Love in full bloom

Chapter 290: An Eye For An Eye

Qin Yichen patted his head," Little guy, your daddy is always your daddy. You will not lose him at all."

The black eyes of Xiaonaibao rotated," If mommy divorce with uncle devil, uncle devil will be other's
father and never play with me. Am I right?"

Yichen looked at the innocent face of the kid. It seemed that there was a thin string wiping his heart
gently," I will no divorce with your mommy. She will be my wife for the whole life."

Xiaonaibao pursed his mouth," What if there is a bad woman? Are you going to divorce? A bad woman
is the worst thing in this world. Daddy and mommy were divorced since a bad woman disturbed the
wedding. Mommy always argue with uncle devil and run away from home since a bad woman, too."

Yichen coughed twice. A strange smile showed on his handsome face," I will kick the bad woman out of
the Galaxy if she is dared to show up."

Xiaonaibao laughed. His beautiful big eyes were twinkling under the star light," Mommy, you do not
have to worry about that uncle devil will be taken away by some bad woman. He would not go with the
bad woman."

Xiaonaibao's words made Yichen and Qinyu embarrassed a lot.

A kid was a kid, always told the truth.

His words matched Qinyu's mind and suddenly she was a little embarrassed," Am I worried? I'm not
worried at all. It all depends on conscientiousness. I will definitely not accept a half-hearted man."

Yichen leaned forward a little. The hot breath of him spread on her face," You must be hell-bent on if
you want me to be wholehearted. Do you understand?"

She felt a little pain on her face. It seemed that her face was burnt by his breath," I won't be half-
hearted at all. I'm always a single-minded person."

" Great. I remembered that." He showed an evil curve with his lips.

Mo Qinyu reached out her hand. The diamond ring was shining a bright light under the moonlight and

" Alas!" She sighed slightly," This ring is really beautiful. It will be better if it is unique."

Yichen frowned," What are you thinking about again? It's definitely a unique one."

She pursed her lips," Yichen, I don't know if I should tell you this."

" What?" Yichen lifted his eyebrows.

" On the day before the day you gave me the ring, I saw a ring that was exactly same with this one."
Yichen jumped up from the ground before when she was not finishing her words. His body trembled
hard," It's impossible!"

" I saw by my eyes. How could it be impossible?" She thrugged her shoulders.

Yichen was shocked. He opened his eyes widely," Who's wearing it?"

She swallowed and her voice became lower but clear," On that day, Anan suddenly called me and
asked me to meet in a Starbucks. I saw a ring on her ring finger. The design was so special and fancy,
so I paid more attention to it. I thought that she had a new boyfriend and it was given by her boyfriend.
But what I did not expect was that you gave me exactly the same one. The only difference was that the
one on her finger was made by gemstones and mine was made by diamonds. How could I not be
angry? How could I not be disappointed?"

Yichen was suddenly stunned. A flame of anger flashed in his eyes," Why didn't you tell me earlier?"
That was why she disliked the ring a lot and said that his ring was mess-produced.

" Since I can't make sure if the ring, she had was given by you." She pursed her mouth.

Yichen squinted his eyes and he looked very gloomy," I would find out what happened."

She waved her hand," Never mind. She will deny it if you go to ask her. Maybe she would say that I'm
framing her up, that I'm trying to break the relationship between you two."

Yichen moved his lips. He tried to say something, but he didn't. After a while of silent, he said," Just
count the ring I gave you the first gift from me, not a wedding ring."

" Why?" She was a little stunned.

He pinched the point of her jaw and his eyes showed a sense of solemnness," You are the only woman
of mine so the wedding ring should be unique. I will design another one since there was someone
already wore it."

She smiled mildly curving her eyes like two crescents," It doesn't matter since it was not given by you."

He bent his body and kissed on her lips gently since Xiaonaibao was still there. They should keep a low
profile," The ring is a gift only for my wife. How could I give it to others?"

Qinyu smiled as she embraced his neck and kissed back, not on his lips but on his cheek.

Xiaonaibao raised his hand and covered his own eyes," Are you going to bite each other's mouth? Just
ignore me."

Qinyu rubbed his little head gently," Nonsense, mommy and uncle are looking at the stars with you

Yichen sat up and embraced him to his laps," Little guy, I have married your mother and I could be
counted as a half father of you. Isn't that so strange if you always call me uncle? How about call me

Xiaonaibao twinkled his eyes," I will call you father devil then."

" That's good. There is father in it." Yichen kissed on Xiaonaibao's pink cheek and showed a charming

Qinyu smiled, too. She knew that Yichen asked the kid to call him father since he'd like to treat
Xiaonaibao as his own son.

At this time, the other side of Long City.

Anan was standing beside the window, looking at the clear and bright Moon in the sky. The gemstone
ring on her ring finger was reflecting a glaring cold light.

She found the design drawing on Yichen's desk when she delivered coffee to his office.

She was clear that even though Qinyu and Yichen got back together, their relationship was still not
stable, and it could be broken anytime. She must use the chance and let them break up.

In the afternoon of the next day, Yichen went to visit Anan.

" Is your forehead better?" He did not show anything. His mood was calm.

" I had some pills and I'm better." Anan nodded gently and sat beside him.

A cold light flashed away in his deep dark eyes," That's good. Qinyu is my wife. All the people around
me should respect her. No matter who he or she is, understand?"

The muscle on Anan's face trembled," Do you really love her?"

Yichen nodded without hesitation," She's the most important person of me."

" What about me? We have been together for all those years. Don't you have any feeling to me?" Anan
was so hurt.

Yichen pursed his lips and he said with a little bit of indifference," Your position have never changed."

It seemed like that Anan was hit by a lightning. Her shoulders trembled tempestuously, and she felt that
all her organs were twisted together. However, she did not wrangle or quarrel. She just said with a low
voice," I got it."