Love in full bloom

Chapter 284 She is not Yi Ran

Yi Ran followed over at the second day when Xu Ruochen arrived at Jincheng.

"A'chen, do you have to divorce? How can you forget our past? Don't you love me?"

Seeing her, Xu Ruochen felt her strange. She was totally different from before.

Six years ago when she left, she asked him to swear, if she had an accident, he had to wait for her for
six years and never had any relationship with other women.

He did it.

During the four years in America with Mo Qinyu, he never had intimate relationship with Mo Qinyu.
Although she was really delicate and gorgeous, although his desires drove him crazy, he would endure

He kept his promise. So he owed her nothing, nor betrayed their love.

In order to keep their promise, he missed the most beautiful time with Mo Qinyu.

Human beings' emotion would change.

In the past, he loved Yi Ran so much that he would like to die for her and do anything for her.

But now, he loved Mo Qinyu.

If he knew he would lose Mo Qinyu, he would rather breaking this promise and spent with Mo Qinyu as
a real couple.

It was a pity that he couldn't turn back the clock. No matter how rich he was, he couldn't do it.

What he could do was grab her back.

Seeing him silent, Yi Ran's heart fell into the rifter.

She took off her clothes one by one.

"A'chen, no matter what, let me be your real wife this time.“

while Xu Ruochen wanted to turn back, he noticed something on Yi Ran's body.

He had intimate relationship with Yi Ran before, so he knew her body much. There was a small scar on
her shoulder, which caused by a beast when she went to shoot in Great Rift Valley. It was tiny.

But this woman in front of him had nothing on her shoulder.

A sharp light falshed in his eyes.

"Yi Ran, why does the scar on your left shoulder disappear?"

Yi Ran shook a lot, hurried to pick up the clothes and wore them on, "I... I went to the hopital to remove
the scare."

"Is the scar on your left shoulder?"


Xu Ruochen sneered, a killing aura arouse from his face.

He streached out his hands and pinched Yi Ran's neck, "You are not Yi Ran, who are you!"

The woman's face turned pale suddenly, "What the hell are you talking? Of course I'm Yi Ran."

Xu Ruochen's blue veins rolled, "The scar is on her right shoulder, not left. I just tested you just now."

The woman shivered, feeling horrible. "I'm Yi Ran, I'm indeed Yi Ran. I only lost my memory before, so
I can't remember it clearly."

Xu Ruochen's fingers tightened, "Tell me the truth, or your neck will be broken."

Her face turned purple, her eyes rolled and her tongue stuck out.

"Okay, okay, I will tell you."

Xu Ruochen loosened. She collasped, sitting on the ground and coughing violently.

"I'm A'lan, Yi Ran's twin sister."

Xu Ruochen was shocked/

Before Yi Ran left America, she told him that she had found her twin sister who had seperated with her
for a long time. But he never met her.

"You are her twin sister?"

A'lan nodded, "We met two days before she left America. After her accident, I went to the police
department. As her only relative in the world, I inherited all her property. After I sold her house, I left the
United States and went back to Burma.With this money, I'm a rich woman here. I lived high on the hog
and became addicted to gambling. I used up all my money and borrowed from usury. Just when I was
cornered, a man came. He said if I would listen to him, he would help me pay the usury, and he would
give me a large sum of money to make me rich again. He took me to the hospital to have a micro
plastic surgery, which made me look almost exactly like Yi Ran. Then I pretended to be Yi Ran and
came to China."

Xu ruochen's beautiful features were twisted into a ferocious mass in the fierce anger.

"Who is that man?"

"I don't know. He seems to work for other people. Once I overheard him on the phone, calling his boss
Mr. Qin." A'lan said trembling.

"Mr. Qin!" Xu ruochen's teeth were clenched, his knuckles creaking in the air

He understood. He understood everything.

It was all Qin Yichen's conspiracy.

He asked A'lan to pretend to be Yi Ran to break his wedding and forced Mo Qinyu to restore her
identity, so that he, Xu Ruochen would be blamed by the public and then he would take Mo Qinyu back

Good! What a perfect conspiracy!

He punched the wall in a rage, breaking the tiles into pieces and slamming them to the ground.


The next day, as soon as Mo Qinyu came in her office, Xu Ruochen came over.

"Than woman is not Yi Ran, Yi Ran has already died, She is Yi Ran's twin sister, A'lan."

"What?" Mo Qinyu was stunned.

"It's all designed by Qin Yichen. He sent someone to Burma to find A'lan to pretend to be Yi Ran, then
broke our wedding and exposed your identity. He is really cunning."

Mo Qinyu shivered all over.

She couldn't believe Qin Yichen would do that.

He said he would let her go, why did he still stab her behind?

"Maybe you make a mistake, it's not like his style?" She asked.

Although he was domineering, insolent, and cruel, he would not go back on his word.

If he had secretly planned everything behind, why did he torture himself, and drink too much, causing
his stomach bleeding?

"People like Qin Yichen can do anything he wants. Last time the failture in pursuing company in Europe
is caused by Qin Yichen. He is revenging us. You left him and married me, which made him angry. How
can he let us go? So he gave you a mercy stroke in our wedding to expose your identity."

Xu Ruochen gnashed, the flames of rage burned in every cell, in every pore.

Mo Qinyu was in blank now. She couldn't believe what Xu Ruochen said.

"Maybe A'lan wanted to frame Qin Yichen after she was exposed."

"Qinyu!" Xu Ruochen held her shoulders, "A'lan can't come back China without any reason, nor pretend
to be Yi Ran to break our wedding. The biggest beneficiary of the plot is Qin Yichen. Once you become
Mo Qinyu, you have to back to him."