Love in full bloom

Chapter 301 My Lover Has Gone

Qin Yichen felt as if a knife were piercing his heart. Regardless of whether she was willing or not, he
picked her up by force and walked out.

She kicked desperately, trying to break free, "Let go of me. You are kidnapping me. I will call the police.

Qin Yichen had no choice but to tie her up with a rope. When she couldn't move, she shouted, "Help.
Somebody help me! "

Qin Yichen looked at the woman in his arms. He got confused and got on the helicopter. He didn't stop
for a moment and went straight to Longcheng.

Getting off the plane, he took her to the hospital immediately.

The doctor examined her and found scopolamine in her blood.

This is a kind of central nervous inhibitor, which has great damage to human memory.

Qin Yichen looked very gloomy, a murderous look appearing on his face.

"Stupid woman, who are you with these days? "

Mo Qinyu turned her head away. This man looked terrible. He looks like a Shura demon coming out of
hell. He was likely to hurt A Cong.

So she couldn't say a word.

"If I have offended you before, I can apologize to you, and you let me go, OK? "

Seeing that she has a strong sense of vigilance, Qin Yichen tried to say in a gentle voice, "Qinyu, your
memory is damaged now, and the doctor will try to help you recover. "

She rubbed her aching temples, "I fell on my head and had a concussion, so I lost my memory. "

Qin Yichen quickly held her head and looked around, "Where did it hit? Does it still hurt? "

"I don't know. It's the Philippine maid who told me. " She deliberately didn't tell Shi Cong, but changed
into a Philippine servant.

"Is there anyone else on the island besides the Philippine maids? " Qin Yichen asked.

"No. " She shook her head, "When I woke up, there was only one Philippine maid by my side. "

Qin Yichen's dark ice eyes flashed a cold and sinister light. He had sent someone to search for the
Philippine servant and listed him as wanted. When he found the son of b**ch, he would tear her to

Mo Qinyu curled up and looked at him with a little shudder, "Who are you? Why should I be arrested? "

Qin Yichen hugged her shoulder, "I'm your husband. " He spoke slowly and clearly, word by word.

She had a violent convulsion all over her body, and was extremely frightened, "It's impossible. I have
someone I like. The one I want to marry is A Cong. I can't marry you. "

Qin Yichen's heart is down suddenly. Unexpectedly, she still remembered A Cong.

"Your memory is still seven years ago. A Cong has passed away. "

Before he finished speaking, Mo Qinyu jumped up, "Stop talking nonsense. A Cong is still alive. He
lives well. "

"If you don't believe it, tomorrow I'll take you back to Jiangcheng and go to the cemetery to worship
him. " Qin Yichen said it with great solemnity.

Mo Qinyu covered her ears, "No way. I don't want to hear you. You are a liar. " How could A Chong
die? They had met the day before yesterday. He was going to have a wedding with her.

Qin Yichen grabbed her hand and forced her to look up at him, "Someone has injected you with drugs
that damages the central nervous system, which not only makes you lose your memory, but also may
produce hallucinations. So no matter what you see and hear on the island during this time, you should
tell me and I will judge for you whether it is true or not. I will help you to distinguish it. "


She was shocked.

Was A Cong just her illusion and was not real?

Thinking of this, she shook her head hard again. No, no, no, it must be this guy who was lying to her.

He was a liar, a kidnapper, and she couldn't believe a single word of what he said.

Doctors gave her drugs to repair brain cells, which could help her recover her memory.

After staying in the hospital for one night, it was determined that there were no other problems with her
body. Qin Yichen went through the discharge formalities for her and treated her at home.

But instead of taking her back to the lakeside villa, he went to his secret villa at the top of the mountain
with her.

She had lost her memory. If it was found by outsiders, it would inevitably be rumored and speculated.

And he hadn't figured out who is the enemy that killed her. Before she recovered, it's better to avoid
contact with outsiders so as not to be attacked again.

Mo Qinyu's heart was in a mess. She had to find out whether A Cong was still alive, whether everything
on the island was real or her illusion?

In order to make her believe that they were really married, Qin Yichen took the marriage certificate.

She had forgotten everything with Qin Yichen. The only one she thought about is A Cong. For her, the
cruel truth was like a bolt from the blue. She was hit heavily.

She covered her ears, buried her head in her knees like a snail in its shell, trying to escape the cruel
world outside.

Qin Yichen gently stroked her head, and his voice was full of comfort, "Hey, little girl, as long as you
cooperate with the doctor's treatment well, you will surely recover soon and get back your memory."

She clenched her teeth, raised her head abruptly, held out her hand and grasped his face, pinching and

She wanted to make sure that he was real.

Qin Yichen saw through her careful thinking and held her hands, "Stupid woman, I have flesh and
blood, not your illusion."

She was paralyzed on the sofa.

Was everything on the island an illusion?

Is it the hallucination of her being injected with hallucinogens?

A Cong was gone. Was he dead?

A stream of heat rushed into her eyes. She couldn't believe and didn't want to believe it.

He was so real, holding her hand and saying that he wanted to marry him. How could it be her illusion?

At this time, the baby sitter brought the baby.

Seeing her, Xiao Naibao jumped into her arms excitedly, "Mommy, you are back. I miss you so much. "

From childhood, he had never been away from Mo Qinyu for more than two days. This time, he didn't
see her for many days. He missed her so much.

Mo Qinyu stared at him stupidly, confused, "You call me Mommy? "

Xiao Naibao was shocked and turned his head to Qin Yichen, "What's the matter with Mommy? She
doesn't seem to know me? "

Qin Yichen hugged him to his leg and sat down, "Mommy accidentally fell down and hurt her head.
many things are forgotten so we need to help her recover her memory slowly, OK? "

Xiao Naibao showed a trace of worry. When Mommy left, she was still good. When she came back, she
even lost her memory and didn't know her own son.

"Mommy, I'm your son Xiaojun. "

Mo Qinyu was at a loss. Unexpectedly, she even had a son.

Could it be that what this man had said is true and he did not deceive her?

"Is he really my son? "

Qin Yichen brought a mirror and put it in front of her, "Look, he looks like you so much, right? "

Mo Qinyu stared at herself and her child in the mirror and was silent.