Love in full bloom

Chapter 287: The Same Wedding Rings

All the organs of Qinyu seemed twisted together. The feeling was like she was pushed down to an
endless hole by a dark hand from behind, falling and falling... The strong feeling of uneveness was
tearing up her body.

She took a deep breath forcing herself to stay in calm. She did not want Anan to find that she was
upset and frustrate.

" What do you want from me?"

She asked on purpose. In fact, she already knew the purpose of Anan.

She just wanted to show off, to show off the ring and her victory.

Anan lowered her head hiding her insidious expression," Qinyu, I hope we could get along with each
other. You know that I'm not the third one. I knew Yichen from long time ago."

Mo Qinyu sneered.

Such a shameless woman. It was obvious that Anan was provoking Qinyu all the time. How could she
say that she hopes them to get along with each other? Did she really think that Qinyu was the one who
could endure bully?

" Anan, I really hope you could be always quiet just like your name. Unfortunately, you are not quiet but
scheming. Do you think that your little movement could hurt me? I did want to quit and leave him to
you. But now, I changed my mind. What will do even though Qin Yichen loves you a lot? He could
never divorce me and marry you. You can only stay in the shadow forever like a groundhog."

After that, Mo Qinyu stood up and went out.

Anan looked at Qinyu's back. Her beautiful face was screwy since the jealousness.

What would do even though Qin Yichen loved her? The position of her, Anan, in Qin Yichen's heart was
also mattered.

She would not just give up easily. The war between them was just started.

After got out from the cafe, Mo Qinyu drove to the riverbank. She did not go back home until her mind
was cool down by the cold wind after four hours.

Qin Yichen called many times, but she did not answer them.

When she arrived at home and opened the door, Qin Yichen came to her immediately," Where did you
go? Why you come back so late?"

" Just hung out to find myself some inspirations for the new design." She said perfunctorily and went
upstairs as she was saying.

" Have you eaten yet?" Qin Yichen followed her and asked.

" I have. Where is the kid?" She shrugged her shoulders. In fact, she had nothing except a cup of
coffee. But she did not want to eat anything.

“ Already fell asleep. It's nearly ten o'clock." Qin Yichen stared at her. He felt that she was wrong. He
wanted to ask her and make it clear, but he did not.

After showering, she went to bed directly.

Qin Yichen lay aside her and embraced her from behind, putting his jaw on her shoulder.

Her heart was very hurt feeling exhausted and sad. She removed his hand," I want to sleep alone.
Back to your room."

" I can't fall asleep without you." He whispered and embraced her again. He did not loose his hand no
matter how she tried this time.

She was a little annoyed," I do not like you. I can't fall asleep with you aside me."

" Let's do something else then." An evil smile showed on his face.

She knew what he was thinking. She frowned and said," I had collywobbles. Maybe I ate something not
clean. I just want to have a good sleep now."

He sighed and finally loose his hand," Go to sleep then. I will stay with you here." A sense of loneliness
was combined in his mood.

She was like a breeze. He could not catch her no matter how he tried. She was always keeping herself
a distance from him.

He did not know what he could do to gain her trust and let her accept him.

Mo Qinyu closed her eyes and sealed the sadness in her eyes.

Perhaps, they could only stay at this point forever and could not get each other's heart forever.

Because, she could not give what he wanted, and he could not give what she wanted.

After a long while, she could not fall asleep. She did not fall asleep until the wee hours.

When she opened her eyes, a beam of dazzling light shined her eyes.

Suddenly, she was not sleepy at all. She opened her eyes surprisingly.

There was a ring on her ring finger!

Qin Yichen lay aside her. A charming smile showed on her face," Do you like it?" This ring was
designed especially for her after all those nights and thoughts by him.

She opened her eyes widely and stared at the ring with a surprising sight.

The blue diamond was like the earth and there were a lot of golden diamond fragments forming a
shape of moon.

The design was just like the one on Anan's finger. The only difference was that the one on Anan's
finger was made by gemstones and the one on her finger was made by diamonds.

If she did not saw the one on Anan's finger, she must be ecstatic and flattered.

However, the only thing left was irony.

The shining light of the ring hurt her eyes and stabbed into her heart.

She was always imagining what kind of wedding ring he would give her after Finn told her about the

From the deep heart of her, she was happy, surprised and anxious.

However, the reality was cruel. The greater the hope, the greater the disappointment.

Qin Yichen felt something wrong when he found that she did not say anything and there was no
surprising expression on her face," Don't you like it?"

She laughed jeeringly and dolefully.

This was the first time he gave her a ring. She did not expect that he could be such hypocritical,
perfunctory. It was like an intangible hand smacked on her face caused a burning pain.

She took off the ring and threw it to his front," Is your ring mass-produced?"

Qin Yichen was shocked by her words. His heart was like hit by a thunder causing him trembling,"
Stupid woman, what do you mean? I designed this specially for you!"

" Specially for me?" She sneered," Do you dare to swear that you only made this one ring? Do you
dare to swear that you never give this design of ring to other women except me?"

Qin Yichen's handsome face was twisty. He thought that she was doubting without rhyme or reason
and hurting him a lot," Mo Qinyu, this is wedding ring I give you is unique just like you. You can throw it
if you don't like it, but you can't doubt me!"

He raised up in a fury and rushed out the room.

He smashed the door very hard abreacting the burning anger in his heart.

The whole room trembled. She felt that the world was spinning, and she was crashed into pieces like a
clay figurine and could be never back to a one piece.

She curled up her body and embraced herself, staring that ring aside the bed.

It seemed that the ring was laughing at her, sneering her failure.