Love in full bloom

Chapter 298: Thinking through

Under the light, Mo Qinyu's dark eyes shone, with a little contradiction. After a long time, she said in a
low voice. "I'm married, so even if Shi Cong is still alive, it's impossible for us to get back together."

A look of hurt flashed across Ru Chen's handsome face. "Mo Qinyu, can you tell me the truth? Among
Shi Cong, Xu Ruochen and Qin Yichen, who do you love most?"

Mo Qinyu was shocked, since she did not expect him to ask such a question and what should she say?

"Elder brother, don't worry about me, as I'll take care of it myself."

She avoided the question skillfully, because she had no answer, and she would never have an answer
to this question.

However, Ru Chen was not reconciled, he wanted to continue to ask her because he wanted to know
her answer.

"Is Shi Cong the least important person in your heart? Have you forgotten him? Don't you have any
feelings for him? "

"No." Mo Qinyu shook her head, answering without hesitation. "I can never forget Shi Cong because he
was my first love and the one I loved the most. He lived in my memory, he will live with me as long as I
can breathe and survive."

Ru Chen's eyes lit up, and every word she said was like a light of hope, illuminating the lifeless
wasteland of despair in his heart.

"I'm relieved to hear that."

Mo Qinyu didn’t quite understand his meaning, since after he was injured last time, being unconscious,
he became a little strange, she feeling that he was different from he used to be.

But she saying nothing more, she took the tea, drinking it silently.

At that moment, there was a knock on the door, a waiter coming in with a purple clay pot. "This is our
latest Keemun black tea with using a special technique to stir the tea, so do you want to taste it?"

Ru Chen nodded.

The waiter made tea, poured two cups of tea, and then went out.

Ru Chen picked up the cup, taking a sip. "This tea is really good, it tasting very special."

Mo Qinyu also took a sip, nodding slightly. "It tastes better than the regular tea."

After Ru Chen finished his cup of tea, he suddenly felt dizzy. Mo Qinyu seemed to sway in front of him,
she looking more and more fuzzy before his eyes. Then he closed his eyes, he losing consciousness.

"Elder brother, what happened?"

Mo Qinyu stood up, wanting to call someone, but she suddenly felt that her knees had no strength,
finally she fainting on the chair.

The door of the private room was pushed open, a man wearing a silver mask entering. He looking at
the two of them inside, raised the corners of his mouth behind the mask, sneering wickedly.

After opening the box, he took out a needle, injecting the potion into Mo Qinyu's arm.


Mysterious villa.

A dark room.

When Mo Qinyu opened her eyes, she was dizzy, she feeling muddle-headed, like a mass of paste.

The silver light, reflected from the old watch, danced before her eyes.

"Mo Qinyu, look at this watch...From now on, there will be no Qin Yichen or Xu Ruochen in your life.
There is only Shi Cong in your life, and he is the one you love most, while you'd hate any man who
tried to get close to you except him..."

Mo Qinyu feeling that her ears seemed to be buzzing, the man's gloomy and cold voice seemed to
conjure ghosts, penetrating from her ears to her mind.

She felt more and more dizzy...Slowly, she lowered her head.

When Ru Chen woke up, it was already night.

Seeing the woman lying on the bed, he shook violently, jumped up from the ground and rushed to her

"Mo Qinyu, wake up!"

Mo Qinyu moaned, opening her eyes in pain. She had a terrible headache, her head seeming to be
splitting with pain.

Her vision was blurred, so she rubbed her eyes several times before she could see the person in front
of her clearly.

“Shi Cong……”

Ru Chen froze. "I..."

He tried to explain, but a sharp pain, like lightning, suddenly stirred in Mo Qinyu's brain. She was in
pain, held her head, and rolled on the bed. "Shi Cong, I feel a headache, and it really hurts."

"I'll call the doctor at once." Ru Chen looking for his mobile phone in his pocket anxiously and
nervously, suddenly the door was opened, a man wearing a silver mask coming in from outside.

"Take it easy, since it's just a little side effect."

Ru Chen rushing forward, grabbed him by the collar. "Who are you? Where are we now? And what did
you do to Mo Qinyu?"

"As for so many questions, which one should I answer first?" The man in the silver mask pushed Ru
Chen's hand away, speaking carelessly, like the cold wind.

The veins on Ru Chen's forehead throbbed furiously. "You telling me first, what did you do to Mo

"Scopolamine combined with six levels of deep hypnosis, can successfully seal her memory, making
her forget everything except you." The man in the silver mask said slowly.

A violent spasm seemed to pass through Ru Chen. "Are you mad? Who the hell are you?"

The man leaning slightly, his silver mask glowed cold in the light. "I am you, and you are me."

Ru Chen snorted. "If you are mentally ill, take medicine at once. Don't delay your illness, bringing
trouble to the public."

There seemed to be a flash of fire in the man's eyes. "This is for your birthday, and you should be

Ru Chen believed that the man was crazy, so he must protect Mo Qinyu, preventing her from being
hurt by the man again.

He picked her up in his arms, walking out. "I'm taking her to the hospital."

"Don't worry, she'll be all right in a minute. If you take her to the hospital, everything I've done for you
will be in vain, and you can't expect to get this woman again." The man in the silver mask spoke the
threat slowly and clearly, word by word.

"I detest such vile method." Ru Chen said without hesitation.

After moaning several times, Mo Qinyu suddenly became quiet in his arms, the pain seeming to

She looked at him with wide eyes, confused and puzzled. "Shi Cong, what's going on? Why can't I
remember anything? I can't even remember the time when we were together."

All her memories seeming to disappear, there was nothing but him, she knowing he was Shi Cong, the
one she loved most, but she could not remember their happy childhood or their sweet youth.

Ru Chen gritting his teeth, was silent for a moment. He went back, putting her back on the bed. "You
hurt yourself in the head with a mild concussion, which caused a brief period of memory loss, so as
long as you have a good rest, you will recover."

"Is that so?" She put her hand on her forehead, it was a terrible feeling, it liked that someone had taken
a piece of her memory, making her become incomplete.

Ru Chen caressed her head. "Take a break and I'll take you home later."

The man in the silver mask laughed. "You finally think through?"