Love in full bloom

Chapter 306: Is A Cong Really Dead?

"Xiaowu, I want to ask you something, and I hope that you can tell me the truth honestly, you can't hide
anything from me." She said very concisely.

Mo Xiaowu shrugged. "Qinyu, as long as I know, I will tell everything, and strive to help you restore
your memory sooner."

Mo Qinyu held up the tea cup on the table, took a sip, and started the next topic, "Is Acong really

Mo Xiaowu lowered his eyes, and there was a pain in his face. "Qinyu, you are married, just forget
him. I think he is in heaven, hopes you can forget him and live a happy life . "

Mo Qinyu's hand holding the tea cup tightened slightly, and it seemed that her brother thought Shi
Cong was dead too.

"Why would I marry Qin Yichen?"

Mo Xiaowu smiled. "You instead of the cousin. The Mo family has your two daughters. She fled the
marriage. You can only instead her and married Qin Yichen."

Mo Qinyu was nervous, because his words were consistent with Qin Yichen's.

"Why did't Mo Mengshan want to marry him? She should be very happy to do that."

Mo Xiaowu told her about the reason. "Someone told her that brother-in-law weighs 260 pounds,
and has bald heads, with unbalanced eyebrows, mouse eyes, he's a total big fat man, and has many
horrible quirks. The most important thing is that he is gay and prefers men. Can Mo Mengshan not be
scared away? "

Mo Qinyu stunned fiercely, who's it, fierce enough, Mo Mengshan must be scared enough.

"Xiaowu, didn't you lie to me?"

"Sister, I am your brother, how can I lie to you like this? You don’t know that Mo Mengshan regretted
so much, and tried to intervene in your marriage as a mistress and drive you away. Then she could be
Qin Yichen's wife. "Mo Xiaowu sneered.

Mo Qinyu looked that he's so serious, it seemed that he wasn't lying.

So Qin Yichen was telling the truth, but was Acong lying to her?

Why did Acong do this?

"Do I like Qin Yichen?"

Mo Xiaowu was speechless, and coughed several times before breathing down.

How should he answer this question?

Brother-in-law, Xu Ruochen, Shi Cong.

The position of these three men in her heart was so important that he could not understand their
business at all.

Maybe even his sister herself never figured it out.

"Sister, don't be too entangled. Although you have lost memory, you husband is still your husband.
You can live with him with peace of mind, and don't think about other people and things."

Mo Qinyu did not agree with him.

Without Shi Cong, she might do it.

But Shi Cong was still alive, it wouldn't work.

She can't go against her original intention, Shi Cong was her childhood friend, her first love.

Since he was still alive and not dead, she cannot accept other men calmly, even if he had become
her husband.

"Xiaowu, I want to tell you one thing, you must not tell Qin Yichen." She half-covered her mouth and
said very softly.

"What's the matter?" Mo Xiaowu asked quickly.

Mo Qinyu made her voice even lower, as if she was breathing down, "Acong is not dead, he is still

Mo Xiaowu shook violently and opened his mouth slightly. He wanted to ask it more, but he just
turned his eyes, he seemed to think something, and quickly said, "Sister, shouldn't you regard Ru Chen
as Shi Cong? Although he looks almost the same as Shi Cong, he is not Shi Cong, he's the young
master of the Ru Family. He is your brother. "

When his sister was awake, of course it was easy to distinguish Ru Chen and Shi Cong, but after her
memory loss, her mind was confused and it was normal to confuse the two.

Mo Qinyu widened her eyes in surprise, "Xiaowu, what do you mean? Someone looks exactly like
Shi Cong?"

Mo Xiaowu nodded, "Yeah, don't you even remember him?"

Mo Qinyu's mind was a bit confused, as if entangled with a group of chaos.

Could it be that the Shi Cong she saw was fake?

Thinking of it, but she still denied.

Although she lost her memory, she was still familiar with Acong. On the island, his words and deeds
were like Acong, unlike anyone else. It was a little strange when he came and pretended as a courier
that day.

But to judge the truth, she still had to see Ru Chen in person.

"Xiaowu, I can't believe anyone now, I only trust you, you are my brother, you must not lie to me,

"Of course, sister, no matter what happens, I will be towards you." Mo Xiaowu patted his chest and said

After he left, Mo Qinyu went upstairs to find Qin Yichen, who was playing chess with the little boy on
the terrace.

Acong said that the little boy was his child.

But for some reason, the little boy frowned slightly, he's thinking a question, surprisingly he looked
similar to Qin Yichen.

Looking from a distance, they were like father and son.

She rubbed her eyes, not thinking much, just as her own illusion.

Although the little was very young, but the IQ was high, he was very good at playing chess, he's a
master, but Qin Yichen was smart too, he moved step by step carefully.

And the little boy had not yet reached the level.

Seeing her coming, Qin Yichen stopped, kept the game, and asked the babysitter to bring him back
to the room, and they would continue to play it tomorrow.

Mo Qinyu went to the bar and poured two glasses of zero cocktails and handed one to him.

In their marriage, he didn't lie to her, and she didn't know if it was good or bad.

Qin Yichen took a sip of wine and slowly opened his lips. "Xiaowu left?"

"He's going to the hospital and can't stay for dinner." She said lightly.

Qin Yichen nodded slightly, without speaking.

She shook the wine in the glass, raised her eyes and looked at him, "Would you not lock me up here? I
want to go out and see my old friends."

"What old friend?" Qin Yichen raised an eyebrow.

Mo Qinyu shrugged. "Life is alive, there must be a few friends, but what I said is my god brother Ru
Chen. I heard Xiaowu said that he looks exactly like Shi Cong."

Qin Yichen frowned, "Why did you suddenly want to see him?"

"Just curiosity." She pursed.

Qin Yichen's thin lips froze slightly, with a little coldness, "Find some time, I will take you out for a

At this time, in Yangcheng and Ru Chen was still in the office.

He wasn't working, just lying on a chair and staring at the ceiling in a daze.

Suddenly the phone rang.

It came from the mask man.

"I have found your beauty."

Ru Chen's eyes brightened, "Where is she?"

"I've seen her for you." The masker laughed at the other end of the phone.