Love in full bloom

Chapter Chatpter 296 A surprise

"Qin Yichen, if you ruin my face, I will die. At that time you will be charged with killing your sister and
become a sinner in the Qin Family."

Qin Yichen sneered, he didn't care, her life was as light as hair, "Since you don't want to live, add
another turtle, a toad on the left and a turtle on the right, very symmetrical . "

Qin Yiman was furious and yelled, "Qin Yichen, you are so indifferent and ruthless, and you will be
condemned for murdering your sister for an inferior cheap bitch."

Qin Yichen pursed his mouth and smiled. "I place righteousness above family loyalty."

The man in black prepared the tattoo machine.

Qin Yiman stared at the terrible needle, screamed in horror, exhausted and used all her energy to
scream. "Help me, mother, help me, Qin Yichen is going to kill me, help me!"

She was screaming, deafening. Her body twisted desperately, trying to break free, like a poisonous
snake strangled by an iron fork around her neck, struggling to survive.

Finn held her down and forbided her to move again. The black man pierced the needle into her face.
When the faint pain came, she burst into tears. "I'm wrong, Qin Yichen, don't ruin my face. It's my fault,
I never dare to do that. "

Qin Yichen's face was extremely cold without a trace of temperature, his voice sounded like a collision
between icicles, exuding a chilling chill, "No one will believe if you tell too many lies.

"It's true this time, I swear." She cried desperately.

Mo Qinyu came over, "Honey, this toad cannot be tattooed on the face. She will not be married if she is
to be disfigured. By then, she will live in the Qin Family forever, and we will be more troublesome."

Qin Yichen touched his chin. "That's right, let's change a place."

Qin Yiman shook her head desperately. "I don't want to tattoo it, no!" Her fair skin must be flawless.

Qin Yichen's cold eyes, like sharp blades, glanced faintly across her face.

He knew very well that she couldn't change her personality, and if he didn't teach her, she would get

"Tattoo it on her arm."

With an order which was cold as ice, the man in black removed the tattoo machine.

Qin Yiman yelled, crying and screaming, never stopped in the whole process.

When toad was finished, her throat was completely dumb, her mind was in a state of collapse, and she
collapsed on the chair, panting hard.

Toad was small but lifelike, making its ugly vividly.

When the rope was untied, Qin Yiman jumped up from chair, staring at him fiercely, her eyes flushed,
and her eyes were almost bulging. "Qin Yichen, I'm going to tell mom and let her give you a lesson.
Just wait!" She finished with a hoarse throat and hurriedly ran outside.

Old K had been watching this all the time, feeling scared.

He deserved to be the indifferent master of Jincheng, cold and ruthless. So scaring!

Qin Yichen finally turned his attention to him. "This guy, cut off his fingers and his tesuji and hamstring,
then send him to Interpol."

The cold and brief command scared the old K's soul.

"I'm just taking money and fighting disasters for others. As long as you can let me go, I will be loyal to
you and help you control the entire Alpha."

Qin Yichen sneered dismissively: "What's the use of a group of thieves."

"We are not thieves, but robbers. There are so many talents in the Alpha Group, not only thieves, but
also hackers, makeup artists, inventors ... if you can control them, it will greatly help you strengthen
your power abroad. " Old K said.

Qin Yichen raised an eyebrow, as if thinking about his words, but instead of making a decision
immediately, he opened the box and took out the necklace inside.

With only a glance, he was surprised, "This is not The Royal Purple Heart ."

Finn was shocked. "He gave this to Qin Yiman. Qin Yiman could not have time to change. Could it be
that this guy gave Qin Yiman something fake? "

Old K twitched fiercely.The necklace he stole with all his efforts turned out to be fake?

"I didn't do anything, this is what I stole from the vault."

Finn lifted his collar, "If you dare to tell a lie, I will cut your tongue."

Old K froze and shook his head vigorously. "I didn't lie. I have professional ethics. I will never take what
the guests want."

Mo Qinyu picked up the green tea on the coffee table, took a sip, and said carefully, "He did not lie, the
necklace in the vault is a fake."

Qin Yichen's mouth fluttered and looked at her with an incredible look. "Did you keep me from

Mo Qinyu whispered, "In fact, from the beginning, I didn't believe that Qin Yiman really wanted to make
peace with me. She told me to make a necklace. It must be a fraud. So I have to be more careful. After
making the necklace, I made another copy. I asked people to put the fake in the vault, and I took back
the real one secretly, it's in the safe box upstairs. "

Qin Yichen held his head. He made such a big noise, but finally he was teased by his wife.

"Mo Qinyu, why don't tell me such a important thing." There was a bit of anger in his tone, and he
looked a little annoyed.

Mo Qinyu spit out her tongue, "If I said that, you wouldn't search it and Qin Yiman wouldn't expose.
How fun it is to accompany her when she wants to play. "

Qin Yichen stretched out his hand and rubbed her head, didn't know cry or laugh, "Naughty!"

Finn grinned, "Boss, lady has the same style as you."

Old K was dumbfounded by the side.

Qin Yichen's woman was so different.

Mo Qinyu turned her attention to him. "Who contact you in Floweer?"

"It is security guard Wang Xu. I gave him 100,000 yuan and let him manage to get palm prints from
President Gao. He also opened the door outside the vault for me. I also used a 3D printer to make a
mask that resembles Mr. Gao, and easily passed the final brushing system ... "Old K honestly
explained to them and expressed his sincerity.

Qin Yichen waved at Finn, asking Finn to hold him down first.

As for his life and death, it depended on his performance.

After seeing the door closed, he flicked Mo Qinyu's forehead. "Frankly confess to me in the future and
never keep things from me."

Mo Qinyu made a face, "Isn't this a surprise?"