Love in full bloom

Chapter 308 She is Really Pregnant

Qin Yiman snorted lightly, full of ridicule, "Yichen, you really should do a proper paternity test carefully. "

Qin Yuhan frowned, "If you speak in such a peculiar way again, get out of here. "

Qin Yiman hid behind Mrs. Qin, "Dad, I just want to remind you. After all, she has done similar things
before. "

"If it wasn't for you, I would have had my grandchild now. If you dare to incite trouble and create
confusion again, don't come back after you get married. " Qin Yuhan said in an extremely cold way.

Mrs. Qin held her daughter and put her arm around her shoulder, "Yiman is just kind. Yichen is her
brother. How could she not think about him? She just didn't say in a soft way. "

Qin Yuhan glared at her, "You don't need to protect her. As long as she dares to do anything wrong
again, she will not be the daughter of our Qin family. "

Qin Yiman jumped up angrily from the sofa. "Dad, you are so partial. You didn't like me since I was a
child. " With that, she ran upstairs crying.

Mrs. Qin hurriedly followed up.

The old lady didn't want to pay attention to them and called her grandson and daughter-in-law into the

"Qinyu, come on. Let me feel your pulse. "

Mo Qinyu was shocked slightly and reached out.

The day before, Qin Yichen had told her that the old lady was born into a family of traditional Chinese
medicine, and she was the most famous traditional Chinese medicine in the East. But now she had

been retired, and she no longer worked as a doctor. Her second son took over her work.

She felt her pulse. She must want to see if she was pregnant.

Qin Yichen sat beside her, his nerves tensed and his heart pounded.

But he did not dare to speak or move, for fear of affecting the old lady's judgment.

It didn't take long for the old lady to feel her pulse, and she gradually smiled.

Qin Yichen sweated and asked in a very low voice, "How is Qinyu, grandma? "

The old lady let go and smiled happily, "From now on, you can't do that with Mo Qinyu casually. "

”Really? She really is pregnant? " Qin Yichen was as happy as a lark. He jumped up from his chair,
stepped forward and picked up Mo Qinyu. He was so excited that he didn't even know what he should

He was going to be a father, and his child was back!

Mo Qinyu was stupefied and at a loss. She was completely in a stiff state.

She was so surprised.

Why was she pregnant?

Before, she had a gynaecological examination. The doctor said that she was the type that was not easy
to get pregnant. How could she get pregnant in two months?

The old lady waved to her grandson, "Slow down! She is just pregnant less than a month and you must
be very careful. According to the pulse, I think that Qinyu is pregnant with twins. After a few months, I'll
feel the pulse again and know the gender. "

"Twins? " Qin Yichen was happier. No matter they were boys or girls or a boy and a girl, he loved them
so much.

He hurriedly put the woman in his arms on the chair, acting very carefully, as if she was a fragile doll.

The old lady immediately made a baby plan for her granddaughter-in-law, and told her, "Keep it secret
until the fourth month. Don't make it public first, especially don't let Yiman know, so that she won't make
trouble again. "

"I see, grandma." Qin Yichen laughed so happily that he couldn't close his mouth. He danced and
sang. It was the first time that Mo Qinyu saw his unrestrained smile.

Her head was buzzing, and she didn't know whether to be happy or worried.

It was too sudden for her to accpet so many shocks.

But she was very clear about one thing. Since she had Qin Yichen's child, she couldn't go with Shi

What should she do?

Did she really have to be separated from Shi Cong, cut off the love and live with Qin Yichen

Her head began to ache.

Every time she thought of living with Qin Yichen, her head hurt, and a voice echoed in it, "Qin Yichen is
the most annoying person. You must leave him, and never be with him. "

When everything calmed down, there would be a sense of inexplicable disgust in her heart, which
made her dislike Qin Yichen so much.

Qin Yichen found her abnormality and hurriedly said, "What's the matter? The head hurts again? "

"Um. " She murmured.

The old lady came over and gave her a massage, "Do you often have a headache? "

Qin Yichen swallowed his saliva, and after a while of silence, he said in a low voice, "Grandma, there's
something I didn't tell you. "

"What is it? " The old lady was slightly shocked.

He talked about Mo Qinyu's being kidnapped and amnesia caused by being injected with drugs.

The old lady's eyes were filled with anger," Who did that? How dare they hurt Qin family's daughter-in-
law? They are bringing about their own destruction! "

"I'm still checking. I won't let them go. " Qin Yichen gnashed his teeth with anger.

"Whoever they are, they will have to pay a price since they dare to hurt Qinyu. " The old lady said

Under her arrangement, Qin Yichen and Mo Qinyu secretly went to the hospital for examination to
make sure that the drug would not affect the child through the placenta, which made them relieved.

Mo Qinyu's heart was uneasy. Hearing Qin Yichen and the old lady's tone, if they found out that it was
A Cong who had done it, he would be in danger and even be killed.

She must keep it secret and not say a word.

In the evening, when lying on the bed, Qin Yichen put his head on her abdomen and listened to the

He was still excited and happy. He couldn't calm down for a long time.

"Hey girl, our child is back. One of the twins must be him. "

Mo Qinyu was slightly shocked, "Have we ever had a child? "

"There was one. But we failed to keep it. " His voice was as light as a mosquito, and he dared not tell
her that he had killed their child in person.

If he let her know the truth, she would surely never forgive him and would hate him for a lifetime.

Mo Qinyu was very confused at this moment. Her past with Qin Yichen seemed very complicated, not
as simple as she had thought.

She tried to think about something, and her brain hurt. She moaned, "Damn, how can I not remember
anything? "

Qin Yichen raised his hand and massaged her forehead, "Don't think about it. The most important thing
for you now is to keep the baby. No matter how important other things are, let's deal with them after the
baby is born. "

She was silent.

The appearance of this child seemed to want everything back to normal, and it also seemed to want to
disrupt everything.

What had happened between her and A Cong?

Why did everyone think that A Cong had been dead?

The more she thought about it, the more her brain hurt. She didn't dare to go on.

She raised her hand and stroked her still flat stomach.

Although she wasvery puzzled, but in any case, she had two small lives in her body, which made her
also somewhat excited.

"After you have your own children, will you still treat Xiaojun well? "

"Although Xiaojun is not my own baby, I have always been treating him as my own child all the time ."
Qin Yichen said without hesitation.

She was relieved to hear that.

They decided to announce Mo Qinyu's pregnancy after three months.

But walls have ears. Even though they tried their best to keep the secret, there would be inevitably be
accidents and someone would notice the clues.