Love in full bloom

Chapter 311 Be More Decisive

The door was opened, and there were countless pictures, like movies, in front of her eyes.

There were pictures of her with Qin Yichen and images with Xu Ruochen.

After a long time, Xu Ruofang woke her up.

"What do you see? "

She took a slight breath, and she looked serious, "Still that door, I can't open it. "

"It doesn't matter. Take your time." Xu Ruofang consoled.

Mo Qinyu sat up and rubbed her forehead.

"Every time I go into hypnosis, my head hurts. Should I rest for a few days? "

"Well, I'll be in Jincheng all this time. Call me if you want to come. " Xu Ruofang said in a low voice.

When they came down, Kai Luo and Xiao Naibao were in the hall. Xiao Naibao was asking Kai Luo
about the human skin mask.

"Aunt Kai Luo, do you think the human skin mask in 'Sand Sea' really exists? "

Kai Luo smiled, "3D printing technology can create the same mask as the face. So don't use face-
scanning technology easily. It's not reliable. "

Mo Qinyu thought that the when Floweer's vault was stolen, the thief also made the mask that was
almost identical with President Gao.

If a person has a high imitation technology, and wears a high-tech simulation mask, he can easily
pretend to be another person.

However, if he wants to make such a mask, he can't do without a few million yuan.

After lunch, Mo Qinyu took her baby home.

The tutor came and took the child upstairs to class. She went to the lake alone, lying on the bench,
staring at the blue lake.

For a while, she raised her hand and stroked her still flat stomach. A feeling of Joy came from the
bottom of her heart.

She had always hoped that she could have a child with Qin Yichen, and now she finally got it.

She wanted to protect the two babyies, and no one could hurt them.


The next day was Mrs. Qin's birthday.

Qin Yichen certainly wanted to go back to celebrate.

Considering Mo Qinyu's amnesia, he didn't mention it. He had prepared the gift of her for his mother in
advance. It's a customized diamond bracelet.

Mrs. Qin didn't like Mo Qinyu even though she had become a famous jewelry designer.

She glanced at the diamond necklace lightly and put it aside.

Mo Qinyu didn't care. She didn't need to be recognized by her mother-in-law.

Qin Yiman had been watching her in the dark. That day, when the old Mrs. Qin asked Mo Qinyu to
enter the study, she saw it.

When she came out of the study, Qin Yichen hugged her carefully, with a smile on his face. And old
lady also laughed so happily.

She couldn't help but think of one thing, Mo Qinyu might be pregnant.

The old lady and Qin Yichen were careful. They wanted to keep it secret for a while and didn't make it

"Mo Qinyu, today there is your favorite spicy crab. Eat more later. " She said on purpose to Mo Qinyu.

Mo Qinyu smiled. "Thank you for your kindness. I'm taking care of my body recently. So I can't eat such
food. "

Before she had finished speaking, Qin Yiman took the opportunity to ask, "Won't you be pregnant, will
you? "

Mo Qinyu didn't stayed calm, shrugged her shoulders, and her expression was mild, "I'm Qin Family' s
daughter-in-law. It's necessary for me to give birth to a baby for Qin family. When I get well adjusted, I
will be pregnant naturally. "

"Are you pregnant now, or not? " Qin Yiman didn't let her slip by easily. She asks directly.

Qin Yichen glared at her, "Don't care about others' things too much. Make good preparations for your
wedding. Other people's affairs have nothing to do with you. "

Qin Yiman snorted, "What are you nervous about? Are you afraid that the news of her pregnancy will
be revealed? In a few days, the stomach will be big, and you can't conceal it any more. "

Qin Yichen became extremely serious, which made him look so horrible, "If you dare to incite trouble
and create confusion again, I am sure you won't have a good rest of your life. "

Qin Yiman's back sweated. She almost subconsciously raised her head and held her face. She
understood Qin Yichen's meaning. He would make a toad tatoo on her face.

"I just care about you, I'm afraid you will be cockolded again. If you don't appreciate it, you can just
forget what I said. "

"I have no relation with you for a long time. I don't need your care. " Qin Yichen's voice was extremely
cold, as if the collision between the icicle and the icicle forced the temperature of the whole hall below

Mrs. Qin came over. Hearing this, she was very upset.

No matter what her daughter had done before, the blood relationship between the brother and sister
couldn't be cut off, and her son was so merciless.