Love in full bloom

Chapter 312 Slandering

A news began to circulate in the celebrity circle that Mo Qinyu was missing because she was

She was tortured by the kidnappers. She not only was raped by him, but also got pregnant.

Qin Yichen was said to be cuckolded again.

It was spread widely and soon got to Mo Qinyu.

A cold light flashed through her eyes. She remembered that she had not done that thing with "Shi
Cong" .

She was innocent.

Qin Yichen naturally also heard the rumors.

Except for him and Mo Qinyu, only the kidnapper knew about it.

The one who spread the news was undoubtedly the kidnapper.

He sent someone to trace the source of the information and knew that that guy used QQ and his IP
address was in an unlicensed internet bar.

The other side was well prepared and would not be traced easily.

As soon as he got back to the villa, Mo Qinyu met him, "Qin Yichen, I am innocent and not insulted by
the kidnapper. Even if I lose my memory, I won't let others touch me casually. "

"I know." Qin Yichen held her shoulder and said in a sincere and firm voice. He had never doubted her

He knew that someone had ulterior motives and wanted to frame her and her baby.

He had made one mistake and would never make another.

The most important thing is that the baby was conceived in the villa at the top of the mountain in less
than a month. That's why they could make sure that they were not harmed by the medicine.

Mo Qinyu raised her hand and stroked her still flat stomach, "I'm afraid that man's target is my baby.
Maybe my pregnancy touched some people's nerves. "

Qin Yichen thought so, too. He swore that he would try his best to find out that bastard by all means
and tear him up.

In the evening, Mrs. Qin and Qin Yiman came here. As soon as Qin Yiman heard about this, she told
her mother that it was a good chance to deal with Mo Qinyu. How could she miss it?

Mrs. Qin's expression was very serious, "Yichen, tell me honestly, is it true that Mo Qinyu was
kidnapped? "

Qin Yichen frowned, "How can you believe this nonsense? "

"There are no waves without wind. No one will lie about kidnapping unless she was really kidnapped.
Besides, she disappeared for two and a half months and became a mystery. I have no reason not to
believe that she was really kidnapped. " Mrs. Qin retorted unhurriedly.

Qin Yiman turned pouted, "Yichen, it's no use trying to conceal it for her. You don't know how many
kidnappers have raped her. I'm afraid even she herself doesn't know whose baby it is. At that time, as
soon as gene identification comes out, it's you who are disgraced. It's better to divorce her early and
save your face. "

Mo Qinyu looked at the two and smiled coldly, "I'm clean and innocent. I'm not afraid of rumors. No one
can slander me. As for these rumors, people without brains will surely believe it . "

Qin Yiman glared at her, ferocious, "Who do you say has no brain? "

"Isn't it so obvious? " Mo Qinyu asked.

"As the woman of the Qin family, I have the obligation to protect the face of our family. If you want to do
something dirty to disgrace our family, I will naturally deal with him or her according to the family rules."
Mrs. Qin spoke.

"Which rule did I violate? " Mo Qinyu looked at her for a moment, with a very calm expression, without
any guilty conscience.

Mrs. Qin was shocked for a while. Even if Mo Qinyu was kidnapped, she was raped, not seducing other
men voluntarily. So, Mrs. Qin couldn't use any helpful family rules to punish her.

In her silence, Mo Qinyu's voice came again, "As the hostess of Qin family, you do not investigate the
source of rumors or severely punish the culprits who make rumors and damage my reputation. Instead,
you make a punitive expedition against me as if you have been sure that I was really kidnapped and
raped. Have you fulfilled your duty as the hostess? "

Her tone was a bit chilly, and Mrs. Qin seemed to be stung by a wasp, "I came here just to find out the
truth. "

Mo Qinyu shrugged, "The truth, I have already said it to Yichen. There is no need for me to say it again.

Mrs. Qin took a breath secretly, "Are you really pregnant? "

"No, I'm not pregnant. " Mo Qinyu said without hesitation. Since the last birthday of Mrs. Qin, the news
about her pregnancy has spread throughout the celebrity circle.

Qin Yichen had found out that it was Pang Xiaofan who had sent the news.

As for where Pang Xiaofan's information came from, she could guess without any thinking.

Now, someone has begun to target her child. She must keep this secret and firmly deny the news of

Qin Yiman gave her a bad look, "You are not sure who the father of the child is, so you dare not admit
it? "

Before she had finished speaking, Qin Yichen jumped up from the sofa and grabbed her by the neck,
"Qin Yichen, don't think that I don't know that it is you who told Pang Xiaofan all the rumors about my
wife's pregnancy. Whether she is pregnant or not has nothing to do with you. Get out of here now, or I
will teach a lesson named 'Don't put your finger into another's pie' . "

With a little strength of his fingers, Qin Yiman's tongue came out, almost suffocating.