Love in full bloom

Chapter 286: The Trick of Anan

Qin Yichen flipped on her forehead," A knave thinks of others in terms of his own desires. I don't need
to be catlike when I want to take away my woman. Believe or not."

She pursed her mouth," If you are innocent, what's that man's purpose then? He didn't mean to just
ruin the wedding of me and Xu Ruochen, did he?"

Qin Yichen touched her jaw. It was surely weird. Why the man framed him up if the man wanted to help

" No matter what he wanted, he did me a favor. So I would haggle over about he framed me up for

Mo Qinyu looked at him with her eyes twinkling. She could not distinguish which word of him was real
and which one was fake, which one was serious and which one was telling a joke.

" I will find the man."

Qin Yichen shrugged his shoulders and he said with a gentle smile," He must have other movements if
he has not got what he wanted. Don't act rashly and alert the enemy, just wait and see."

Mo Qinyu moved her lips. She tried to say something but she didn't.

She did not believe Qin Yichen completely but she was not sure that he did it.

According to his devil like personality, he did not have to be so oblique indeed.

When they were talking, Qin Yichen's phone on the table rang.

Mo Qinyu saw the CID. It was Anan calling. Suddenly, her heart was covered with a layer of haze.

However, she did not show out that. She just held the glass of juice in her hand and sipped it
unconcernedly pretending that she did not saw the CID.

Qin Yichen took up the phone and stood up. He wanted to go to the balcony to take the phone call. But
after a while of hesitation, he did not move and pressed the answer button directly.

It was not Anan on the ohter side of the phone. It was a maid.

" Mr. Qin, please come here as soon as possible. Anan is having a bad headache. There must be
some extravasated blood left in her head after she hit her head. I tried to take her to the hospital but
she refused. She just took a few pills of painkiller. She can't go on like this. Her life is in danger."

" I got it." Qin Yichen said in a deep voice then hung up the phone. After that, he called Finn
immediately, asked him to go to Anan's place and take her to the hospital.

Mo Qinyu glanced at him with a plaintive sight. Even though he coverd well, she caught a sense of
worrying on the conor of his eyes.

She took a breath furtively. Suddenly she found that they three were repeating a triangle farce.

She, Anan and Qin Yichen were just like Mrs. Qin, Qin Yuhan and Sima Yuer, weren't them?

Qin Yichen was not reclutent to let go her and also, he did not want to give up Anan.

Anan was the confidante of him and the one he loved the most for his life.

He must want to be like her father, keeping them all aside him.

However, Mo Qinyu was not like Mrs. Qin or Sima Yuer. She could not endure this kind of abnormal

She preferred to give it up rather than sharing her husband with anyone.

" Go if you want. It's meaningless since your heart is not here."

Qin Yichen grabbed her hand and put it on his chest," It's beating hard here. How could you say that it's
not here?"

She pursed her mouth," What I meant was your thought not your real heart."

Qin Yichen sighed," Darling, do you smell the sour in this room? Someone was jealous."

She showed the whites of her eyes to him and said," I won't be jealous of her at all since I don't like you
at all."

It seemed that Qin Yichen was hurt by her words.

" You are such a heartless person. How could you ask me to be single-minded?"

His words blocked her mouth like a plug that blocked all her grievance and anger.

" If it was not your grandfather's behest, if you don't have the unmentionable disease, you would marry
Anan for sure, wouldn't you?"

" Wrong. Nothing can stop me if I want to marry any woman I want. I admitted my grandfather's
arrangement since I have not met the one I want to marry."

He said without hesitation, firmly, with a candid expression on his face, no walk through or cajole.

It was unbelievable for her. Her heart trembled.

Anan must cry to die if she hear this.

After pondering, she still felt that he did not marry Anan because of the unmentionable disease.

Men all thought with their lower body. This kind of thing was the most important thing to them.
Especially the man like him who wanted to do that anytime and anywhere, demanding without

Therefore, maybe the standard of the woman he wanted to marry was made by his lower body.

The other side of Jin City.

Anan was disappointed since Qin Yichen did not come. It seemed that she was put into a ice cave.

She understood that the position of Mo Qinyu in Qin Yichen's heart.

Mo Qinyu would take him away from her without leaving any room for her.

She would not just stay aside him quietly like before.

She would not await her doom and let Qinyu take Yichen away from her.

Mo Qinyu, wait and see.


Friday afternoon.

Mo Qinyu got out from the company and planned to go back home. At this time, she got a call from
Anan asking her to have some coffee together.

Mo Qinyu went to the nearest Starbucks from her company.

Anan was already there holding a cup of latte in her hand.

Mo Qinyu ordered a cup of cappuccino.

It was an open air cafe.

Anan sat there facing the sunset. Her hand was sprinkled with the last light of the sun. A beam of
brilliant light was shining Mo Qinyu's eyes.

She squinted her eyes and looked at the shining stuff carefully.

It was a gemstone ring. A beautiful special ring.

As a jewelry designer, even though with her eyes, Mo Qinyu could distinguish the difference between a
dimond and a gem.

She could tell that the one Anan wearing on her hand was a gemstone, not a dimond.

The ring was a combination of two different colors of gemstones.

One of them was blue which was the main gemstone.

The other part was made by many golden gemstone fragments forming a shape of moon.

The whole ring was like the earth and the moon.

Mo Qinyu remembered " The love of the earth and the moon" immediately in her mind.

Such a innovative design. The designer who made this for her must be a proficient.

" Nice ring." She smiled and said with a casual tone.

It seemed that Anan was frightened by her words. She trembled and hid her hand under the table.

Mo Qinyu did not ignore that movement. It seemed that Anan was guilty and she was afraid of Mo
Qinyu finding out something.

Then, Mo Qinyu remembered that Anan wore the ring on the fourth finger.

What did that mean?

Was that saying that Qin Yichen gave the ring to her?

And he was going to accept her formally?

Or, he was compunctious that he desolated Anan these days so he designed this ring for her as a