Love in full bloom

Chapter 302: I don't remember anything

Ru Chen knew that Qin Yichen had taken Mo Qinyu away, so his happiness lasted only a few days.

He had been preparing for the wedding, wishing for her to be his wife, if only for one day.

The masked man's voice came over the phone, speaking in a soothing tone. "Don't worry, as I can get
her back for you."

Ru Chen sneered. "You'd better save yourself first, since Qin Yichen is not easy to mess with."

"How can I be afraid of him? I just love to do the impossible things." The masked man laughed, his
laughter sounding wild.

The corners of Ru Chen's mouth twitched. "How can Mo Qinyu restore her memory?"

"That would be difficult." The masked man smacked his lips. The reason for Mo Qinyu's memory loss
was not only by the influence of drugs, but also by the hypnotic effect, so Mo Qinyu was unable to
restore memory if only relied on drug therapy .

Ru Chen did not know whether to be happy or worried, because he did not want Mo Qinyu to restore
memory in his heart, as only by making her forget Qin Yichen and Xu Ruochen could she come back to

"Who are you? What is your purpose?"

"As I said, I just wanted to help you." The masked man said without hesitation.

Ru Chen was not stupid enough to believe such lies. "We're not related, so why are you helping me?"

"I'm naturally helpful." The masked man smiled eerily.

Ru Chen snorted coldly. "Sorry, I like to do everything on my own, so I don't need your help."

"I'm the opposite of you, as the more you don't want me to help you, the more I want to help you. So I
will always help you, and I will surely let Mo Qinyu come back to you." The masked man finished
speaking, hung up the phone.

Ru Chen frowning, he couldn't figure out what the masked man wanted, and what did the masked man
want by doing this?

The masked man wasn't just playing with them for fun, was he?

The hilltop villa

Xiao Naibao rested his head on Qin Yichen's lap, his little face looking worried.

"Dad devil, when will mammy get her memory back?"

Qin Yichen caressed his head. "Mommy's in therapy and I'm sure she'll get her memory back soon."

Xiao Naibao clenched his little fist. "Who the devil did this to mammy? That's outrageous! Dad devil,
you must find him, avenge mammy, and you must not spare him."

A sharp, cold light flashed through Qin Yichen's eyes.

Of course he wouldn't let the man go. Even if he had to dig deep, he would dig the man out, making the
man feel miserable.

Mo Qinyu came down from upstairs.

Qin Yichen had not mentioned Xu Ruochen to her, nor was he going to, since if she could forget Xu
Ruochen, it would be best for him.

Therefore, in the eyes of Mo Qinyu, Xiao Naibao was the biological child of her and Qin Yichen.

As she walked downstairs, Xiao Naibao got up from the couch and went up to her, hugging her.

"Mommy, do you want to play Monopoly game with us?"

Although she did not remember the child, his little voice aroused all maternal feelings in her.

She bent down, kissing his pink little face.

Xiao Naibao certainly looked like her, but whether Qin Yichen had lied or not, and whether Xiao Naibao
was really her son, that's still unknown.

After all, there were people in the world who looked exactly like each other.

Wasn’t there one child who looked exactly like Jack Ma?

But she didn't show it, she just smiling. "You want to play Monopoly game. All right, mommy's playing
with you."

Xiao Naibao went to get the chess happily, the three of them playing the game until nine o 'clock.

After Mo Qinyu took Xiao Naibao to bed to sleep, she went to take a bath.

When she came out, she put on a white nightgown, looking innocent and charming.

As soon as Qin Yichen saw this, he became sexually aroused.

During this period of time, he never had sex with her once.

At night, she also slept alone.

Tonight he was not going to hold back any more. She was his wife, so whether she restored her
memory or not, she had to learn to accept him again.

"I...I'm going to bed, so can you go out?"

He shrugged. "No, as I'm your husband, of course we'll sleep together."

A wave of heat seemed to rush from her neck to her scalp, making her look like a red, cooked shrimp.

"You......Don't touch me and I want to sleep alone. Please go out. "

She had hardly spoken when he picked her up, putting her on the bed.

She panicked, beating him hard on the shoulder. "Let me go. I don't want to do this."

"I want to do this." Looking overbearing and powerful, he grabbed her wrists and pressed them against
the top of her head.

In this respect, he had always had sex with her whenever he wanted while she had no right to refuse
him but to accept him.

She was trembling with fear, and as she couldn't move her hand, she kicked him on the leg. "I don't
remember anything. Leave me alone, and don't touch me."

"I am your husband and I have the right to have sex with you."

"I'll be gentle with you, so don't be afraid." His tone sounded reassuring.

But her terror did not go away, while her whole body was shaking, she looking as if she were a fallen
leaf swept by the cold wind.

"Please, leave me alone." Tears welled up in her eyes.