Love in full bloom

Chapter 288: Why You Dislike Me A Lot

Suddenly she grabbed the ring and she wanted to throw it to the outside, but her hand stopped in the

The ring was like thousands tones heavy and she could not life her arm.

No matter the blue main diamond or the golden diamond fragments of the ring, they were all clear and
pure. Every piece of them was invaluable.

That matched Qin Yichen's personality. He would give the best and the unique one if he decided to give

He could change a design if he wanted to give Anan a ring. Why would he give the same one?

That would hurt her and himself.

He was evil, foxy and never left a loophole when he was doing something. How could he did not pay
attention to this?

After a long while of silence, she got off from the bed. When she went downstairs, Yichen was not at
home already. There was a huge sunken part on the wall outside the door and the ground under it was
full of dust.

It was obviously left by him.

In the next few days, Qin Yichen did not show himself at all. It was not known if he was angry with her
and did not want to meet her or he went to Anan's place.

Originally, she thought that she would be leisurely but there was a loneliness in the quiet air, and she
was surrounded. It seemed that she was the only one left in this world.

Even Though there was Xiaonaibao playing aside her, her loneliness did not reduce at all.

Xiaonaibao was reading a book on the sofa. He looked to the door ever and again," Mommy, is uncle
devil coming back today? He has not come back for several days. Did you argue again?"

She patted the kid's head," He's busy these days so he has no time to come here."

" Is he going back to the riverside villa? Let's move back, too. I like living there." Xiaonaibao said

A bitter taste spread to all her senses when she heard the kid's words.

She knew that the kid wanted to go back to the riverside villa since he wanted to see Qin Yichen every

In his mind, Qin Yichen was already the second father of him.

" You can call him if you miss your uncle devil."

The black big eyes of Xiaonaibao rotated and a sense of cunning flashed in his eyes.

At this time, Qin Yichen was punching a punch bag manically in a gym to abreact his anger.

The ring he designed after all those whole nights. How dare that woman dislike the ring!

And she said it was mass-produced/

That was nothing short of a billion of real damage.

Was his design that bad, tacky and totally a trash?

The worst of all was that he had been disappeared for three days. That woman did not even send him
a massage. She did not care about him at all.

She really did not put him in her mind, heartless, hardhearted.

He punched the punch bag several times in a fury. The punch bag was even destroyed.

It was the 105th punch bag he destroyed in these three days.

At this time, the phone rang.

His gloomy eyes suddenly turned bright when he saw the CID.

The heartless woman, finally she was asking for peace.

He pressed the answer button and a cute voice of Xiaonaibao came through from the other side of the

" Uncle devil, are you coming back today?"

Qin Yichen lay on a cushion and his bright eyes turned down again. His face was also covered by a

It was the kid calling, not that stupid woman.

" Uncle is busy these day. I'm afraid I can't go back."

" But mommy misses you a lot. She sighs every day and eats very little. She's even ill since that. She
got fever today. I'm very worried. You may loss my mommy if you are still not coming back." Xiaonaibao
sniffed like he was sobbing.

Qin Yichen got up from the cushion with a carp flip immediately.

" Your mommy got fever? Did she go to see the doctor?"

" No, she didn't. She just had some pills by herself and stayed in the room sleeping. She did not even
have the breakfast." Xiaonaibao said with a worrying and sad mood.

" I will be there right now."

All the nerves of Qin Yichen's body were tight up and he went back like a storm.

Stupid woman, she did not know how to take care of herself even after she was a mother. Such

In the apartment, Xiaonaibao hung the phone up and showed a foxy smile on his face.

He had some fruit and read the time. Qin Yichen was probably going to be there, so he went to Mo

" Mommy, your face doesn't look good today. It's time to have a mask."

After that, he opened a mask for her.

Mo Qinyu did not know the trick of the little boy at all. She did not want to waste the mask since he had
opened it, so she took it over.

After she put on the mask, she lay on a deck chair and had a rest.

Xiaonaibao went downstairs and wait for the Qin Yichen's arrival.

Qin Yichen arrived with a sonic speed.

Xiaonaibao sat on the sofa and lowered his head. He looked very upset," Uncle Devil, mommy is
wearing a mask after she heard that you are coming. She did not want you to see her tired look."

Qin Yichen was very worried when he heard that. All the angers in his mind were disappeared.

When he was just going to go upstairs, the voice of Xiaonaibao came through from behind again,"
Mommy did not want you to know that she is ill. Just pretend you don't."

Qin Yichen nodded and went upstairs.

On the balcony, Mo Qinyu was nearly fall asleep. She heard the steps and thought that was
Xiaonaibao. She said in a low voice," Dear, is teacher coming?"

Qin Yichen reached out his hand and put it on her forehead. He felt that the temperature was not bad.
It seemed that it had cool down, so he was relaxed a little bit.

Mo Qinyu was so frightened. She jumped up from the chair immediately.

Her eyes were widely opened when she saw the man behind.

" Devil, don't you even make sound while walking?"

He did not answer it but lifted her up horizontally and walked to the bed.

" Let go me! It's daytime! Don't even think about it!"

Qin Yichen put her on the bed and covered her with the quilt. He looked at her from the up with his
deep dark eyes," Think about what?"

Her face was flushed," I don't want to sleep. Why you put me on the bed?"

" You must have a good rest when you are ill. Don't mess around." He flipped on her forehead gently.

She pursed her mouth and stared at him with a doubting face," I'm ill? I'm all good! I can eat. I can
sleep. I'm very comfortable during the time you are not here.”

Qin Yichen shook his head and had a bitter smile.

He found out that this woman was Janus-faced and stubborn.

He would be annoyed a lot if Xiaonaibao did not tell him the truth.

" I don't care if you were comfortable or not. You will stay on the bed today, I order you. Do not even
think about going anywhere." He was like giving a imperial edict, arbitrary and overbearing.

She nearly spat out blood. She even wanted to kill herself by smashing her head to his strong chest.