Love in full bloom

Chapter 303 You Are my Wife

"You can't touch me. I'm not sure if you're my husband. " She wriggled to get rid of his aggression.

"If you don't believe me, I'll take you to the Civil Affairs Bureau tomorrow to check your marriage
certificate. " Qin Yichen's long fingers swam around her body, which made her shake gently.

But she had someone she loved, and the one she loved was A Cong. The only one she wanted to
marry in her life is also A Cong. it's impossible to marry anyone else unless there were ineffable

Qin Yichen frowned.

Her words pierced a deep wound in his heart.

She married him just to save money for his brother's treatment.

There was no such thing as him in her heart. A Cong and Xu Ruochen were in front of him.

During this period of time, they had made some progress. That damned bastard hurt her brain and
made her lose her memory.

He was hit back to the starting point.

"You are my wife. It's your duty to serve me. Even if you lose your memory, you should fulfill your duty. "

At last, she fainted. When she woke up, it was the next morning.

Qin Yichen was sitting on the sofa and looking at her quietly. His face was full of satiety, just like a lion
king who had caught delicious food and eaten full.

She clenched the quilt with her fingers and stared at him with hatred.

This man was so terrible as if he was the devil coming from hell that she could imagine the tragedy of
their marriage.

He was cold and cruel. He surely wouldn't know what love is.

He would not pity her, nor consider her feelings. He was not like A Cong at all. A Cong would never
force her to do anything.

A Cong respected her very much. As long as she said no, he would stop, so all the time, they had
never done that kind of thing in bed.

"Qin Yichen, you are not the type I like. "

Qin Yichen was stunned for a while, as if stimulated by her words, "What type do you like? "

She pursed her lips and said solemnly, "I only like the type of A Cong. "

Before the voice fell, he severely flicked her forehead, "You have to change your preferences, and the
only one you like is me. " His tone was mixed with a wave of anger, and his expression was a little
forbearance, as if he had suppressed the emotion that was about to break out. If she provoked again,
she would suffer.

But she was born to be rebellious, with the courage not to fear death. She swallowed her saliva and
asked, "Do you like me since you want me to like you? "

Qin Yichen found that although she had lost her memory, her temperament remained unchanged. She
was wild and stubborn, "A hedgehog like you is not cute at all. "

Hearing this, Mo Qinyu knew that he didn't like her.

She knew there was no emotion between them.

"You have the face, the appearance, the money and the power. You don't lack women at all. Why do
you want to marry me? "

Qin Yichen didn't want to mention the reason for their marriage, which was not beneficial but harmful to
the promotion of their relationship.

"When you restore your memory, you will know. "

She shook her head and said without hesitation, "It doesn't matter whether I know it or not. Anyway, I
can't like you. It's never possible. "

She not only didn't like him, but also feared him with some disgust because every time she saw him, a
voice would echo in her mind, "He is the one you hate the most. "

Qin Yichen frowned ferociously, "One day you will surely change your mind. "

He didn't believe that he could't conquer this woman.

Good fortune follows upon disaster, and disaster lurks within good fortune.

Maybe memory loss was also an opportunity for him.

Mo Qinyu didn't think so. At this time the only person she remembered was A Cong, and the only one
she thouht about was A Cong.

Whether Qin Yichen was her husband or not, he was always just a stranger.

For her safety, Qin Yichen kept her in the villa for more than two months without letting her out.

His villa was so secret that no one knew where she was.

Ru Chen had been looking for an opportunity to meet her, but he hadn't found her for two months.

In the past two months, Qin Yichen seldom went out. He stayed in the villa most of the time, and
worked in front of the computer.

He wanted to accompany Mo Qinyu more to help her recover her memory.

The doctor made various plans to treat her, but her memory did not recover at all.

She still couldn't remember the past and was very resistant to him.

Under his body, she became a dead fish again. If she couldn't struggle, she could only fight silently in
this way.

In the afternoon, because Mrs. Qin called and asked her son to go home, Qin Yichen went to the

A man dressed up like an expressman came to the villa at the top of the mountain. Mo Qinyu thought it
was Qin Yichen' s express delivery and came over.