Love in full bloom

Chapter 294 A Bleeding Heart

Qin Yiman twitched a nerve. She feared that Qin Yichen might have saw through her

“The Royal Purple Heart Diamond is priceless. It’s unique and also the best diamond in the world.
Ordinary purple diamond cannot compete with it at all. The most important thing is that the diamond is
a wedding gift from grandmother. I cannot lose it. I must see it with my own eyes and make sure that
it’s still there.”

Mrs. Qin patted her daughter’s hand, “Yiman is right. If there is something stolen from the vault, you
must be honest. Don’t hide anything. Otherwise, it will only delay the search and neither of you can
afford it.”

Qin Yichen shrugged, “Mom, The Royal Purple is in JVlear now. The craftsmen are dealing with the
details. It’s impossible to suddenly interrupt their work without proper reason. It will take three days to
complete the crafting. After that, the necklace will immediately be escorted back to Jincheng—”

“No! I have to see the necklace tomorrow. I won’t wait a day!” Qin Yiman interrupted him.

Cold light flashed through Qin Yichen’s eyes, “If you really are that worried, go to Jiangcheng and get it
for yourself.”

Qin Yiman mumbled, “Alright, then. If Mo Qinyu loses the necklace, I will not get married. That time,
she shall take all the blame and this, good for nothing company shall bear all the loss and should be
closed down for my sake!”

“Sister, I didn’t expect this rumor to excite you like this.” Mo Qinyu said calmly.

Qin Yiman glared at her fiercely. She tried to hide the anomaly with anger, “The Royal Purple Heart was
given to me by grandmother. It meant a lot to me. She would like to see me wear it on my wedding day.
Without it, I would never have a wedding.”

“Nonsenses!” Mrs. Qin shouted, pretending to be angry, “The wedding date is set, you will get married
with or without the necklace.”

Qin Yiman clenched her teeth. She could not content her anger anymore, “I will not get married without
the necklace. No one can force me. If you want somebody to blame, then blame the woman who lost
my necklace. She cannot do anything well. She’ll only add chaos which is a disaster to the whole
family. I want to make up with her, but now I think that is not necessary.”

Mo Qinyu had not lose her composure yet. She took a sip of tea and said, “Sister, you’re talking as if
the necklace is lost, but obviously it’s not. It’s in the vault of JVlear.”

She knew the reason Qin Yichen said that the necklace was sent to JVlear forgery. He wanted to take
the blame for himself.

If the necklace was lost the daughter in law, that would be a big crime, but if the grandson lost it, that
would be nothing.

Qin Yiman would not step back. She took advantage of this opportunity to give Mo Qinyu a fatal blow.

“I don’t care what you’re saying. I want to see the necklace tomorrow.”

“The necklace will not be send back tomorrow, but I can ask people to take video of the crafting for you
so you can take a good look.”

“Okay. Go find someone to take the video now. I’ll give you ten minutes.” said Qin Yiman.

“No one can open JVlear’s vault. It will take at least three hours for the security guard to get the
necklace out and it needs two hours to get to the technology department. If you want to wait that long,
you can wait here until evening comes.” Qin Yichen said casually.

Qin Yiman felt like she just blown a wind, “You should take it home tonight.” Qin Yiman wanted to see
what tricks Qin Yichen played.

Mrs. Qin gave Mo Qinyu a quiet look. Her eyes were extremely threatening. She turned to Qin Yichen
as her eyes softened, “If something really happen, you cannot protect this woman and disturb your
sister’s wedding. She is the sinner of the Qin family. I will proceed as the law and of course, I will never
forgive her.”

Qin Yichen smiled coldly, “You are worrying about nothing.”

Mrs. Qin was stabbed by his words. She was distorted for a second.

“I just don’t want to have a parasite at home.”

“The worst of parasite enters the door and it won’t come out.” Qin Yiman snorted, grabbed her mother’s
arm and walked out of the office.

Mo Qinyu sighed and closed the office door. She asked, “The necklace is gone. How do you make the

Qin Yichen reached out and rubbed her hand, “You fool. Do we need the real thing to make a video?”

She was surprised. Did he intend to use computer to fool Qin Yiman?

“It’s made by computer. Will it do?”

“It depends on who does it.” Qin Yichen was good with computer. He must be able to fake things.

That evening, they took the video to the mansion.

Qin Yiman was shocked to see the necklace in the craftsmen’s hands. She opened her eyes wide to
see the flaws.

But the necklace was very real. The color and shading were all so natural. She couldn’t tell whether it
was the real one or not.

“The necklace is safe. I’m relieved.” said Mrs. Qin.

“Well, I’m not. A video can be faked. I cannot rest assured until I see the real thing with my own eyes.”

Qin Yichen sneered. He raised his hands and put it around Mo Qinyu’s shoulder. His long fingers
played with her hair, “There is another thing that I forgot to tell you. Your necklace has never been
inside Floweer’s vault. What’s in there is the substitute. So, even if the vault was really stolen, your
necklace will not be lost.”

Qin Yiman was thoroughly surprised, “What do you mean? What does substitute mean?”

Qin Yichen smiled cunningly, “The Royal Purple is grandma’s gift. It is unique and also the only one in
the world. How can I and Qinyu risk it? Floweer’s vault has just been established. The protection
system is not perfect. The laser net has not been built, so it is only suitable for storing ordinary
diamonds. While Qinyu was making the necklace, I asked people to make a copy of her design and put
it inside the Floweer’s vault in a full view and the real one was secretly transported to JVlear’s secret

Qin Yiman almost fainted hearing that. She felt like her heart was bleeding.