Broken Queen

Page 5

“Pulp Fiction?”
“The Bible.”
With a grin, I climb out of bed. Her eyes follow me as I move to the bathroom. I don’t close the door but switch on the shower. I strip off my briefs and brush my teeth, then step under the flow. I give her time to leave my room and go to my brother. I left the door unlocked. But when I’m done, I’m surprised to find her sitting exactly where I left her.
Drying off, I walk into the closet to pull on a pair of jeans and a T-shirt.
“Where is Amadeo?” she asks when I’m back in the bedroom.
“He’s around. How do you feel?”
“Like I was run over by a truck.”
“Sounds about right.” I walk into the bathroom and return with two pills and a glass of water. “Here.”
“What are they?”
“Aspirin. Unless you want something stronger.”
She takes the pills and swallows them with some water, then drains the whole glass. “What did you give me last night?”
“Just a sedative to relax you.”
“It knocked me out.”
“We needed to pick the glass out, and you were pretty out of it.”
She drops her gaze, then pushes a hand into her hair.
“Hey. You’re all right, Dandelion.”
She snorts, then looks up at me. “Why did you help me?”
“What kind of question is that?”
She shrugs a shoulder.
“You mean why didn’t we let them rape you?” The word triggers a visceral response from her. “What do you think we are? Dogs?”
“He said you ordered it. You and your brother. Was I supposed to learn a lesson?”
My hands fist at my sides. “Who said that?”
“I don’t know his name. The one who brought me down.”
“Well, he fucking lied.” I hear the anger in my voice. The silence that follows is broken by Amadeo when he walks in. We both turn to look at him. He’s freshly showered but looks like shit. Like he didn’t sleep all night.
“Morning.” His forehead is furrowed as he takes her in. “How do you feel?”
She doesn’t bother to answer him but glares instead. “If last night is any indication of how your protection works, I want out. I want Emma out. Now.”
His jaw tightens. “It won’t happen again.”
“And I should just believe you?”
“They’ll be punished. This morning.”