Love in full bloom

Chapter 307: Is That Guy Insane?

Ru Chen shook violently. "Tell me, where is she?"

"Be quiet and restless, you have to wait for the good news, and leave everything else to me," said the
mask man.

Ru Chen was frantic, and his voice was unconsciously raised. "My business is not up to you. You'd
better be honest, otherwise don't blame me."

Instead of being afraid, the masked man laughed, "I told you, whether you want it or not, I'll charge all
of your business."

Ru Chen's angry, "what's wrong with you?"

The mask man grinned, "Really, my life has been so boring lately, I couldn't find anything interesting to
do, and then I thought of you. I wanted to know how you were doing. I didn't expect such a miserable,
you even lost your most beloved woman. I still have responsibility for your tragedy, so I decided to help
you. With this plan, I found that this thing is very interesting and funny, and can also be against Qin
Yichen this guy. Challenge him is also a kind of extreme sports. I like this kind of stimulation most. So
don’t stop me. It ’s useless. No matter what method I use, I will help you get the beauty back. ”

Ru Chen was speechless.

This was the funniest and craziest joke he had ever heard.

Was this guy a lunatic?

"If you are really boring, you can try to pursue a married woman. If you are boring, you can try to
pursue a concubine, which is more exciting, funny, and challenging."

The man in the mask sighed, "I have done this kind of thing for a long time, and it is not challenging at
all. Some women look graceful and luxurious, conservative and reserved, actually they are dissolute.
They can be seduced with a little trick. The most special woman I have ever seen is that beauty, she is
pure and pleasant in appearance, and stubborn in heart. Only such a woman is challenging. "

Ru Chen's face twitched. "Don't you want to seduce her too? If you dare to touch her, I will kill you."

"Relax, I won't do that, I am very principled." The mask man said in a lazy tone.

Ru Chen really couldn't think of what he was going to do. He was in the bright and the enemy was in
the dark, so he had to wait and see what would be going on.

Uh ...

In order to let Qin Yichen open the "cage" and let herself go out, Mo Qinyu showed docileness in the
past two days, and she even actively served him.

"You have to be so good all the time." He kissed her forehead pettifully.

"Don't you say I have a jewellery company? Will I be able to go to work tomorrow?" She asked
carefully, during which time, the Flower business was handed over to her vice president.

Qin Yichen's dark eyes blinked quietly in the night, "You can go out, but Kai Luo must stay close to

"I see, she's my bodyguard." She blinked, and a sly smile was raised in the corner of her mouth.

In the afternoon, Qin Yichen took them back to the lakeside villa, and the family education of the little
boy was officially resumed.

Mo Qinyu "disappeared" for two months, and the celebrity circle was speculative, especially Xu

He hadn't seen Mo Qinyu and his child for more than two months.

However, the Xu group's business was busy recently. He was still in Southeast Asia and had no way to

So he can only have a FaceTime with his son.

Qin Yichen said that the little boy should not tell him that his mother lost her memories and the little boy

If Dad knew that Mommy had amnesia and did not know him, he must be sad. He didn't want Dad to be

Although the old lady rarely went out, she still heard something. She called her grandson at night and
asked him to take Mo Qinyu and her child home for dinner.

In order to keep Mo Qinyu from showing traces, Qin Yichen showed her pictures of the whole family
and familiarized her with the entire Qin family.

Although she lost her memory, Mo Qinyu hadn't become stupid. By simply getting along, she can guess
her relationship with her in-laws.

The old lady, father-in-law, mother-in-law and her husband's younger sister got along with her
harmoniously, while her another mother-in-law and her husband's older sister were very unfriendly to

Especially Qin Yiman. When she came, Qin Yichen was outspoken. They were deadly enemies, and
she should keep alert.

When Qin Yiman saw Mo Qinyu, she said, "You guys are arguing again. Are you worried that this
woman will do the same thing again, and then run away with another man, so you lock her up?"

Then she was interrupted by Qin Yichen sharply, "If you don't say anything, nobody thinks you are

Mo Qinyu was shocked.

She got two messages. One was that she eloped with others, which was definitely not a recent
incident. The second was that people in the Qin family knww that Xiaojun was not a child of Qin

So Qin Yichen certainly knew that.

Why did Acong say that Qin Yichen didn't know that?

When she got along with him during this time, she could see that Qin Yichen was sincerely good to the
child and treated him as if Xiaojun was his own child.

Was he really good to her and liked her so much, so forgive her and accept her child with others?

Thinking of this, she was surprised.

Even an ordinary man cannot tolerate his wife's cheat and give birth.

A lofty and noble man like Qin Yichen, can a man of all ages really endure it?

She looked at the old lady and father-in-law, they were all very kind to the child. It didn't seem to blame
her for this incident, and hostile to the child.

The first family in the East was really different from others. They had the generosity that ordinary
families did not?

The old lady held the grandson's hand. "Yichen, you and Qinyu experienced so many difficulties and
reunite, so you should cherish each other."

Qin Yichen curved his corner of his mouth, "Grandma, please rest assured, we are fine. During this
time, the two of us are preparing for our second child, we are not quarreling."

Hearing this, the old lady was happy. "Is she pregnant?"

"I don't know yet, but if a woman is pregnant, shouldn't she keep it secret for the first three months?"
Qin Yichen's thin lips opened an evil arc of laughter.

The old lady smiled and did not speak any more.

If she did want to know that if she was pregnant or not, she'll check that in person and she'll got the

This time, she had to keep a tight watch, and no one can hurt her baby again.

She and Qin Yichen seem to be laughing and talking. Mo Qinyu sat aside, and she was so nervous.

Oh my god, in the past two months, except for her special days, Qin Yichen hadn't let go of her all day,
was it to make her pregnant?

She was so stupid that she didn't think of it at all, nor did she take any defense measures.

Was she pregnant?