Broken Queen

Page 58

“Found this,” I say, taking out her phone as well as the cash and setting both on the desk.
He shakes his head. “That’s our bad. We should have searched what that bastard handed to her. She have contact with anyone?”
“No calls but she did have a conversation over text with her brother. He offered to get her out.”
“Doesn’t seem like she took him up on it at least according to the chat.”
“But there’s something else.” I pick up the phone, navigate to Safari, and hand it to Amadeo.
“How did she get these?”
I show him the photo with the website and password. “I’m guessing Lucien handed it to Geno.”
“Anything else?”
“Not really.”
My phone dings. “That’s a list of possible safehouses he’d have taken her to,” Bruno says, turning to us. “But you need to go. Now. You won’t be much good to anyone sitting in a jail cell.”
“That’s why I’m counting on you not to let that happen. Sonny has to have something on the officials in his pocket.”
“I’m sure he does, but until I find it,” Bruno says, putting a flash drive into Sonny’s computer and pushing some buttons before turning to face us. “You need to stay out of sight. I’m serious, Amadeo. I need time, and my priority is finding Vittoria. Help me to help you.” The computer screen goes black. Bruno takes the drive, pockets it, and stands.
“I’ll stay out of sight, but I’m not going into hiding like a fucking coward while Vittoria is out there on her own.”
“Bastian?” Bruno turns to me.
“I’m with Amadeo on this one.”
He shakes his head. “Let’s go,” he says.
I open the folder on my phone. “There are two dozen addresses in here.”
“I’ll try to narrow it down,” he says as he searches for something in the wall.
“What are you doing?” Amadeo asks.
“Sonny had an exit plan in case things ever went south.” Something pops, and a part of the wall springs open. “And here it is. It’ll take you down to the garage. Car is waiting. Keep your phones on.”
Amadeo looks at him, nods. “Thank you.” He then turns to me. “What about Mom and Emma? If anything happens to me—”
“I’m going with you, brother.”
“Someone needs to be there in case—”
“Nothing’s going to happen,” I say again. “We go together. Period.”
“And I’ll be there,” Bruno adds, then turns to me. “Get him out of here.”
My throat is hoarse, and I’m lying on the floor on my side, still cuffed to the chair, losing my fucking mind when the lights finally stop flickering and go out, plunging me into utter darkness.