Love in full bloom

Chapter 300 Suddenly “missing”.

“Mum used to tell me when she was on a business trip but she said nothing when she left the day
before yesterday and said she would come back to play with me at night.” Xiao Naibao rubbed his eyes
and felt a little frustrated.

“Young master, your mum must be in a hurry and didn’t have time to tell you.” The nanny comforted.

Xiao Naibao frowned and he thought that her mum would make a phone call or text him even if she
was in a hurry, but she disappeared suddenly, which was not her style.

He was going to ask his demon dad that where his mum had gone.

On the island.

After she coming out of the bathroom, Mo Qinyu was held in Ru Chen’s arms and walked into the

“Qinyu, could you be my lady today?”

She shyly bowed her head and blushed, “I’m yours.” Her voice was very low and as low as a mosquito
but Ru Chen heard it, which made him excited and impatiently pressed her under his body.

Her body was so beautiful and exquisite.

He felt his blood vessels dilate and the adrenaline surged to a critical value.

“Qinyu, you are so beautiful.” His slender fingers penetrated into her skirt and as soon as he held the
thin layer of cover and wanted to take off, a severe headache came towards to her, making her unable
to resist moaned, “oh my head hurts.”

He immediately stopped and took a deep breath while he sat up, “I’ll get painkillers for you.”

She frowned and felt very uncomfortable, finally fell asleep after taking the painkillers.

Ru Chen was a bit lost, he wanted to own her and wanted to be her man. But he generally discovered
that her headache was not accidental, she felt hurts as long as he wanted to enter her body.

The masked man left a phone number for him as he left. Ru Chen picked up the phone and dialed the

The call was connected quickly and a lazy voice came from the microphone, “Did you get her?”

“She often has headaches, what the hell did you do to her?”

“Forcefully severing memory would leave a sequela and you need to get used to it.” The masked man

“Don’t you give her poison?” Ru Chen said angrily.

“How could I do that? She wouldn’t have any problems even if she was pregnant.” The masked man
said with absolute certainty, “If you could make her get pregnant these days, just do it and don’t fret.”

It was Ru Chen wanted and child was the crystallization of love for them but he couldn’t touch her at all.

After hanging up the call, he decided to plan a small wedding.

Marrying her was his greatest wish in his life and it was possible to come true now.

Mo Qinyu sat on the bench and played with the ring on her ring finger. For her, it was a wedding ring
given to her by Shi Cong.

Ru Chen wanted her to take the ring but he couldn’t find a suitable excuse, so he could only keep her
wearing it.

At midnight, Ru Chen quietly left the island and went to the neighboring town to prepare for their
wedding. After Mo Qinyu got up, she was bored and took a speedboat with a Filipino maid to play on
the sea.

They are getting farther and farther from the island and a sailboat sailed in the middle of the sea. There
was a man and a woman on the boat and the man noticed her quickly, “Isn’t that Mrs. Qin?”

“Oh? It’s pretty similar but how could she come to here?” the woman said.

“Well, let’s go to say hello.” The man drove the boat over, “Mrs. Qin, are you here on vacation? Didn’t
Mr. Qin be with you?” the man asked with a smile and a flattering tone.

But Mo Qinyu couldn’t understand them at all, “Sorry, are you talking to me? I’m not Mrs. Qin.” She
quickly asked the maid to drive the boat back.

Shi Cong told her not to leave the island, she should take a yacht out to play.

The man and the woman were surprised and confused and the woman took a photo, “Maybe she is not
Mrs. Qin, just look like her.”

“Maybe.” The man shrugged and set the boat in the other direction.

When they back on the island, Mo Qinyu didn’t pay attention to what had just happened. In her opinion,
they just recognized her as someone else.

She was full of excitement and joy when she thought of the wedding with Ru Chen, she wanted to be
with Shi Cong forever and never be separated.

At this time, in Jin city.

Qin Yichen was so anxious that he had searched the whole city and all the surrounding cities, even
searched Jiang city but there was still no news of Mo Qinyu. They hadn’t quarreled and he hadn’t done
anything to offend her, so she couldn’t run away from home.

But where did she go? What happened? Was it dangerous?

Thinking of her being in an unthinkable danger, which made him feel terribly uncomfortable.

Finn came to him. “Boss, someone found that there was a lady who was similar to Mrs. Qin in the

“Go to the Acropolis right way.” Qin Yichen jumped from his chair, regardless of the news was true or
not, as long as there was a glimmer of hope, he would look for it. He didn’t stop for a moment after
arriving at the Acropolis and jumped into the boat directly. Finn looked at the nearby waters, where
there was only one small island, which was privately owned. The masked man set up a defense system
on the island. As soon as Qin Yichen got ashore, the alarm sounded. Upon hearing the alarm, the
Filipino maid ran out of the house and jumped into the sea from the other side of the island. Mo Qinyu
didn’t know it was an alarm. She closed the window and slept soundly.

She woke up when the door was pushed open. Seeing the strange man who broke in, she was terrified
and clutched the quilt tightly, “Who are you? What are you going to do?”

Qin Yichen shook, “What? Tell me, what’s wrong with you? What happened to you these past few
days? Why would you come here alone?”

Mo Qinyu looked at him in fear and blankness. But she didn’t know why she saw him, there would be a
voice in her head: he was the person you hate the most and you must stay away from him.

“Who the hell are you? Why are you in my house?”

Qin Yichen was confused.

She was a stupid woman, her breath could be felt by closing her eyes, but how could she be like this
just a few days?

She didn’t know him at all.

“Boss, let’s take Mrs. Qin away first.” Finn reminded.

Qin Yichen nodded, trying to pick up her on the bed, but she used a force to push him away, “Don’t
touch me!”