Love in full bloom

Chapter 295 A Toad Tattoo On The Face

She took a deep breath and calmed herself down.

It was probably Qin Yichen’s trick to get themselves more time. She couldn’t believe it until she saw it
with her own eyes.

“Since you said three days, then I’ll give you three days. In three days, I have to see the necklace,
otherwise it means that the necklace is really lost.”

She stared at Mo Qinyu, “If you lost the necklace, I will tell our whole circle that because of you, my
wedding cannot be carried out. You have to kneel down to apologize to me in front of all the guests and
all family members of the Qin and you too, have to announce the closure of your company.”

Mo Qinyu shrugged and smiled at her, “Don’t worry, Sister. I will let you see the necklace in three days.”
she said firmly, without hesitation and it shook Qin Yiman unstable.

“Show me the necklace at 12 o’clock by the river.” Qin Yiman said the left.

Mo Qinyu stood by the window, looking at the crowded traffic below. She said quietly, “I thought your
sister really wanted to make up with me, but it seemed that she still hated me.”

Qin Yichen narrowed his eyes and stared at her deeply.

“It’s easy for her to say, but it is difficult for her to change. Don’t hold too much hope on her.”

She pulled her hair to her back and said, “Can we get the necklace in three days?”

“Three days are enough.” said Qin Yichen.

Mo Qinyu walked to the mini bar and made cocktails for both of them. She handed one to him, “I have
to check carefully to find out the mole inside the company.”

“The mole must be removed.”

Qin Yichen sipped his cocktail as his devilish temper emerged.


At midnight, the air around the bank of the river was quiet. There was almost no pedestrian around.

A dark shadow came out from across the street and soon disappeared into the darkness.

A silver car drove by and stopped near the shadow.

Qin Yiman pushed the door open and came out.

There was a sound of whistle in the dark. Qin Yiman turned around and saw a figure in the dark. She
hurriedly walked by.

“Where is the necklace?”

A man handed her a box.

She opened it and looked at it carefully, “Have you identified the authenticity? Don’t steal the fake one
for me.”

“I only steal things according to the address you provide. I don’t care whether I steal the authentic one
or not.” the man shrugged.

Qin Yiman choked and looked at the man with disdain, “If it’s fake then what’s the use of it?”

“This is the only necklace inside the vault. If it is fake, then it’s the wrong address.” The man said

Qin Yiman was pissed. She wanted to say something, but she swallowed it back, “Okay. Off you go. I’ll
find out myself.”

The man turned around and walked across the street.

He parked his car near the alley.

He walked to his car and was about to open the door when a masked man rushed from the dark and
raised a spray bottle to his face.

He hurriedly raised his hand to cover his face, but it was too late. He fell back.

The masked man sneered. He was about to teach him a lesson.

That time, Qin Yiman had returned to her car. She opened the box and looked at the necklace carefully.

The necklace was, as always, delicate. The purplish diamond reflected the street light. She couldn’t tell
the authenticity.

“It must be original. Qin Yichen must be making a fool of himself. It’s impossible for Mo Qinyu to create
a substitute in such a short time because of the complex process. As long as the necklace is here,
she’s dead.” Qin Yiman said to herself while looking at the necklace. She sneered.

“Miss Qin, the dead woman should be you.” said a low voice from the back of the car.

Qin Yiman jumped from her seat and trembled violently. She looked back and saw Finn who was sitting
in the backseat. She scream in horror. Her voice vibrated inside the narrow space.

“Why are you here?”

“I’m waiting for you here, of course.” Finn put his arms around his chest while smiling coldly, “Miss Qin,
it’s not kind to hire someone to steal things. Come to see boss and his wife with me.”

“I won’t go with you. Get out of the car or I won’t apologize from doing something rude to you.”

She started the engine trying to escape. Finn grabbed a knife and brought it closer to her neck. She

She woke up at a lakeside villa with a mysterious man she hired.

Finn had investigated his identity. His name was Old K. He came from an alpha, notorious international
theft organization. He had committed many crimes in many countries and was on the top list of Interpol.

Mo Qinyu and Qin Yichen were sitting across one another on the sofa with cold expressions colored
their faces.

“Sister, you’re very powerful. You hired an international thief to steal your own necklace.”

Qin Yiman glared at her fiercely, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. He is just a guy who has a
crush on me. He gives me that necklace as a gift.”

Qin Yichen, who was fed up, grabbed a pot of ice cold water from the tea table and drenched it directly
to her head. It was so cold that she screamed out, “Qin Yichen, do you want to kill me?!”

Qin Yichen smiled coldly, “You are my sister. How can I kill you?”

He gave off a signal and a man in black came in with a tattoo machine.

Qin Yiman widened her eyes. She was shivering with fear, “What are you going to do?”

Qin Yichen pinched her chin and said, “I’m about to tattoo a toad to your face. You will remember this
your whole life.”

His words sent chill down her spine.

“Oh, can you?” Qin Yiman sneered scornfully like a clown.

Finn and the man in black grabbed Qin Yiman and tied to a chair so that she couldn’t move.

Qin Yiman realized that Qin Yichen was not only threatening her, he really intended to tattoo her face.
She was so scared, she wailed. Her body shook violently from fear like a fallen leaf blown a cold wind.