Love in full bloom

Chapter 304 Qin Yichen Is a Beast

The iron gate of the villa could only be opened by Qin Yichen. She could only receive express delivery
through the door.

She was startled when the man took off his helmet.

It turned out to be Shi Cong.

"A Cong, is it really you? " She reached out her hand from the gate and stroked his face to make sure
whether he was real or her own illusion.

"Qinyu, has Qin Yichen, that bastard locked you up? " The man gnashed the teeth in anger.

She lowered her head and a tear fell down from her eyes.

A vicious cold light flashed from the man's eyes, "I am not your illusion. I am not dead. Qin Yichen is a
bastard. He tries to break us up. Don't believe anything he says. "

Her heart felt so pain, "Is he really my husband? "

The man showed a treacherous face in a flash, "He has great power and wants to kill me. You were
forced to marry him just to save me. "

Mo Qinyu felt like being hit by the thunder. Her head was buzzing, "He always said you were dead. I
don't know whether you are real or my illusion. "

The man showed a sad look, "In the eyes of him and others, I'm really dead. He hired a professional
killer to kill me, I had to pretend to be dead to escape his persecution. Qinyu, he is a very terrible
person. He does everything by any means and is as wicked as possible. You must not tell him that you
have met me. If he knew I wasn't dead, he would surely ask someone to kill me. Besides, don't believe

any of his words. He wants to deceive you and let you follow him willingly when you lose your memory.

Mo Qinyu couldn't believe what she heard.

She tried to remember something, but nothing.

Her head began to hurt again, which made her bend down and gasp heavily. She didn't let herself
suffocate for the pain.

"Why are you... Why don't you tell me earlier? "

"I managed to take you out. You didn't want to keep this terrible memory, so you took medicine secretly
without letting me know and forced yourself to forget. How could I touch your scar again? " The man
sighed heavily.

She clutched the iron railing on the door and clenched her fingers. Strong indignation rose from her

Qin Yichen had said that her brain was damaged by the medicine. It turned out that she took the
medicine herself.

"What about Xiaojun? Is he the child of Qin Yichen and me? "

The man waved his hand, "Of course not. He is our child but Qin Yichen didn't know. He thought it was
his child. You must not let him know the secret, or Xiaojun will be in danger. "

Mo Qinyu was shocked, and her whole body felt the violent convulsion, "What should we do now? How
can I leave that devil? "

The man's hand reached out from the iron fence and held her hand, "I will try to save you. You should
remember my words. Don't believe Qin Yichen. Don't believe a single word of him. "

He was very clear that because of the damage of drugs, her brain had been confused, and there was
no way to think calmly and wisely. It was the best time for him to confuse black and white.

He wanted her to hate Qin Yichen and treat him as an enemy, so that they could be separated

Seeing the female bodyguard coming out, the man quickly put on his helmet, "I'm leaving, Qinyu. Wait
for me to come back to save you. "

He rode the motorcycle and left quickly to avoid being seen by the bodyguards.

Gazing at his far back, Mo Qinyu fell to the ground.

She didn't doubt his words, because he was Shi Cong, a childhood sweetheart with her, and he
couldn't cheat her.

But Qin Yichen, really was a devil, an existent devil in this world.

It was evening when Qin Yichen came back.

Opening the door, he found that Mo Qinyu was not in it. But according to the messy traces on the bed,
she should have just slept.

He was about to go out when he saw a slight quiver in the wardrobe and a strange wry smile is hung
on his face.

Opening the closet, he saw that Mo Qinyu curled up in it and buried her head in his knee, like an
ostrich trying to hide herself.

"What are you doing here? " He was speechless.

She raised her head slightly and looked at him with fear and hostility in her eyes, "I just want to avoid
you, the devil. "

Qin Yichen frowned, grabbed her hand and gently pulled her out.

"If I'm really a devil, it's no use hiding anywhere."

"If you touch me again, I will die in front of you. I will bite my tongue and commit suicide. " She grasped
the collar fiercely.

This word angered the man in front of her. He picked her up and threw her on the bed. Then he
pressed her under his body.

Her resistance seemed to be getting heavier than before.

This showed that her situation was not getting better, but more serious.

Why couldn't she just think of him at all in two months? And why did she remember a lot about Shi

Is this to make him PK with the dead man?

"If you want to forget it, you should forget it thoroughly and forget Shi Cong as well. "

She glared at him fiercely full of anger, "A Cong is my favorite man. I will never forget him, and you are
the most disgusting and horrible devil. I would like to forget you completely. "

The blue tendons on his forehead burst and rolled, and he looked hurt so much in a flash.

Because she did not love him, she forgot him?

Until now, in her heart, he still had no place.

"Mo Qinyu, Shi Cong is dead. I am real. Why would you rather remember a dead person than accept
me well? "

A Cong was not dead. He was still alive!

She cried in her heart, but did not dare to say a word, because A Cong had told her never to tell Qin
Yichen the news that he was still alive, otherwise it would bring him the disaster of being killed again.

"Even if he died, I only love him. " She said it firmly, without any wavering.

She would never like such a despicable, tyrannical and terrible devil as Qin Yichen.

Qin Yichen took a deep breath, jumped out of bed and rushed to the window.

He needed to breathe some fresh air, let the cold wind cool him down.

Maybe things were not as bad as she imagined. She is just so stubborn because she lost her memory
and forgot him.

After coming back from the United States, she hardly mentioned Shi Cong again. In her mind, Xu
Ruochen's position might have already surpassed Shi Cong's.

She also had forgot Xu Ruochen, which showed that who she forgot probably had nothing to do with
how deep her love was with him.