Love in full bloom

Chapter 292 The Diamond Was Stolen

It took Mo Qinyu several days to design three sketches.

She had thought that Qin Yiman would be very picky, but unexpectedly, she chose one very quickly,
"You send a copy of the design drawing and 3D effect drawing to my mailbox, and I want Liu Jingbao to
have a look. "

"OK. " Mo Qinyu nodded.

Qin Yiman smiled, "Sister-in-law, my necklace now depends on you. Don't let me down. "

The tone was so gentle that Mo Qinyu was very surprised, and her eyes flashed a trace of confusion.

She couldn't figure out what Qin Yiman was planning.

But in any case, she had to design and make this necklace with all her heart.

She decided to inlay the diamonds herself.

There were many kinds of diamond inlay ways. Different inlay ways can create different styles and
beauty of diamonds. For the pink main diamond, Mo Qinyu adopted the way of illusion inlay, which
could make the main diamond look more shiny and charming.

Security and forensic personnel took the diamonds out of the vault.

The diamonds provided by customers should be inspected both in and out of the warehouse.

Diamonds would have triple insurance.

It was stored in a small safe box first, then in the safe, and finally transported into the vault by the
security guard.

Mo Qinyu looked at the diamond carefully. It was crystal clear, pure and flawless. It was a priceless
diamond with some light purple in pink.

In addition to the main diamond, there were 999 broken diamonds in this necklace designed by her,
which means that its owner's love should last forever.

She used the micro inlay method, and completed the inlay under the microscope. It took a whole week
to inlay all the diamonds delicately and perfectly.

According to Floweer's process, after the customized jewelry was finished, they would not put it into the
vault again, but notify the customer to come directly to get it.

But Qin Yiman called and said that she would be two days late for her holiday.

Mo Qinyu wanted to ask someone to send them to the Qin Yiman's house, but she insisted on taking
them by herself and trying them on.

Mo Qinyu could only arrange security guards to put the necklace in the vault.

At midnight.

The building was very quiet. There was no one but the security guard on duty.

A dark shadow had been lurking in the rooftop.

When it was late at night, he came out quietly and his black clothes were almost integrated with the

He walked into the fire stairs and came to the 28th floor, where Floweer's vault was located.

There were three security guards on duty.

However, it was not difficult for an expert robber to deal with them.

He had many ways.


At this time, Mo Qinyu was still awake. She was leaning her head on Qin Yichen's solid chest.

"Qin Yiman suddenly became kind. But I was a little bit uncomfortable. I was always worried about what
tricks she was playing. "

Qin Yichen's long fingers were gently rubbing on her smooth back, "I hope she's really figured it out.
There is no deep hatred between you and her. She imagined it all by herself. "

Mo Qinyu sighed, and she hoped so.

"In fact, I didn't expect her to be so kind. I could be satisfied if she doesn't make some evil plans
secretly. "

Qin Yichen turned over and pressed her under his body.

"You can think of nothing or nobody else at night but me. " He smiled and kissed her.

Just when their passion burst out, Mo Qinyu's the mobile phone rang.

Qin Yichen was a little fidgety and neglected.

Mo Qinyu poked her head out of his arms and said, "Who is calling? In the middle of the night, is there
anything urgent? "

"Leave it alone." He was "fighting hard" with Mo Qinyu and didn't want to stop.

Not long after he hung up, the cell phone rang again.

Mo Qinyu reached out and picked up the mobile phone.

Looking at the caller ID, Mo Qinyu found that it was from the company. She was slightly stunned and
answered quickly.

In the microphone, the voice of the security guard came anxiously, "Miss Mo, something is wrong. Last
night, a thief broke into the vault and stole the diamond necklace customized for Miss Qin."

"What? " Mo Qinyu shook violently and pushed Qin Yichen, "The diamond necklace designed for your
sister has been stolen. "

Qin Yichen was severely pushed and interrupted in the middle of the way. He was extremely upset,
"Which bastard did it? "

An extremely sharp cold light flashed through Mo Qinyu's eyes, "Those who can break into the vault
must not be ordinary thieves. I will go to the company quickly. "

Qin Yichen breathed a sigh and let her go.

If he caught the son of a bitch, he must tear him to pieces.

After getting dressed, they drove together to the Floweer company building.

The security minister was asking the security guard on duty.

"How did the thief get in? "

"Xiao Zhang heard the knock on the door and went to open the door to check the movement. The other
side used the anesthetic spray, and we soon lost consciousness. " Xiao Wang said.

"You are all professional security personnel. How can you open the door at will and make such a
serious mistake? " The Minister of security was furious and scolded loudly.

Mo Qinyu and Qin Yichen come over.

"Now it is not the time to pursue responsibility. We must find the necklace as soon as possible. Has the
monitoring of the building been transferred? " Mo Qinyu said.

Going to the computer, Mo Qinyu looked at the monitor carefully. The man in black kept his back to the
monitor. It seemed that he must have come here before so that he knew the location of the monitor.
And he's blindfolded, and others couldn't see his face even in the face of surveillance.

"This must be a very professional thief. I suspect he has a premeditation. " Said the Minister of security.

The eyes of Mo Qinyu flashed a cold light which was extremely sinister.

The security guard was outside the vault.

The vault used the most advanced anti-theft technology, not only to identify palmprint, but also to check
the face.

Except for her and Vice President Gao, no one else could enter the vault.

Did the thief steal her or Vice President Gao's palmprint and made the same face as them?

"Miss Mo, shall we call the police? " The minister of security asks.

Mo Qinyu shook her head and said thoughtfully, "We can't call the police. If we call the police, everyone
will know that our vault has been stolen, and the company will lose the trust of its customers. In the
future, no customers dare to put customized diamonds in our vault for safekeeping."

Qin Yichen hugged her shoulder, "I'll take care of the diamond. "

Mo Qinyu touched her hair and asked the security minister to call Vice President Gao and let him come
at once.

Neither the vault nor the safe was opened by force, which meant that thief was identified by computer.

In recent days,those strangers who deliberately approached her and Mr. Gao were all suspects.