Love in full bloom

Chapter 305: How could possibly like you

When he returned to the bedside, his expression softened a little. "You can't think like you did before,
so I don't blame you. When you restore your memory, you won't think that way."

She raised the corners of her mouth, sneering. "Haven't you heard of that? Nothing forcibly done is
going to be agreeable, while there can be no happiness in a forced marriage."

A flash of fire passing through Qin Yichen's eyes, his handsome face seemed to cover her face, he
staring at her with fierce anger. "We are... "He tried to say something, but suddenly stopped. He
suppressed his anger cunningly, looking playful and joking. "Do you think I forced you to marry me?"

"Isn't that so?" She pursed her lips.

"Of course not, I don't know if you remember, but there was an engagement between the Mo's and the
Qin's, and the person who should have married me was your cousin, Mo Mengshan, but she ran away
on purpose, so you married me instead of her. You liked me the first night you came to the Qin's, when
we first met. You courted me, as every night you kneel on my leg, put your hands around my thigh, sing
Conquer to me, and beg I love you. I am so disturbed by your intrusion that I can only reluctantly
accept you as my wife."

He sighed, looking as if he had been forced.

She shaking violently, and her mouth opening in an O shape in utter amazement, it took her a long time
to wake up. "That's impossible."

Qin Yichen taking out the phone, found the audio that had been recorded before. "To be conquered by
you, to drink the poison you hid...Of being handsome, my husband is more handsome than anyone in
the world. Of being outstanding, my husband, Qin Yichen, is better than the rest of us, so I will kneel
down to sing Conquer every day, making him know my love for him. Dear husband, you must not
abandon me, as I will serve you like the maid. My man, all I can think of is you, so you can torture me

and trample on me, as long as you don't abandon me. I will do anything for you...I am absolutely true to
you, unless I have no heart. No, even if I have no heart, I will create a heart for you, my dear

Once upon a time, when she was kneeling and singing Conquer, he secretly recorded it.

He didn't think it would turn out to be useful.

Mo Qinyu looking stunned, she could hardly believe that this was what she had said. But it did sound
like her own voice, so there could be no mistake.

What the hell was going on?

Shi Cong has said that she was forced to marry Qin Yichen and she didn't love Qin Yichen at all, so
how could she possibly say that to him?

"What did you do to force me to say something so obsequious and disgusting?"

"I didn't do anything, as you said these things to me of your own free will. If you get your memory back,
you'll remember it all. As the saying goes, absolute sincerity will move a heart of stone. You love me
with all your heart and soul, so I am finally moved by you, I accepting you reluctantly. You hate me so
much now, but if I do leave you, when you think of it, you will regret it so much. You have sworn before
God that if I abandon you, you will become a nun, living as a vegetarian all your life in the temple, and
you'll be alone for the rest of your life."

Mo Qinyu was so surprised that she could not speak, her eyes seeming to look bigger than the brass

"The person I like is Shi Cong, so how can I possibly like you?"

Qin Yichen raised the corners of his thin lips with an evil smile. "I had everything that made you fall in
love with me at first sight, so isn't it normal for you to like me?"

Mo Qinyu could not deny this.

He was perfect, handsome, and had all the qualities that made women crazy about him, he looking

However, she was already with Shi Cong, so why did she change her mind and like Qin Yichen?

"You're charming, but I'm already with Shi Cong, and I'm a very dedicated person, so I wouldn’t have a
new sweetheart."

He took her by the shoulder. "You only have memories of seven years ago, but Shi Cong died in a car
accident when you were a freshman. People should look to the future, so it's normal for you to start a
new relationship."

A gleam of surprise passed through her eyes. "I've known you since I was a freshman?"

Qin Yichen's dark and icy eyes flickered faintly in the light. "When we met, you had graduated from

Mo Qinyu shook violently.

There were many, many contradictions between his words and Shi Cong's.

Shi Cong said that Qin Yichen was trying to possess her and separate them, so Qin Yichen sent
assassins to kill him, while he had to pretend to be dead.

While according to Qin Yichen, she married Qin Yichen in place of Mo Mengshan because of an
engagement, while Shi Cong was already dead when she married Qin Yichen.

Since Shi Cong and her grew up together, Shi Cong was the person she knew best and trusted most,
and he was impossible to cheat her.

But Qin Yichen did not seem to be lying, either, judging by his serious and calm expression.

Who should she trust?

"Qin Yichen, I don't want to stay here all the time. As I'm not your canary in a cage, why do you keep
me at home every day? I'm going out for a walk."

If she stayed in the house all day, she couldn’t figure out the truth, even if she's trying to think all the
time. So she's going to ask someone else.

Qin Yichen seemed to read her mind, saying in a low voice. "Tomorrow I'll send Mo Xiaowu, your
brother, over to see you, as I think you want to see him."

“Mo Xiaowu?” Mo Qinyu scratched her head unconsciously, she vaguely remembering that. She did
have a brother, Mo Xiaowu, who was still in high school.

"Mo Xiaowu is supposed to study in high school in Jiang city. How did he come to Jin city?"

Qin Yichen sighing, it seemed that he have guessed correctly that she really only had memories of
seven years ago, when Shi Cong was still alive.

"Your brother and Shi Cong had a car accident together. Shi Cong fell off a bridge and died, while your
brother lay unconsciously in bed for three years. Your brother finally came to himself after his surgery in
the United States, and then he finished his undergraduate studies at Jin city medical university. Your
brother is now an intern at The First People's Hospital of Jin city."

In a declarative tone, he just seemed to be telling the fact without any emotion.

A light seeming to flash in Mo Qinyu's mind, she really seemed to have forgotten a lot of things.

She must see her brother, as he wouldn't lie to her.

Qin Yichen called Mo Xiaowu.

In the afternoon, Mo Xiaowu came by.

He didn't expect that after only a few days, his sister lost her memory and she didn't even know his
brother-in-law and Xu Ruochen.

Qin Yichen kept telling him not to mention Xu Ruochen. Since he knew that it was like a thorn in Qin
Yichen's heart, and Qin Yichen would not willing to touch it, he agreed to Qin Yichen without hesitation.

Mo Qinyu did not think that his brother had grown up, since in her mind, her brother had not yet grown
up, just like a child.

"Mo Xiaowu, I didn't know you were grown up."

When Mo Xiaowu heard this, he frowned anxiously. His sister really lost her memory, as she could
hardly remember anything that had happened in the past seven years.

Mo Qinyu took him to the back garden, they avoiding Qin Yichen.