Love in full bloom

Chapter 285 I'm afraid you to murder

Mo Qinyu's heart twisted.

Expect Qin Yichen, she couldn't figure out who had the intention to do this.

He was punishing her. He couldn't let her go.

What was more, she was the only one who could satisfy him, how can he let her go.

"A'chen, so what? What can we do? I have become Mo Qinyu again, we can't come back."

Xu Ruochen punched on the wall, "It's all my fault, if I can expose her in our wedding, Qin Yichen's plan
would not succeed."

Mo Qinyu lowered her eyes, the long thick lashes cast two mournful shadows on the white lids, "He
can't divorce me."

Xu ruochen's fundus flashed an angry firelight, ""If he is really good to you and loves you with all his
heart, I can let him go, but he has An'an on his side, he never put you in his heart, how can I see you
be bullied by him?"

Those words made Mo Qinyu hurt.

In Qin Yichen's heart, An'an must be more important than her.

So she could be so confident that Qin Yichen would not seperate with her.

Actually, An'an was not a mistress. She knew Qin Yichen eariler than her and if it was not the
engagement the old Qin made before, he would already marry An'an.

She could divoce Qin Yichen and let An'an be his wife, but she couldn't have a husband with another

"Maybe the first day we met, my life is destined to be a tragedy."

"Qinyu." Xu Ruochen hold her shoulder, "I will take you away Qin Yichen, wait for me."

She did not answer, with an air of resigned resignation. She did not dare to hold out too much hope, for
she would always be disappointed. She was not a greedy person, just wanted to live a quiet life, but
such a small wish couldn't be achieved.


By the time she got back to the apartment that evening, Qin Yichen had already arrived, playing
baseball in the stadium downstairs with Xiao Naibao.

Since he moved here, he appeared early every day, as if he had really reformed his ways and stopped
having secret trysts with his old lover.

But she knew it was impossible.

He must have rescheduled to go in the morning or at noon to give the illusion of getting home on time.

She asked the babysitter to bring Xiao Naibao back to the room, then went to the refrigerator, brought
out two cans of juice and gave him one, "I got a message today that the woman who made trouble at
my wedding with xu ruochen was not the real Yi Ran, but a fake."

Qin Yichen was shocked, "Fake?"

"Yes, she is Yi Ran's twin siser, A'lan." She took a sip of the juice, trying to keep calm, as if stating a

Qin Yichen's beautiful eyes narrowed, "Did you meet Xu Ruochen today?"

She shrugged, "Of course he wanted me to know something so important."

Suddenly he reached out his hand and pulled her into his arms. "you are my wife now, and whatever
happens to him has nothing to do with you."

She gave him an angry white look, broke his hand and sat down on the sofa. "He is xiao jun's father,
and a lot of things about him will affect xiao jun, especially what kind of woman he will be with. Xiao Jun
will finally go back Xu Family, if his wife regard Xiao jun as an eyesore, Xiao Jun would be very
dangerous, So I have to pay attention to him." She said, which made Qin Yichen can't refute.

The child was the bond of the two, they couldn't separate in the future.

"So you are happy now, right? Yi Ran is fake, Xu Ruochen can return single again."

She raised her eyes, staring at him without missing his any expression, "No, what I concern about is
the designer behind. Who is him?"

Qin Yichen's eyes flashed gloomy light, "Who do you think he is?"

Mo Qinyu kept a calm voice, then said slowly, " I don't know. As what she said, someone sent his man
to Burma to find her and made her have a mini-plastic surgery so that she can pretend to be Yi Ran to
break our wedding. What's his intention? Only for expose my identity and force me back to you?"

Qin Yichen's face turned dark and gloomy, as if being dyed by the night outside, "Silly woman, tell what
you want to say directly."

"It's just a valid suspicion." She shrugged, in a deliberate, casual tone

Qin Yichen clenched her chew and stared at her, "Are you doubting me?"

"What? Are you guilty?" She refuted.

He sneered, with a disappointment expression in his face, "You really know me little. If I want to go
back , I would directly tie you back."

She was speechless. This was really his style.

"Actually, it's really not your style, but who can do this expect you?"

"Go to ask that woman, it's really simple." Qin Yichen said angrily.

She pouted, " Xu Ruochen has asked her, she said that man called his boss Mr. Qin. Although there
were many Mr. Qin, I only know you."

Qin Yichen's thick eyebrows raised suddenly, he streached out and grasped her hands, "Go to find Xu

He wanted to find the bitch who wanted to frame him.

She threw his hands away hard, "Xu Ruochen came back Yan city with A'lan this afternoon."

"He must be guilty. Does he afraid to face me?" Qin Yichen sneered.

"Of course not, he...he is afraid you will kill A'lan. No matter what, A'lan is the only sister of Yi Ran."
She wrinkled her nose and said slowly.