Love in full bloom

Chapter 310 Can you keep this secret for me?

She got Xu Ruofang's phone number from Xiao Naibao.

After talking on the phone, she went to Xu Ruofang's residence in Jin city.

Xu Ruofang asked her to choose the most relaxed and comfortable position to lie on the sofa, then
picked up a pocket watch and gently shake it in front of her eyes.

Her eyelids became heavier and heavier, and finally narrowed.

When she opened her eyes again, she found herself in a huge, empty house with a long, long corridor
in front of it.

She ran towards the corridor, kept running, kept running, and a white light came in front.

Through white light, she saw a door.

She reached out and tried to open the door, but couldn't open it.

She didn't want to give up, and with the effort of feeding, her head suddenly hurt, very painful.

She held her head and groaned on the ground.

Seeing her painful expression, Xu Ruofang quickly snapped her fingers and awakened her.

"What do you see?"

"There is nothing, there is only one house, and a door. I want to open the door, but I can't open it, and
then my head hurts." Mo Qinyu said truthfully.

"It's okay, take your time. Hypnosis is a gentle treatment. It's impossible to restore you all at once. It will
take effect after a few more times. Next time, try again and open the door. " Xu Ruofang said.

Mo Qinyu nodded, "When you have time, go and see Jun. He said he misses you and ... Xu Ruochen."

Xu Ruofang smiled slightly. "It's better than tomorrow. You can bring him here and have a meal at

"Okay." Mo Qinyu didn't hesitate, Xu Ruofang gave her a very gentle feeling, completely different from
Lu Jinshan.

On the way back, Mo Qinyu looked at Kai Luo who drove in front and said lowly, "Can you keep secret
for me about doing hypnosis treatment? Don't tell your boss."

Kai Luo didn't answer, he seemed hesitant.

Mo Qinyu slightly smiled, "If you tell Qin Yichen, and I will sue in front of him, saying that you are
incompetent for work, which makes me very dissatisfied, and I want to fire you."

Kai Luo took a breath. "Madam, you weren't like that before."

"I have amnesia, I can’t remember what happened in the past." Mo Qinyu spread her hand. "You don’t
have to worry, if Qin Yichen is blame you, I will take it for you. I will tell him that I forced you."

Kai Luo didn't talk anymore, and Mo Qinyu agreed as he promised.

Shortly after she returned, Qin Yichen returned and asked the servant to move a few large boxes of

Her diet is made by the old lady herself now, the healthiest birth plan.

Fruits, vegetables, and fish must be abundant every day, and they must be pure natural and non-
polluting organic food.

Perhaps still in the early stages of pregnancy, her pregnancy response was not as strong as the
previous one.

Qin Yichen still remembered that she vomited weakly four years ago, making him think she was
seriously ill.

The best fruit for pregnant women was apples and grapes, which have the effect of stillbirth.

Mo Qinyu sat on the sofa, ate an apple and a bunch of grapes, and caressed her stomach with

Qin Yichen reached out and rested on her lower abdomen. "Sweetie, what do you want to eat, tell me,
you are three people now and you must eat more."

The corners of her beautiful lips twitched slightly, showing a smile, "I see."

Little milk bag finished the math class and walked downstairs, "Papa Devil, why you touch Mummy's
belly, is there a baby in her belly?"

Qin Yichen put down his hand and hugged him to his lap. "Wait next year, Mommy will give you a little
brother and a little sister, are you happy?"

"Okay." Little milk bag nodded with a smile. Papa Devil said so, the little brother and little sister must be
already in Mummy's belly.

After dinner, Mo Qinyu went to the room and lay down in bed.

This is Qin Yichen's order.

In the first three months of pregnancy, women should pay more attention to rest and to conceive.

She was bored, so she picked up the magazine and read it.

Qin Yichen took the child to the garden to play baseball. When he returned, he lay beside her and told
the story to the baby in her belly.

Prenatal education started from the embryo.

He spoke vividly, and Mo Qinyu looked at his serious look, listening to his magnetic voice, and couldn't
help laughing, "They don't even have ears now, they can't hear sound at all."

"They can't hear it, but they can feel it. My child must be a hundred times smarter than ordinary
children." Qin Yichen raised his eyebrow, looked arrogance.

"As long as it is not two overbearing demons " She murmured extremely quietly, in a joking tone.

Qin Yichen stretched out his hand and rubbed her head. "Domineering also requires capital."

Mo Qinyu agreed that the big devil does have capital, even when he is overbearing, he looks


The next day, she took Little milk bag and went to Xu Ruofang's villa.

When he saw Xu Ruofang, Little milk bag was very happy, and threw himself into her arms. "Aunt."

Xu Ruofang picked him up and kissed his pink face, "Have you missed me?"

"Yes, I miss you very much, but I still miss dad, when will dad come back to China?" Little milk bag
asked with a crooked head.

"When the company's affairs are handled well, dad will come back. When he returns, he will be the first
to see you." Xu Ruofang said with a smile.

She asked Kai Luo to take Jun to play in the garden, and entered the room with Mo Qinyu.

Mo Qinyu entered the empty room again, but this time, there were two doors at the end of the

She was confused and didn't know which door to push.

Turning around, two figures appeared in the distance. When they approached, she could see clearly,
one was Qin Yichen and the other was Shi Cong.

"Qin Yichen, Cong, why are you here?" She asked quickly.

The two didn't answer, as if they didn't see her, and went forward on their own.

Going to the door, they separated, one entered the door on the left, and one entered the door on the

She wanted to follow in, but the door slammed shut.

She couldn't see their figures, but could hear their voices, calling her outside.

"Mo Qinyu, come to me."

"No, come to me, I have been waiting for you."

She stunned, hesitated, and tangled.

Didn't know what to do?

"Stupid woman, what are you hesitating, come here quickly." Qin Yichen shouted.

"No, Mo Qinyu, ignore him. We're childhood sweethearts. I am your favorite person. We will be very
happy together," shouted Shi Cong.

She was starting to have a headache

The front door blurred, as if it were about to disappear.

She gritted her teeth and rushed towards the door where Qin Yichen entered ...