Love in full bloom

Chapter 297: Helping you get back the woman

"Should I be surprised that your IQ has suddenly improved?" Qin Yichen said sarcastically as well as

"Yes, aren't you surprised, touched, or gratified?" She said, smiling.

Qin Yichen pulled her into his arms, kissing her.

"Nothing, I forgive you, as you're good with intelligence."

In the afternoon, they sent the necklace to the Qin's house.

Qin Yiman cried all night at her mother's side, as soon as the day broke, her mother took her to wash
the tattoo and then sent her back to the villa.

When Qin Yichen’s mother came back, she saw Qin Yichen and Mo Qinyu, her face becoming terrible
at once.

"Qin Yichen, you have a good wife. She was always sowing discord, destroying the relationship
between you and your sister."

Qin Yichen snorted coldly. "If she were not my sister, she wouldn't have seen the sun this morning."

Qin Yichen's mother glared at him. "Qin Yiman was just worried about the necklace, because the Royal
Purple Heart was a gift from your grandmother, and she promised your grandmother that she would
wear the Royal Purple Heart when she get married. So did Qin Yiman offend your wife for such a small

After Qin Yichen heard this, he knew that Qin Yiman had not told her the truth, but before he could
speak, he was interrupted by Mo Qinyu.

"Mom, your daughter hired an international thief to steal the necklace from my vault and plan to blame
me for the mistake, so in this way, your daughter can not only find a reason to cancel the wedding, but
also frame me up. It's really killing two birds with one stone."

Qin Yichen's mother shook violently. "This is impossible. How can Qin Yiman do such a thing?"

"She's like a maniac, so there's nothing she can't do." Qin Yichen scoffed, in his view, Qin Yiman was

The muscles in her face seemed to twitch violently, because she did not expect that her daughter still
didn’t want to marry someone else at this time.

Her daughter really couldn't forget Ru Chen, so there's no way to start a new life for her daughter.

If Mo Qinyu did not destroy the relationship between them, her daughter and Ru Chen would have a
happy married life.

She really didn’t know what advantage Mo Qinyu had, as Mo Qinyu was no match for her daughter in
appearance or figure, not to mention the family background.

Her son got the personality of Qin Yuhan, so it was reasonable for her son to like such a bitch, Mo
Qinyu. What about Ru Chen? Couldn’t Ru Chen tell the difference between stone and jade?

Qin Yichen's mother pursed her lips, she didn’t think that her daughter had committed any unforgivable
blunders, but that her daughter had taken her revenge in the wrong way.

"Even if Qin Yiman was confused for a moment and did something wrong, that is excusable. She was
so in love with Ru Chen that they were going to get married, and then someone suddenly ruined it, so
can she control her anger?"

Qin Yichen was speechless after hearing what his mother had said. "It's your business to indulge her,
but you can't expect me to go easy on her."

While he was saying this, Qin Yichen's grandmother came in. "Who are you talking about? Did your
sister make a mistake again?"

Qin Yichen's mother hastened to say. "No, Qin Yiman is obedient now. She is busy preparing for the
wedding every day, so she has no energy to do anything else."

"It is your fault that you did not educate your daughter well, while it is you who spoil her, and that is why
she acts in an arbitrary and reckless manner."

Qin Yichen's grandmother snorted coldly. In her grandchildren, Qin Yiman was the one who
disappointed her most, because Qin Yiman was good for nothing.

But in the eyes of Qin Yichen's mother, her daughter was good in everything, since all the mistakes
were made by Mo Qinyu.

Mo Qinyu was like the plague, after hurting her daughter, then Mo Qinyu hurting her son.

"Qin Yiman was suffering, since if she had married Ru Chen, she would be so happy now, and she
wouldn't feel so sorry for herself now."

"Ru Chen didn't like her at all, since if he hadn't had a car accident and lost his memory, he would
never have been engaged to Qin Yiman." Qin Yichen's grandmother said.

Qin Yichen's mother felt that the words were belittling her daughter. "What are the shortcomings of Qin
Yiman? She is beautiful, she has a good figure, and she comes from a good family, so the women from
poor families who are like bumpkins, cannot compare with her. "

In her words, the word "bumpkin" naturally referred to Mo Qinyu.

Qin Yichen's grandmother laughed and scoffed. "All she does is spend money and play. She's thirty
years old and she can't do anything, so is there anything good about her?"

Qin Yichen's mother pursed her lips. "The duty of a good wife in a rich family is to take care of the
husband and the children, so what does it matter if she has a career or not?"

These words seemed to have angered Qin Yichen's grandmother. "You don't have to make excuses,
and you should be responsible for your daughter. After she gets married, she belongs to the Liu's, so
when she goes back to the Qin's, she'll behave herself, or don't come back."

What she said was very simple. Married daughters were like spilt water. After Qin Yiman got married, if
she dared to make trouble in the Qin's house again, she could not expect to get back to the Qin's

Qin Yichen's mother was puzzled, as she couldn't figure out what Qin Yichen's grandmother was
thinking. Qin Yichen's grandmother actually treated an outsider like a treasure, while treated her own
granddaughter like a weed.

"Qin Yiman has the same blood in her body as the Qin's, so even if she is married, she belongs to the

"She really doesn't seem to belong to the Qin's." Qin Yichen's grandmother snorted, ignoring Qin
Yichen's mother. She held Xiao Naibao on her lap, playing with him.

At this time, Yang city.

Ru Chen lay alone on the deck, staring blankly at the vast sky.

He was a little drunk with drinking some wine.

The phone rang, he receiving an email from the unfamiliar person. "The woman you love the most is
married to someone else, while you hide here alone, grieving. Are you too useless?"

Shaking violently, he sprang from the deck, promptly replying to the email. "Who are you?"

"The one who knows you best and wants to help you most." The person replied in the email.

Ru Chen's first thought was that someone was playing a prank, so he replied. "What's wrong with

The person immediately sent him an email. "I'll make Mo Qinyu come back to you."

A sharp look flashed through Ru Chen's eyes. "If you dare to hurt Mo Qinyu, I will never let you off the

He was to get Mo Qinyu back, but he would use his own way, so he would not cooperate with anyone.

The next day he went to Floweer Company, inviting Mo Qinyu to join him for afternoon tea.

"How are you getting along with Qin Yichen recently?"

"We've been getting along pretty well." Mo Qinyu shrugging her shoulders, during this time, Qin Yichen
came home on time every day and did not see his "old lover" again, so they got along well.

Ru Chen slightly shook the cup of tea with his hand. "Mo Qinyu, do you know what day it is today?"

Mo Qinyu was slightly stunned, looking at him with some confusion.

"Is today a special day?"

Ru Chen's eyes darkened, as if her words had stolen the light from them. "It seems that you really
forgot Shi Cong."

The corners of her mouth twitched. "Do you mean it is Shi Cong's birthday? I don't forget it, but how do
you know?"

What she said comforted Ru Chen, making him feel relieved. "Mo Qinyu, if Shi Cong is not dead, and if
he comes back one day, will you come back to him again?"