Love in full bloom

Chapter 314 Drag You to Hell

Qin Yichen did not have any expression, and her tears and words could not melt him.

"Take her out." Coldly spit out three words, he turned his eyes to the computer and stopped looking at

Luo Yi led her out.

She was terribly disappointed, and the loss in her heart seemed to be endless.

When she got back, she pretended to be ill, shielding everyone, including Luo Yi, from the outside.

Finn came over, "Ann, you should know, Boss hates disobedient women most."

"I want a child, isn't it excessive?"

"It depends on who you want to have a baby with, you have to be clear about where you are," Finn said
with some conciseness.

A muscle twitched on Ann's face. "Do you think I want to have a child with Qin Yichen is whimsical?"

"It's not whimsical, it's daydreaming," Finn said straightforwardly, simply, rudely, and unceremoniously.

Ann seemed to be hit by the thunderbolt with a thunderbolt, and her head hummed. "Am I so bad?"

"Boss is the crown prince of the Qin family," Finn chuckled.

Ann's delicate face was twisted into a ball, "Is Mo Qinyu qualified to have a child for him? But she is..."

"Whoever is qualified and who is not, it's up to the boss." Finn said.

Ann's fingers hidden in her pockets clenched secretly, "Are you here today to scold me?"

Finn spread his hands. "Of course not. I'm here to fulfill your wish."

Ann paused for a moment, "How can you help me achieve this?"

Finn's thin lips opened a wicked smile, "I naturally have a way to let you have boss’s child silently.
However, you have to promise me two requests."

"What is it?" Ann hurriedly said.

"First, the child can’t be born from you."

Before Finn's voice fell, she was interrupted by surprise, " You mean, looking for a surrogate? "

"Yes." Finn nodded. "You should know your role. It is impossible for you to spend nine months pregnant
and having a child."

Ann swallowed hard, "What about the second request?"

"You can never say who the father of the child is, or you will immediately lose him." Finn's solemn tone
was almost a threat.

She passed a spasm all over, "Can't tell Qin Yichen, too?"

Finn shrugged. "No, not now. It's okay when the child grows up. If you tell him now, I will die, when I
died, I will drag you to hell."

Ann's black eyes flickered, and a little gleam shone.

On this time, no matter what Finn asked, she will all agree.

When the baby is born, Qin Yichen can't deny it.

"Okay, I promise you."

Finn smiled slightly. " Stay at home these two days and wait for my news, and I'll take you to the
hospital after I arrange it."

Ann also laughed. With children, she can stay with Qin Yichen forever.

This time, Yang city.

When Ru Chen returned to the villa, he turned on the light and saw the man standing in the hall. He
was dressed in black and wore a silver mask, just like a ghost.

He shook violently. "How did you come in?"

"Of course, I walked in." The man narrowed his eyes slightly, and a wicked smile arose from the corner
of his mouth hidden behind the mask.

"This is my home, get out of here immediately." Ru Chen snarled.

The man came to him, "Brother, it's time to talk to you face to face."

He slowly took off the mask on his face, and the moment he saw his true face, Ru Chen's eyes
widened, and the whole person was motionless and shocked, as if he saw a ghost.

"You… You……"

"Surprise? Unexpected?" The man smiled evilly.

Ru Chen's face twitched, and rushed forward, reaching out to tear his face, wanting to see if he was
wearing a simulation mask.

The man shook his hand away. "Be light, don't tear my handsome face."

"Are you grooming?" Ru Chen whispered, without a mask, that was cosmetic surgery, and It was not
easy to fool him.

The man did not answer, but smiled evilly, "Brother, don't get too excited. I'm back. You should be

Ru Chen was only scared, "What the hell, what do you want to do?"

"Of course, it is to help you recover your wife. For your sake, I broke my heart." The man rubbed his
temples, seemed like headache.

"I said, It’s none of your business." Ru Chen raised his voice and seemed like just growling.

"Passive like you, her child will have a fight with Qin Yichen." The man pouted, sighed heavily, and his
tail was longer than the tail of Comet Halley.

Ru Chen jumped like thunder, "That's my business, it has nothing to do with you."

Mo Qinyu was the woman he loved most in his life. He will not force her to do anything she doesn't like,
nor will it hurt her.

The man shook his lips and said, "After all, I made this mistake, and I have an obligation to repair it for
you. Whether you want it or not, I will manage it to the end."

After saying that, he suddenly took out a bottle of spray from his pocket and sprayed it at him.

Ru Chen was unguarded, and he sprayed his face. When he tried to cover his mouth and nose, it was
too late, and he fell on the sofa.

Ru Chen held out his hand and stroked his face. "Brother, I'm going to wrong you for a while. I'll find a
place to recuperate, and then I'll send Mo Qinyu to you."


Lakeside villa.

Qin Yichen sat on the sofa and fed his wife grapes.

Mo Qinyu felt that she was about to become a pig.

"Dear, even if a woman is pregnant, she must keep in shape and not eat too much, which is bad for
herself and her children."

Qin Yichen coerced her shoulders and drowned, "You are not fat, and even if you are pregnant, you will
only have a big belly."

She pursed her lips. "That's not necessarily true. If I have a baby, my body is deformed, my stomach is
full of stretch marks, and my body is bloated, you might kick me out of the galaxy."

"Am I so superficial?" Qin Yichen frowned, no matter what she became, his heart wouldn't change. He
loved her so much, not just a good skin.

"Anyway, the appearance of a person is still very important. As a rich wife, I definitely don't allow myself
to become such a woman." Mo Qinyu said seriously.

At this time, the phone rang.

Qin Yichen picked up the microphone, and a strange voice came from him: "Is Qin yi chen? I am the
man who has been happily with your wife on the island for several days."