Love in full bloom

Chapter 309: Who's Lying?

On Friday, a banquet in the celebrity circle, Mo Qinyu and Qin Yichen attended it together.

Ru Chen saw Mo Qinyu at a glance.

He can't wait to rush to her and carry her into his arms, but he knew he can't. He was Ru Chen now,
not Shi Cong.

Mo Qinyu also saw him, and her eyes were instantly widened.

He really looked like Acong, almost exactly the same.

A cong had only one younger sister and no twin brother or younger brother. How could they be so

This's unscientific!

Ru Chen took several deep breaths and forced himself to keep calm, until he determined that he could
face him calmly, and then walked over.

"Qinyu, you are okay lately, there is a rumor spread outside, saying that you and Qin Yichen have
quarreled, I am a bit worried." He pretended not to know about her memory loss, said in a casual tone.

Mo Qinyu swallowed drastically, and did not want to let outsiders know about her memory loss,
including this man in front of her, "I'm fine, thank you for your concern."

"I am your brother, I should care about you." Ru Chen curved his stiff mouth and revealed a barely

From this remark, Mo Qinyu can guess that she had a good relationship with Ru Chen, and at the
same time, she can prove that he was not Shi Cong. If he was Shi Cong, she can feel it.

At this time, Xu Ruofang came over, "Qinyu, how're you?"

There was a faint flash of light on the bottom of Mo Qinyu's eyes, looking at her eyes very strange.

She didn't know her.

Xu Ruofang's a psychiatrist, she can see the clue at a glance, "Qinyu, what's wrong with you?"

"Relax, she's fine." Qin Yichen interrupted her quickly, not letting the topic continue.

"See you." Mo Qinyu smiled slightly, and held the arm of Qin Yichen, they went away.

But Xu Ruofang's a very keen person. Even if she behaved normally and calm again, she can still find

She and Mo Qinyu had get along for four years, and the relationship was very close. Even if she
returned to Qin Yichen, she could not be so alienated from her, and looked at her as if looking at a

What must have happened to her.

She disappeared for two and a half months, and speculations abounded that her abnormality must be
related to disappearance.

When she saw Mo Qinyu going to the bathroom, she followed her secretly.

"Sister-in-law, why did you leave as soon as you saw me? Even if you are separated from my brother, I
am Xiaojun's aunt, how can you ignore me?"

Mo Qinyu shook violently, and originally wanted to continue to pretend, but when she heard this, all the
calm expressions broke.

"What do you mean? How can you be Xiaojun's aunt?"

Xiaojun was her and Shi Cong's son. Where was she Xiaojun's aunt?

Xu Ruofang secretly startled, eyes patrolling her face for a while, "It can't be that you are amnesia?"

Mo Qinyu swallowed, "Let's find a quiet place and talk about it in detail."

Xu Ruofang nodded, walked out with her through the side door, and went to the rooftop.

There're no outsiders here and it's the best place to talk.

"Why do you say that you are Xiaojun's aunt?" Mo Qinyu asked quickly, a cloud of doubt floating
heavily in her head.

Although she didn't answer the question, when hearing this, Xu Ruofang was basically sure that she
really had amnesia.

"Xiaojun is you and my brother's son, and of course I'm his real aunt."

Mo Qinyu startled, and his eyes were wider.

Was Xiaojun not her and Shi Cong's son, nor her and Qin Yichen's son, but her and another man's

"Who is your brother?"

"My name is Xu Ruofang, my brother's name is Xu Ruochen, and Xiaojun's name is Xu Haojun. You
don't need to ask Qin Yichen, you just need to ask your son to confirm these things." Xu Ruofang said

Mo Qinyu's heart caused a magnitude 12 earthquake. Qin Yichen had never told her about Xu
Ruochen and never said who Xiaojun's father was.

The only thing she knew was that Xiaojun was not his son.

In this way, Qin Yiman said that she eloped that day, not with Shi Cong, but with Xu Ruochen.

In her silence, Xu Ruofang's voice came again: "Qinyu, why are you having amnesia?"

"I ... I fell down and suffered a concussion. After waking up, I forgot a lot of things." Mo Qinyu said
lightly, she still had a bit of vigilance to Xu Ruofang.

Xu Ruofang glanced at her quietly, her eyes sharp and deep, "Do you still want to restore your

"Of course I want, without memory, I feel like I'm a fool now, even if I have been fooled and I can't know
that!" Mo Qinyu said without hesitation.

"I can help you, I'm a psychiatrist, and using hypnotic therapy may evoke your memory." Xu Ruofang

Mo Qinyu hesitated a little, hesitated for a while, and whispered, "How can I contact you?"

"Just ask Xiaojun." Xu Ruofang smiled slightly.

When she returned to the banquet hall, Qin Yichen was looking for her. When he saw her coming, he
greeted her quickly. "Where are you going? How can you come from outside?"

"I just need some fresh air." She shrugged, casually.

"If you don't want to stay any longer, we'll go back." Qin Yichen put his arms around her shoulders.

She nodded, she really wanted to go back, and she needed to confirm with the child for what Xu
Ruofang said.

When they went back to the lakeside villa, and the little boy was going to sleep.

She entered the room and sat by his bed.

"Baby, are you called Xu Haojun?"

The little boy nodded his head slightly, his eyes widened and watched her, his eyes saddened, "Mom,
you don't even remember my name."

Mo Qinyu touched his head, with a sense of comfort, "What's your father's name?"

The little boy's beautiful big eyes flashed, raised his small hand to cover his mouth, "I'm going to say it,
but please don't tell Dad the Devil, he doesn't want me to tell you."

"Okay, this is a secret between us, I will not tell anyone." Mo Qinyu made a hush gesture.

The little boy sat up, and his small mouth close to her ear. "My dad is called Xu Ruochen, and he is my
real dad."

"Xu Ruofang is your aunt?" Mo Qinyu's heart twisted into a ball.

"Um." The little boy nodded, "My aunt is awesome. She is a doctor of psychology."

Mo Qinyu was shocked, and her head was buzzing, as if there were a thousand horses running and
trampled in her chest, and 10,000 daggers poking and chopping.

Children cannot lie.

Xu Ruofang did not lie to her.

As for Qin Yichen, he chose to conceal this matter and did not want her to know the truth.

But his approach, she can understand, it's a shame to him after all.

The person who was lying to her was Shi Cong.

Why did he do this? Why lie to her?

Or Shi Cong was really dead. The person facing her was not Shi Cong, but a person who looked like

Was it Ru Chen?

Thought of this, her head hurt a little.

Her memory seemed to be closed by a door, and she can't open this door at all.

Xu Ruofang said she could help her. Should she contact her?