Love in full bloom

Chapter 315 I Am not Interested in Your Wife

Qin Yichen suddenly clenched his fist, and the other side's words were full of provocation, obviously
deliberately provoking him.

He was just about to hang up when the voice of the other side came again, "What I will say later is very
important. If you hang up, you will regret for life. "

Qin Yichen took a deep breath, gnashed his teeth with anger and asked, "What the hell do you want to
say? "

In the microphone, a vicious laugh came, "Don't worry, I haven't touched your wife. I'm not interested in
her. I just gave her a big gift. "

A cold light flashed from the bottom of Qin Yichen's eyes, "If you have something, say it. Don't beat
around the bush."

The man was silent for a while and said, "Do you think I just injected her with scopolamine? I also gave
her an extra dose of mystery virus from Amazon. The virus has a six-month window period and can't be
detected by blood tests. During this period, if the anti virus serum is injected in time, it can be
completely removed, otherwise six months later, once the virus breaks out, she will surely die of
systemic failure. I'd like to sell you the serum which costs five billion, three in all. Do you want to buy
them? "

Qin Yichen frowned heavily, "Are you blackmailing me in this way? "

"It is yourself who decide whether you should buy it or not. By the way, there is another thing. During
this period of time, you must not let your wife become pregnant. The virus will invade the placenta, and
even if the child can survive, it will be deformed. " The man laughed and hung up.

The raging fire rose from Qin Yichen's chest, and he used fist to hit the wall.

When he called, Mo Qinyu was right behind him, vaguely hearing the voice in the microphone.

"What did the man say? What's the virus? "

When her voice came, he was greatly shocked, then he realized that she was right behind.

"It's just a madman. Leave him alone. " He quickly swallowed all his anger into his throat and said in a
calm voice.

"Don't lie to me. I heard something. The man said he injected me with the virus." Mo Qinyu raised her
voice slightly.

Qin Yichen hugged her shoulder, "Qinyu, you mustn't believe that son of a bitch. He is alarmist. "

Mo Qinyu's dark eyes twinkled in the light, "Mr. Demon, I have something to tell you. Actually, I have
recovered my memory. "

It could be seen from Qin Yichen's eyes that he was surprised and happy after hearing this, "Really? "

"Yes. " She nodded. "I saw the person who kidnapped me the other two days ago. He has been
disguising himself as Shi Cong, but I know he is not. I suspect he may have a human skin mask or
have tidied up his appearance, so that he can be almost the same as Shi Cong. "

Qin Yichen answered, "Why didn't you tell me earlier? "

"I don't want to let anyone know this. He doesn't know that I have recovered my memory, so you should
keep it secret for me. " Mo Qinyu said thoughtfully.

Qin Yichen hekd her in his arms, "I'll arrange a doctor later and take you to have a detailed physical
examination. "

"OK. " She buried her head in his chest.

The next day, Qin Yichen took her to the hospital, and the hospital sent one of her blood samples to the
most authoritative virus research center in the country, and the other to the top virus research institute
in the United States by air. They could shorten the window period and detect the virus through blood

Qin Yichen arranged people to spy on Ru Chen.

When Mo Qinyu had mentioned that someone was exactly the same as A Cong, the first one that Qin
Yichen had thought of was Ru Chen.

3D printing technology was very advanced already, so it was not difficult to create the same simulation
mask. However, each person has different facial shapes and bones, so there will inevitable be some
differences between the real one and the one wearing masks. It will also restrict the facial expressions,
which makes the whole face rigid and unnatural when speaking. It is easy to see flaws.

The cosmetic surgery was relatively reliable.

But cosmetic surgery also requires that the patient should have the similar facial bones and facial
features with the one he wants to be if he wants to be the same with him. It can only be achieved after
countless adjustment operations and long-term recovery.

It's hard to carry out the plan unless the man has a plan and started it many years ago.

Ru Chen was born to have almost the same face with A Cong's. It's easy for him to pretend to be A
Cong. He didn't need to wear a mask, let alone the cosmetic surgery.

Mo Qinyu gently stroked the still flat abdomen. She had made a decision to make a bet.

If there was really a virus in her body and was going to happen in six months, she would be dead.

But Qin Yichen was not so calm and resolute.

She is his weakness. Once she is hurt or threatened, it will him lose his cool and sense.

He was afraid that there was really a virus in her body as the man had said in the phone. He was afraid
that he would lose her forever.

He dare not gamble without scruple.

In the evening, when Mo Qinyu woke up from her sleep, she found that he was not around.

She sat up and looked out through the window. He sat under a big tree in the garden, motionless. The
moonlight cast his shadow on the grass, like a slanting splash of ink.

Her heart quivered and she lay down again, waiting for him to come back.

It was dawn when the door was opened.

He lay softly by her side in order not to wake her up. Then he lowered his head and kissed her

She opened her eyes. He did not come back. She has been sleeping in a daze.

"Mr. Demon, I'm sure that man is bluffing us. He's playing psychological tactics. If he kidnapped me for
15 billion yuan, he would have called you to take money to redeem me. Why didn't he do that until
now? "

Qin Yichen knew this and had thought about this, but his too much concern over Mo Qinyu made him
unable to have a calm thinking. His composure, wisdom and calmness were confused because he
cared about her too much.

The enemy probably also had felt this, so they took the time to threaten Qin Yichen.

"I've thought about it. If he wants 15 billion yuan, I'll just give it to him. It's just a little money. "

"No, you can't give it to him. You are Qin Yichen, the proud prince in Jincheng. How can you be fooled
by a madman? " She shook her head with great determination.

"Fool, if I have no money, I can still make money in the future. But if I don't have you, what can I do with
so much money? " Without hesitation, Qin Yichen said firmly. Money will come and go, and the last
thing he needed was money.

Mo Qinyu leaned her head on his solid chest, "I have thought carefully that if he was only for money,
why did he spend so much time to kidnap me, make me lose my memory and pretend to be Shi Cong?
He must have other purposes. Don't we have more than three months left? We can just halt the troops
and wait. Let's see who is more impatient. "

Qin Yichen stroked her head, and the anger in his chest was even fiercer than the eruption of volcano.
If he caught the madman, he must torment him by cutting his body into pieces while keeping him alive.