Love in full bloom

Chapter 289: Put It On For Me

" I'm going to the company this afternoon."

" You are not allowed. If you don't stay on the bed today, you can't get off from the bed for next three
days then." He threatened word by word.

She shivered instantly since she knew that he would do what he said. He would not be perfunctory with
those things so she could only obey him and stay in the bed.

Qin Yichen poured a cup of water for her. He glanced at the end table and the ring was on it.

He seemed to have been stabbed and his face trembled.

" Qinyu, is my design that bad, that awful?"

" Not at all. It's beautiful, special and ingenious. But what I want for my wedding ring is a unique one. I
would definitely not wear the same ring with your lover." She said firmly.

He was so surprised and shocked. He thought what she said was inexplicable," This is the first time
that I give a ring to a woman and there will be more times, but the woman will be only you. There will
be no others."

She looked at him deeply.

His expression was so frank and sincere. His tone was solemn without any sense of humbug or any
reaction of guilty.

She was confused," So there will be no one else have the ring with the same style of this one?"

He lifted his eyebrows and said with aggressiveness," This ring was designed by me and it is unique. If
anyone is dared to copy or steal my design, I will kick them to jail and they will stay in the jail forever."

A smile showed on her face gradually. She reached out her white clear fingers to him," Put it on for

" Never mind, don't force yourself."

Qin Yichen waved his hand on purpose but there was a imperceptible sense of mischievousness on his

She stuck out her tongue at him," I'm not forcing myself. Put it on for me, hurry up."

He took up the ring and put it on her ring finger. A charming smile showed on his face," You are not
allowed to remove it since you have put it on."

" I have to remove it when take a shower at least." She smiled archly.

He reached out his warm had and covered it on her head and rubbed it gently," Such an argumentative

" I am. What can you do?" She wrinkled her nose showing acting shamelessly.

Suddenly he moved forward to her and kissed on her soft lips," Do I lack the methods to deal with

That was a threat. She hid her head in her shoulders and covered her face with the quilt.

To deal with a devil, it was not wise to fight head to head. That was throwing straws against the wind.
The best way was using wisdom, using softness to overcome hardness.

Outside the door, Xiaonaibao put his ear on the door and listened them. He felt that they made peace.
He covered his mouth with his hand and laughed furtively.

At noon, Qin Yichen asked the maid to cook chicken soup. It was good when people got cold since it
could enhance resistance.

After Qinyu stayed on the bed for the half of the day, she was so bored. She seized the chance going
downstairs when Qin Yichen went to play baseball with Xiaonaibao.

When they came back, she was leaning on the soft and eating an ice-cream.

Two beautiful eyebrows of Yichen frowned instantly.

Such a dumb dora, she knew nothing about taking care of herself. How could she eat an ice-cream
when she was having a fever?!

He stepped up quickly and took over the ice-cream from her," Is your mind also burned by the fever?
Don't you know that you can't eat an ice-cream when you are having a cold?"

Qinyu was so confused. She did not know what was happening at all," What are you talking about?
How can I have a fever? How can I get cold?"

Xiaonaibao was so afraid of exposing himself so he said instantly," Mommy is just like that. She never
knows how to take care of herself. Daddy took care of her when we were in USA and now, it all
depends on uncle devil."

Qinyu was so helpless. Was that the finishing stroke?

" I know how to take care of myself. You won't be this healthy and strong if I'm that dumb."

Xiaonaibao knew that it was time to change a topic. He would expose himself if they continued talking
about that.

" Mommy, it's time for us to go back home, isn't it? I miss the river band villa very much. I can play
baseball with uncle devil in the yard and go fishing or boating in the lake there. It's so fun there."

Qinyu saw that her son was expecting that a lot so she could only compromise. She sighed and said,"
Let's go back since you want to."

Xiaonaibao started smiling, showing his white teeth. His eyelashes was twinkling and giving a beam of
sly light to Qin Yichen.

Qin Yichen could not say anything but laugh. This little guy was so cute and smart. He liked this little
guy unfeignedly.

There was also a sense of mawkishness with him.

If his kid could be born, he must be this cute and smart, too.

After the dinner, they packed their staff and moved back to the river band villa.

Xiaonaibao was so happy. He ran to his playing room in spirits.

Qin Yichen cuddled Qinyu's shoulders," See, my wife, nowhere is better than our own home no matter
how good the outside. Don't run away from home again in the future."

Qinyu pursed her mouth. Next time she would find a place that he could not find her if he dared to
philandering again and make her angry.

Tonight, there would be a Leonid Meteor Shower.

Xiaonaibao wanted to watch the Shower so Yichen took them to the riverside.

Qinyu put a picnic cloth on the grass ground.

The three of them lay on it and watched the brilliant shining stars all over the night sky.

Yichen held the hand of the kid teaching him about the constellations.

Qinyu watched them at aside. Even though they were not blood related, they looked like a father and a
son. They were so close without any gap between them.

Somehow, she found that they looked more and more similar as she was watching.

Yichen had a pair of handsome eyebrows and a pair of charming eyes.

Also Xiaonaibao, his eyes and eyebrows were very similar with Yichen. It seemed that he inherited
Yichen's gene.

She rubbed her eyes. Illusion, it must be a illusion. No, it should be a coincidence.

It was a coincidence that the kid had the similar eyebrows and eyes with Yichen.

A fire arc swept the sky. Xiaonaibao yelled excitedly," Shooting star! It's a shooting star! In USA, sister
Maria said that the god would know if you make a vow to a shooting star and he would satisfy the vow."

" Are you going to make a vow?" Qinyu smiled.

The kid nodded then shook his head.

He wished that his mommy and daddy could get together again and them three could live in a happy
live just like back in USA. But uncle devil would leave then. Such a contradictory.

Qinyu patted the kid's head," What's wrong, dear?"

Xiaonaibao twinkled his eyes and said seriously," It would be the best if you and daddy and uncle devil
could live together. I won't be worried about losing daddy or losing uncle devil then."