Love in full bloom

Chapter 313 I Want to Have a Baby With You

Qin Yichen had not come to see her for a long time, as if he had forgotten her.

But she was not flustered because she knew that Qin Yichen needed her and would not abandon her.

Soon, he would come to see her.

During this time, it was Wei En who came in and out of here.

Qin Yichen had told that he should meet all her reasonable requirements.

But how could the material needs satisfy her?

She wanted his body and heart.

In the afternoon, Floweer had an international meeting. After lunch, Mo Qinyu went to the company.

The meeting lasted for two hours. When Mo Qinyu came out of the meeting room, she received a text
message, "Qinyu, I'll wait for you in Victoria afternoon tea restaurant, Shi Cong."

When she saw the two words "Shi Cong ", a sharp cold light flashed through her eyes.

After a few words with the secretary, she took Kai Luo to Victoria's afternoon tea restaurant.

The room booked by Shi Cong was in Rose Hall on the second floor.

She told Kai Luo to wait outside and went in by herself.

Inside sat a man, wearing sunglasses and a black mask. Seeing her, he took off his sunglasses and

It was not the first time for her to see this face, but she was still a little surprised. He was really similar
to Shi Cong.

It is impossible there are two people that look exactly the same in this world, except for Identical
triplets, but even if they were, such possibility is very low.

She absolutely did not believe that the man in front of her was A Cong, because A Cong was dead and
could not come back to life.

The person in front of her must be wearing a simulation mask, trying to pretend to be Shi Cong and
achieve the unknown purpose.

She took a breath in secret, and was very calm, "A Cong, will you stay in Jincheng all the time? "

"Wherever you are, I will be. " The man said seriously.

Mo Qinyu deliberately sat beside him and reached out to touch his face. She wanted to make sure that
he was wearing a mask.

His face was very soft, but slightly cool, and normal skin seemed to be a little different from this. Was
he really wearing a mask?

"A Cong, when will you take me away? "

The man reached out and tried to hold her hand, but she soon got up and sat in the opposite position.
She behaved naturally so that the man did not suspect that she was deliberately avoiding his touch.

The man didn't seem to think much, looking at her with a very gentle eyes. "When I think of a good
way, I will take you away. "

Mo Qinyu sighed, "Do you know that you are wanted by Qin Yichen in the whole city now? Don't be
caught by him. He could do anything. Maybe he will lock you in an iron cage, cut off your hands and
feet, cut off your eyes and tongue, cut off your ears and throw you into the pigsty to make your life a
living hell. " She blustered him on purpose to let him go.

But he didn't change his face and was not frightened by her words. Instead, he laughed, "I like to
challenge such an opponent. The more powerful and horrible he is, the more interesting it is. "

Mo Qinyu's dark eyes flickered slightly. Hearing this, she was almost sure that he was not Shi Cong.

Shicong was a gentle and elegant person. He would never say such arrogant and extremely conceited

She raised her hand and rubbed her forehead, pretending to have a headache.

Seeing this, the man asked, "Does it hurt again? "

"Well, every time I want to remember something, my head hurts. It's so hard. " She showed a look of

The handsome man's face became treacherous in a flash, "This is the sequela of concussion, and it
will recover slowly. "

She took a sip of tea, held her head on one hand and said in a low voice, "A Cong, there's something
that is confusing me. You say Xiaojun is our child, but why do they all say that Xiaojun is the child of a
man named Xu Ruochen? Xiaojun himself also says that his father is Xu Ruochen. What's the matter?

A muscle on the man's face twitched slightly, "Xiaojun is our child, of course, but I made a plot to
deceive the public and not let Qin Yichen know the truth. Therefore, Xu Ruochen became the
scapegoat. Qinyu, you must believe me. Don't believe what other people say. They are all with Qin
Yichen and want to cheat you. "

Mo Qinyu nodded without hesitation, "I know, a Cong, you are the most reliable person in the world and
I only believe in you. "

The man smiled. In his view, Mo Qinyu completely was in his control. His plan would go on smoothly.

When Mo Qinyu came out, she showed a sly sneer secretly.

She had recovered her memory. The reason why she still pretended to be losing her memory was that
she didn't want to the other party notice her and become vigilant.

The reason why this man dared to pretend to be Shi Cong was that he knew her past very well.

Being able to plan the kidnapping showed that the one behind this was not alone and they had a very
horrible background.