Love in full bloom

Chapter 299: I accepted her

Ru Chen squinted his eyes slightly. "How does she restore her memory?"

The masked man shrugged his shoulders. "Do you want her memory to restore?"

Ru Chen snorting in a low voice, there was a flash of anger in his eye. "I wanted to get her back, but
not in this way."

"The only way to bring her back to you is to make her forget Xu Ruochen and Qin Yichen, or you will
always be number three in her heart. Even if you wait for her all your life, you will never wait for the day
when you are with her."

The corners of Ru Chen's mouth twitched. "That's my business, not yours. As a man hiding behind a
mask, are you qualified to tell me this?"

There was a cold light in the masked man's eyes. "I just wanting to make up for your regret, if you don't
appreciate it, I can't help it. As this place is my secret base, you can choose to stay here, fulfilling your
dream with your first love, or you can also choose to send her back to Qin Yichen. It's up to you, so
think it through." When he had finished speaking, he went out.

Ru Chen going to the balcony, found that the villa was surrounded by the sea, so they should be on an

Ru Chen didn’t know who the masked man was, or what his purpose was, but the masked man made
Ru Chen feel bad, the masked man looking too wicked.

Mo Qinyu had fallen asleep in a daze, she waking up again the next day.

Everything around her seemed to be strange, she feeling her mind go blank, like a formatted computer.
It's a kind of bad feeling, and it's hard for her.

When she saw Ru Chen come in, she sat up in bed. "Shi Cong, where is this?"

"It is...Where we spend our holidays." Ru Chen stammered.

She rubbed her forehead which was still aching. "I having a bad headache, how did we get here? Why
can't I remember anything?"

Ru Chen raising his hand, massaged her head for her. "Yesterday, you were hurt, as you accidentally
hit your head and get a concussion, then you losing your memory. Since you will have to take some
time off to recover, we will stay here for a few more days. When you're ready, we'll go back."

"I see." She smiled slightly, believing his words.

"I'm a little hungry, so let's go out for dinner."

"All right." Ru Chen nodding, took her to the restaurant.

There was a Filipino maid, preparing the meals and cleaning the rooms.

She has already cooked the meal.

Mo Qinyu had a good appetite, she eating two large bowls of rice and touching her plump belly with
satisfaction. "It's delicious."

Losing her memory, she looked like an innocent child.

Ru Chen kept looking at her, his heart being full of contradictions and struggles. For a long time, his
beautiful thin lips were compressed into a straight line.

As the effect of the drug was temporary, he did not know when she would suddenly think of everything.

But one thing was certain that she had neither Xu Ruochen nor Qin Yichen in her heart now, so he was
the most important person in her heart now.

She belonged to him completely, just as she had been seven years ago.

He was no longer conflicted, struggling, and worried.

If only he could be so careless with her, and if only for a few days, he was satisfied. He would not
hesitate to pay a heavy price for it.

Coming out of the restaurant, he took her for a walk on the beach. "Do you still have a headache?"

"No." She grinned, revealing two lovely dimples.

The wind blew her shoulder-length hair, making her look so pure, charming, and beautiful.

He swallowing, whispered. "Mo Qinyu, will you marry me?"

She blinked, covered her mouth with her hand, and laughed. "Shi Cong, have you forgotten? You have
asked me to marry you, as we have agreed that when I was eighteen, we would go to the civil affairs
bureau to get a marriage certificate."

He was so moved that he took her in his arms. "Mo Qinyu, so you still remember these words, and I
thought you had forgotten."

She shook her head, looking at him seriously. "I had a head injury, so there were a lot of things I don't
remember, but this is the most important thing in my life, so I'll never forget it."

The hot tears seemed to rush into his eyes, making his eyes red and swollen.

If only there had never been an accident!

If only she were still by his side!

If only they had never separated!

"Mo Qinyu, I wish you could stay with me forever, and you must never leave me."

She reached out her hand, hugging him. "Shi Cong, we will never be apart."

"I promise you that we'll never part as long as we live." He looked down, kissing her...

On the surface of the sea, a yacht floating, a masked man stood on the deck, holding a telescope in
order to peer at what was happening on the beach.

The corners of his mouth, which were hidden behind the mask, were raised with an eerie smile.

He knew Ru Chen would accept what he did.

As for what happened in Jin city, he would deal with it for Ru Chen.

Jin city

Qin Yichen had not slept for a day and a night, he mobilizing all the gang-related people to find Mo

As her car was parked on the side of the road and her phone was in the car, something must have
happened to her.

The first person he thought of was Xu Ruochen, perhaps Xu Ruochen taking Mo Qinyu away.

He asked Xiao Naibao to call Xu Ruochen in Yan city tentatively.

Xu Ruochen was working in his own office, as the Xu's Group just took over an energy development
project, so he had his hands full every day. He wouldn’t be able to visit his child in Jin city until next

Apparently, Mo Qinyu was missing, which had nothing to do with him.

Finn learned that after Mo Qinyu left the company, she went to the British tea house. The last person
she saw before she disappeared was Ru Chen.

When he arrived in Yang city, Ru Chen was carrying his bag and preparing to go rock climbing.

"After we finished drinking tea that day, Mo Qinyu left. How could she be missing? Was she kidnapped
on her way home?"

There was a sharp look flashing in Qin Yichen's eyes.

If it was a kidnapping, the kidnappers would have called him long ago.

"Are you going rock climbing?"

"Yeah, I haven't been climbing for a long time." Ru Chen shrugged, sounding casual.

Qin Yichen remembered that Ru Chen never touched the climbing gear since Ru Chen had an accident
while climbing seven years ago.

But at this time, he was thinking of Mo Qinyu all the time, so he had no time to think about Ru Chen.

"Sorry to bother you." After he had said this, he hurried out.

After he got in the car, he called Finn, asking Finn to send someone to spy on Ru Chen.

Since Ru Chen was the last person to see Mo Qinyu, Ru Chen was suspected.

At the lakeside villa, Xiao Naibao stood by the window, looking longingly out the window. "Mammy Wu,
when will mom be home?"

"Hasn't Mr. Qin Yichen told you? Your mom is away on a business trip, so it may be a week or two
before she comes back." The nurse caressed the child's head.