearly. The smirk on his
face, the black eyes, and the pale skin. He stood in the middle of the road, not bothering to hide. He
was just a decoy, there to taunt us.

“It’s an ambush,” I whispered as I looked out the windows to the tree line on either side. No vampire
would be so stupid as to stand against me and my guard on their own.

I gently moved Natalie off my lap and into the middle seat before pressing a kiss to her head and
opening my car door. “Code Green!”

My voice carried through the trees, and several birds scattered from the treetops as my men took
formation. Natalie reached for my arm, just barely brushing my skin with the tips of her fingers as I
stepped out of the vehicle.

“Killian…” She called out with fear in her voice.

“It’s going to be okay. I’ll be home soon.” As the words left my mouth, Tobias brushed by me in his
Lycan form and shoved himself into the car. Natalie gasped as he shifted back into his skin. I watched
her for only a moment longer as my men continued to surround the vehicle.

Tobias used one forearm and pushed it against Natalie’s chest to keep her from fighting him as he
reached over and clicked her seatbelt in place with his other hand. Another guard jumped into the other
side of the car, and Natalie jumped, turning to look at him. I took advantage of her turning to look away
from me to shift into my Lycan form.

The impenetrable wall around me began to sprint forward toward the vampire as the car containing my
mate sped away. They knew their orders. They had to protect the Queen at all costs. She was their
priority right now.

The other half of my men stayed with me as I ran into the tree line, not wanting to stay out in the open.

I looked back just in time to see one of Natalie’s guards launch himself out of the tree line and through
the apparition of the vampire, landing on the other side of the road just as the SUV sped past him.
Black smoke filled the area where the vampire had just been standing but dissipated in the air quickly.

Black Magic.

‘Update,’ I demanded as we sprinted toward the downed guard. His screaming sounded as if he had
been doused with acid. ‘It’s Heath, Your Majesty.’ Nolan called out as he tried to hold down the
struggling and tortured guard to get a better look. ‘I can’t see any injury.’

As I approached, I could feel the thickness in the air, something no other wolf had ever mentioned
being able to do. It was as strong as Joselin’s magic, if not more so, and I felt myself slow as I moved
through the wall of darkness.

Whoever the vampires were working with was strong.

Health continued to scream as he shifted back into his skin, his limbs flailing while he tried to pat his
body down as if putting out a fire that only he could see.

‘Grab him. We need to keep moving. Any sign of others?’ I knew asking was pointless. The wall of
magic ensured that we wouldn’t be able to follow or find them, but my team of trackers was still
scouring the forest thoroughly.

‘No, Your Majesty.’ They reported back, and I felt my anger build. I wanted to find one of those
bloodsuckers and rip them to pieces so small even their creator wouldn’t be able to recognize them.

Nolan tossed Heath over his shoulder, and the pack formed a protective barrier around the two men.

I ran with my pack, feeling the freedom that came with the fresh air and movement bogged down by the
heavy unease of the possibility that I could lose another man today. I glanced to my left, seeing
Health’s body give out as he fell unconscious. A string of blood fell from his mouth and down onto
Nolan’s arm.

My gaze went past them as we continued to run, and to the tree line on their other side. There was
nothing out of the ordinary. My trackers were still spread out, combing the grounds quickly as we
approached the gates of the city walls.

Rows of warriors stood ready for battle as we raced past them. I wanted to turn back and stand with my
people, but I knew the vampires would not attack today. Whatever they had planned, they had

The color had drained from Heath’s skin, and I spared him one last look before separating from the
group that was taking him to the infirmary.

My first stop would be to ensure the safety of Natalie, then I would lead Joselin with a small army back
out to the road where Heath had been injured and see if there was anything she could tell me.

Guards stood alert by every doorway and corner as I barreled through the corridors, following my
mate’s scent.

‘Natalie,” I called out as I rounded the corner. My beastly form forced me to have to duck to fit through
the doorway. She jumped to her feet as I entered. My eyes scanned her over as I tried to calm my
beast so I could shift back, assuring myself that she was okay.

I knew she wouldn’t want to come near me in this form. The last time she had seen me this way, she
was horrified. The chance of her even recognizing me seemed low. But as our eyes met, she ran
toward me, crashing against my chest with her arms wrapped as far around my waist as they could go,
and she held me tightly to her.

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