Broken Queen

Page 46

I hate when he calls me sis. It’s said with a vehemence I can feel. Like he’s spitting the word.
Me:I need to go. I’ll let you know tomorrow.
Lucien:Tomorrow may be too late.
Me:I need to go. Soldiers.
It’s a lie, but it doesn’t matter. I switch off the phone and set it aside then stand to get the album from the desk. I open it to the article about Hannah, and I start to read.
Amadeo and I are having a drink before turning in for the night when his cell phone rings. He glances at the screen as I pour us another glass of Dominic Benedetti’s excellent whiskey. We’re still staying at his penthouse in the city while he’s out of town with his wife and family.
“This is Amadeo,” my brother says. I don’t hear what the caller says, but Amadeo’s expression changes. “Just a minute, Dominic. Let me put you on speaker so my brother can hear you.”
Dominic Benedetti.
I resume my seat. Amadeo sets the phone on the coffee table.
“I have good news and bad news,” he says. “You have a preference which I start with?”
“Not really,” Amadeo says. “Shoot.”
“Smart to put a tail on Brady. Probably saved the old man’s life.”
“Is that the good or bad part?” I ask.
Dominic chuckles, and my brother snorts. “He had a run-in with the brother.”
“Lucien? You have him?” Amadeo asks, sitting up and leaning toward the phone.
“That’s the bad news. No. He slipped away. I have men looking, but he’s gone.”
“Where were they?”
“Just outside a private club in the city. Brady was… indulging in the entertainment, shall we say, when the host approached to let him know there was a call for him. He excused himself, and we found him exiting through the kitchen to the alley. Never a good idea when dealing with crooks.”
“You’d think he’d know that by now,” I say.
“We had eyes on him almost immediately. Lucien met him there, and they talked for a few minutes. Things got heated when he saw Lucien came armed.”
“Go on.”
“He attacked Brady before my soldier could stop him and, in the chaos, ran.”
“Any of your soldiers hurt?” Amadeo asks.
“No, they’re fine.”
“Flesh wound but you wouldn’t know it to hear him whine.”
I roll my eyes.
“Found it interesting that Russo had a black eye. Someone beat him but not too badly.”