Love in full bloom

Chapter 293 Impending Punishment

Mr. Gao is the vice president of Floweer. He, as well, was a jewelry appraiser veteran.

When he heard that the necklace had been stolen, he came immediately.

“President Mo, what’s the matter? We use the most advance anti-theft system in the world. How can
the necklace be stolen?”

“There are two possibilities. First, the system is intruded. Second, the thieves has stolen our fingerprint,
copied our face, and passed the system verification using them.” said Mo Qinyu.

“If that’s the case, the thieves belong to a very powerful organization for stealing. They must have a
thorough plan. Otherwise, it cannot be done. Our company’s customized service for senior VIP
customers are strictly confidential. They cannot know any information about it unless there is a mole.”

Mo Qinyu thought the same. It there was no mole, the theft wouldn’t proceed smoothly.

“Have the anti-theft system replaced immediately.”

No matter what background the theft belonged to, but if it was easy for them to steal then the anti-theft
system must have had many flaws, which was extremely unsafe.

Qin Yichen had ordered Finn to search the trace of the thieves inside and around Jincheng. They could
definitely find traces through city monitoring.

Back in the villa, Mo Qinyu was worried sick. Not only because the necklace was stolen, but also
because the safety of the vault.

“I should have listened to you and set up the laser net so that the thieves would never return.”

“I’ll rebuilt a vault for Floweer.” Qin Yichen hugged and comforted her.

She poured a cup of tea and sipped it, “If I cannot find the necklace, I can make another one for her,
but Floweer doesn’t have such large diamond in stock—”

“This diamond is not an ordinary diamond. It’s called The Royal Purple Heart and it’s a wedding gift
from my grandmother. The biggest feature of the diamond is the touch of purple.”

Mo Qinyu knew what he meant. She could never find the exact same diamond as the lost one. If she
could not find the necklace, she would surely be punished by the Qin family. She’d also damage the
reputation of Floweer.

She walked to the window, pushed it open, and looked out at the dark of the night. She was thinking
about something.

After a long silence, she whispered, “There are more than 102 pieces of diamonds inside the vault.
Don’t you think it’s strange for the thieves to steal exactly Qin Yiman’s necklace?”

“It seemed that the thieves intended to steal The Royal Purple Heart.” said Qin Yichen.

She yawned, “Forget it. I’m sleepy. I feel like I’m in daze now. I’ll go to bed and think about it later.”

She went back to the room and slept. That morning, she was woken by Qin Yiman’s call.

“Qinyu, I’m back. I’ll take the necklace this afternoon.”

Mo Qinyu was stunned, “Didn’t you say you’ll come back this weekend?”

“I change my mind. You get the necklace ready. I’ll come with my mother this afternoon.”

“There are still some details of the necklace that haven’t been done properly. It will be done a few days
later.” she was a bit shocked.

“It’s okay. Let me take a look this afternoon.” Qin Yiman hung up the phone immediately. She didn’t
give her a chance to dodge.

That time, Qin Yichen came inside the room and saw her gloomy face, “What’s the matter? Why are
you crying right after waking up?”

She sighed, “Your sister called. She’s going to the company to take the necklace this afternoon.”

Qin Yichen frowned, “I’ll deal with her.”

Shortly after they arrived at the company, Qin Yiman and Mrs. Qin came together.

“Qinyu, where is the necklace? Hurry up and show me. I want know which details that haven’t been
done properly.” Qin Yiman was impatient.

Qin Yichen gave her a quiet look, “I don’t think the necklace is good enough. I send it to JVlear’s craft
forging department in Jiangcheng. The craftsmen there will modify the necklace according to my
request.” he said nonchalantly as if he was stating a fact.

Qin Yiman turned away and asked, “Is Floweer short of talents? Why do you use JVlear’s craftsmen?”

“Floweer’s headquarters in China has just been established. It is normal that it is not perfect in some
aspects. As second major shareholder of Floweer, JVlear should share talents and resources to
achieve win-win with Floweer.” said Qin Yichen.

Qin Yiman rolled her eyes. She wanted to say something, but she didn’t say it out loud. She swallowed
it back instead.

She took a cup from the tea table and took a sip of the tea. She tried to keep calm and look at her

Her eyes widened and her face was shocked, “No! Someone posted on the internet saying that
something from Floweer’s vault was stolen last night. Is that true?” she said loudly as if she wanted the
whole company to hear that.

Mrs. Qin was shocked too. She grabbed the phone and looked at the news, “What’s going on? Is there
something stolen from the vault?”

Mo Qinyu narrowed her eyes slightly, “Stolen? How can I now know?”

She deliberately called the vice president and head of security to check the vault.

As soon as both of them were back, they reported, “President Mo, all diamonds are inside the vault.
Our vault has the most advance security system in the world. Even a fly cannot fly in. How can a
diamond be stolen? Someone must have framed a rumor to cause damage to the reputation of the
company. I’ll the public relation department deals with it immediately.” said Vice President Gao. He
thought of that in advance.

Mo Qinyu nodded, “Make sure to catch someone who caused this rumor. Don’t let the person go.”

Before she left last night, she told relevant people to keep the matter secret.

She didn’t expect that someone would make rumor this soon over the internet. It seemed that this
matter was not that simple.

Qin Yiman sneered inside her heart. She thought that Mo Qinyu, the inferior bastard, could really stage
a play. However, she had ways to unmask her.

“Regardless it is true or false, you must send someone to escort the necklace back. If I don’t see the
necklace tomorrow, I’ll call the police.”

Qin Yichen’s eyes darkened, “What are you worrying about?”