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Love in full bloom Chapter 283 You will must regret

She took several deep breathes and pressed the fury in her heart.

She came here to sue for peace with Ru Chen. If she argued with Mo Qinyu now, she would annoy Ru
Chen and be driven out.

Ru Chen, who was smiling just now, became gloomy suddenly when he saw her. His gaze was just as
sharp as arrow, pointing straight at the maid behind, "How dare you let her in without informing me?"

The maid shivered, "Isn't Miss Qin your friend?"

"Fuck off right now, this job doesn't fit you." He growled, frightening the maid to cry and flee away in

Qin Yiman's face turned blue and white, "Ru Chen, do you hate me so much?"

Ru Chen sneered, "You will get married, it's better not meet, in case of some unnecessary

Qin Yiman's heart twisted, "Since you know that, why do you meet Mo Qinyu? She is Yichen's wife, she
has husband!"

Ru Chen's eyes flashed gloomy light suddenly, "I'm her brother, and she is my younger sister, it's
normal for us to have a meal together."

Qin Yiman laughed. She knew clearly that the so-called brother and sister is just an excuse for Mo
Qinyu to close Ru Chen.

Mo Qinyu was a cheap bitch, why did those men addict to her so much?

"Yes, Mo Qinyu can only be your younger sister. Never want more. She has two husbands, Qin Yichen
and Xu Ruochen, she will not marry the third time. Or she would be the biggest joke in this country!"

Those words pierced into Ru Chen's heart, making his blue veins roll violently.

Qinyu should belong to him and they would have a perfect family if there was no accidents.

Mo Qinyu held her son to feed him fruit and kept silent.

Xiao Naibao still remembered Qin Yiman. She was that wicked aunt who wanted to drop him to death.
Her body must be occupied by a wicked witch.

Seeing them silent, Qin Yiman knew they were pierced into the weak spot. Then she continued and
raised her voice, "Ru Chen, only me can be your wife, only me in this world love you most. You have to
be clear and don't be trapped by someone. Keep your reason and your reputation."

With that, she turned to Mo Qinyu, "And you, you are now Yichen's wife and Xu Ruochen's child's
mother. If you still get entangled with Ru Chen, Yichen and Xu Ruochen will not let you go."

Mo Qinyu smiled faintly, "My sister-in-law, just prepare your wedding, and mind your own business."

Qin Yiman showed her white eyes, "I want to talk with Ru Chen alone, can you excuse yourself?"

Mo Qinyu shrugged her shoulders and stood up with her son, "Bro, it's late, i should go now."

Ru Chen was upset. He planned a lot this night, but they were all broken by Qin Yiman. "Okay, see you
next time."

As soon as Mo Qinyu left, Qin Yiman rushed over to hug him, "Ru Chen, give me one more chance,
okay? Let's start again. I don't want to marry with Liu Jingbao, I only want to marry you."

Ru Chen broke her hands and threw her aside coldly, "Qin Yiman, I disgust you, don't dream again."

Qin Yiman's beautiful facial features twisted, "Why? Can't I compare with Mo Qinyu? she has two
husbands! Do you still treat her as a treature?"

"Even if there is no Mo Qinyu, I would not like you." Ru Chen said indifferently.

Qin Yiman was kicked into bottomless abyss, which made her hurt a lot,

You will regret, Ru Chen. You will regret if I marry others!"

Ru Chen shrugged and smiled faintly, "I wish you a happy wedding in advance!"

Qin Yiman couldn't help burst out crying suddenly, "Ru Chen, I love you so much with all my heart, how
can you treat me like this? You are so cruel! I curse you never want to be together with Mo Qinyu and
you can only watch her be together with other man!"

Ru Chen clenched his teeth, a flame of fury burst out, "Fuck off!"

"I hate you, Ru Chen, I hate you all my life!" Qin Yiman ran out crying. If she couldn't get happiness, he
would never.

Mo Qinyu came out of the elevator. When she was going to open the door, Qin Yichen came out from
the oppoiste house, "Honey, you're back."

She pouted. This demon really moved here?

Xiao Naibao ran to him happily, "Uncle Demon, you really live here form now on?"

Qin Yichen showed a helpless expression, "Mommy doesn't want to move back, so I can only come

"Then can I come to your house to play?“ Xiao Naibao was curious.

"Of course, my home is your home." Qin Yichen stroked his head. After Mo Qinyu opened the door, he
came in with them together.

Xiao Naibao took out the military chess to play with him.

As he set the chess pieces, he asked, "Where did your mommy for dinner today?"

"Uncle Ru's house. When we are enjoying the fruits, that wicked aunt came in and argued with uncle
Ru. She even drove us out." Xiao Naibao pouted.

Qin Yichen knew who he talked. He streatched out his hands and pulled Mo Qinyu to sit beside, "Do
you argue with Qin YIman again?"

"Of course not, I'm not interested in the affairs between her and Ru Chen."

A light flashed in Qin Yichen's eyes, "It seems that she still has hope on Ru Chen."

Mo Qinyu stared outside, "She indeed loves Ru Chen, but she always wants to control Ru Chen, which
offends Ru Chen's bottom line."

Qin Yichen hooked up her jaw, "All right, go to wash yourself, wait for me in your room."

She gasped, this man really had strong desires!

But Xu Ruochen had some problems in his...

Always he was her first man, in these four years in America, they never had relationship, never.

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