Love in full bloom

Chapter 291 My Wife Is Preparing for Pregnancy

She seemed to have admitted that her misfortune is predetermined by God, but in fact she didn't.

She loved Qin Yichen so much. She had loved him ever since she met him for the first time.

He is so excellent and perfect in her eyes, just like Prince Apollo coming out of the Temple of the Sun.
There is no other man in the world who can compete with him.

She wanted to stay with him all her life. Even if she couldn't be his wife, she still would be satisfied as
long as he could have her in his heart.

But the appearance of Mo Qinyu destroyed her everything.

Mo Qinyu had firmly occupied his heart, leaving her no place.

Since they got back together, he would never come to see her again unless she used lies.

She couldn't just sit and wait. She couldn't let this situation go on so she must take his heart.

Qin Yichen took out a card and put it on the tea table, "You need to buy the right jewelry. If you don't
wear it properly, it will be hard. "

His words wer very euphemistic, but he knew that An'an could understand it.

An'an's vest suddenly feels cold. She knew what Qin Yichen was talking about. It must be Mo Qinyu
who had accused her secretly.

Shouldn't she quarrel with Qin Yichen heavily?

Why were getting better and better and moving back to the Hubin Villa?

Have they seen through her plots?

She clenched her teeth secretly. It seemed that Mo Qinyu was not as stupid as she thought.

"I haven't spent all the money you gave me last time. Don't need to give me. " She tried to keep calm
without any clue, as if she didn't understand Qin Yichen's meaning at all.

Qin Yichen didn't want to bring it out into the open so he just lightly said, "Women are cute only when
they are obedient, and women who looks making trouble are perishing. As long as you are good, you
can stay in your own position all the time." With that, he got up and walked out.

An'an seemed to have been stung by a wasp. She showed a happy smile.

What she wanted was not to stay where she was, but to be his favorite woman.

And Mo Qinyu was the biggest stumbling block. As long as she existed, her wish could never come

In Longcheng, there were some people who also hated Mo Qinyu just like her.

Qin Yiman was looking over the wedding dress style that the designer brought.

She was full of resentment. As long as she thought of the sweet scene of Qin Yichen and Mo Qinyu,
she really wanted to maltreat and kill this b**ch.

She was really a bad b**ch. If it wasn't for her, Qin Yiman would have married Ru Chen. How could she
be so poor and had to marry another man?

She must be taught a good lesson.

She threw the design aside and walked out of the living room. She had something to discuss with her

In the afternoon, Qin Yichen received a call from Mrs. Qin, asking him to take Mo Qinyu and her child
home for dinner.

Qin Yichen did not expect that his mother would suddenly change her attitude, which was so amazing,
just like the sun rising from the West.

But Mo Qinyu felt that it was a dinner at Hongmen where treachery was planned.

When they went to the Qin's house, the old madam was very happy to see them coming. She asked
little Nai Bao to sit by her side.

Seeing this, Mrs.Qin sneered in heart. It was not her own grandson. Was it necessary to be so kind?

She never really accepted Mo Qinyu. If Qin Yiman hadn't let her call, she would have not let Mo Qinyu

Qin Yiman saw the diamond ring on Mo Qinyu's ring finger at a glance and deliberately asked, "ls this
ring designed by yourself? "

"No, it was designed by Yichen." Mo Qinyu shrugged and said lightly.

Qin Yiman was somewhat speechless. It seemed that Qin Yichen really regarded this woman as a
treasure. How bored he is!

"Qinyu, you are the hottest jewelry designer now. You have also won awards in the United States. I
want you to design the diamond necklace for my wedding, OK? "

She deliberately used a gentle tone, like a request between family members, so Qin Yichen could not

Mo Qinyu looked at her in a quiet and cold way, and her intuition told her that there was fraud in it.

But old Mrs. Qin, Qin Yuhan and Sima Yuer were all there. If she refused on the spot, she seemed so

Fortunately, before she spoke, Qin Yichen graciously declined, "My wife is very busy recently. I'm afraid
that she doesn't have time. You'd better ask for a better one. "

Qin Yiman gave him a bad look, "No matter how busy you are, you won't have no time to design a
necklace. Besides, doesn't Floweer have advanced customization business? Miss Mo, don't you want
to take my order? "

"There are many designers in Floweer. If you want to place an order, I will arrange one for you." Qin
Yichen said slowly and methodically.

Qin Yiman pouted, "The reason why I want my sister-in-law to design the necklace for me is to take this
opportunity to ease our relationship. No matter what kind of contradictions we had before, now I'm
going to get married. I hope that we could get along well from now on regardless of the past. If my
sister-in-law is not willing to design for me, it means that she still hates me and is not willing to make
peace with me. "

Since she had said so, if Mo Qinyu refused again, she would be unreasonable and inappropriate in
others' eyes.

After a sip of tea, Mo Qinyu smiled, "I do want to take it, but I'm just worried that my design can't satisfy
you. "

"I'm not a picky person. No matter what style you design, I can accept it. " Qin Yiman acted kind and

Old Mrs. Qin looked at her granddaughter. If she really figured it out and was willing to get along with
Mo Qinyu, it would be a good thing both for her and the Qin family.

"Qinyu, since Yiman really wants to make peace with you, I think you should just agree. It is not easy
for enemies to become friends. You both need to cherish this chance. After all, we are all one family. "

"OK. I see. " Mo Qinyu nodded. Since this was old Mrs. Qin's words, she had to agree.

Qin Yiman's face showed a subtle smile.

Mo Qinyu, let's just wait and see.

Qin Yichen raised his hand and put it on Mo Qinyu's flat stomach. "My wife is preparing for pregnancy.
She can't work too hard. You can't be too choosy. Otherwise, please ask others to do it for you. "

"Don't worry. I won't make her too tired. " Qin Yiman stares at her. Even if she was pregnant, it was
hard to say which man's baby it was.

After dinner, she showed Mo Qinyu a picture in her mobile phone, "This pink diamond, as the main
diamond of the necklace, I will arrange someone to send it to your company in a few days. "

Mo Qinyu took a look at it. It is a very big pink diamond, at least ten carats, which is very valuable.

"I see. I will design some styles for you to choose these days. "


Diamond was delivered on Friday. Qin Yiman hadn't informed Mo Qinyu in advance.

Mo Qinyu happened to meet a customer outside, so she told the assistant to take the personnel from
the appraisal department to check and receive the goods. She also repeatedly told them to take care of
the diamond.