Love in full bloom

Chapter 281 the Difficulties of Qin Yichen

The servant screamed with fear.

Qin Yichen just walked to the door. Hearing the sound, he kicked the door open.

"What happened?"

The servant pointed to Mo Qinyu and cried, "she pushed Miss An to the ground. Miss An's head hit the
coffee table, and there was a lot of blood."

Mo Qinyu was stunned for a moment and then explained, "I didn't push her. She fell down on her own."

There was an imperceptible cunning on An’an’s face. She fell down on purpose and hit the corner of
the coffee table.

Mo Qinyu hardly came here. She can’t waste her careful plAn'aning if she didn't play a play here?.

"Yes... I fell down myself. It has nothing to do with Mrs. Qin. " An'an pretended to explain and winked at
the servant. She has been bought by her for a long time, so she would help her."It was her. I can see it
clearly when I stand by..."

Before she finished, An'an shouted, "OK, there's nothing for you here. Leave now."

The servant mumbled and left.

Qin Yichen took a look at Mo Qinyu and ordered Kai Luo to get the medicine bag and bandage the
wound An'an.

Mo Qinyu bit her teeth secretly. She was very clear that she didn't use strength just now. Even if An'an
didn't stand firm and fell down, it would not be so serious.

This woman was really scheming. She was playing. It was a wonderful play of bitterness.

An'an hoped that Qin Yichen would bandage the wound for her personally, but Qin Yichen didn't. He let
Kai Luo do it.

She was disappointed, but she didn't say anything or cry. Her eyes were full of tears, as if she was
struggling with pain.

This look was more delicate than pear blossom with rain.

After Kai Luo bandaged up, An'an opened her mouth and squeezed out a smile. "I'm OK." It seemed
that she was so tolerant, so kind, and magnanimous.

Mo Qinyu admired her acting skills very much. What was attention whore? She was a attention whore!

But she didn't intend to argue or reveal her. She had come to make Qin Yichen angry.

She would took this big blame.

"Qin Yichen, do you have any special pain? Yes, I pushed her. I came here today to find your lover for
accounting. How can I make her feel better? " She put her hands on her waists and glared at him
aggressively. "I can't forgive her. I can't coexist with this woman. Choose one by yourself. She or Me? If
you really can't choose, I'll go to the old Mrs. Qin and ask her to choose for you."

A great pain hit Qin Yichen.

She won't come here and make a big fuss for no reason. She did it deliberately. She wanted to annoy
him and force him to divorce.

She had mind to leave him again.

"Go back." His throat was blocked by pain and his voice choked. He stepped forward, picked her up
and walked straight out.

"Let me down, asshole!" She hit him on the chest with a fist, and he moaned. Then she remembered
that he had a wound on his chest. When she saw a bright red bloodstain, she was so scared that she
could not move any more.

Looking at them, An'an was very disappointed.

Qin Yichen didn't say a word, not even a word to blame her.

This was not the result she wanted to see.

Into the car, there was silence all the way.

When they arrived the fall, Mo Qinyu opened the door of the car and ran out, as if eager to get rid of

He was impatient to follow behind. There were thick contradiction and melancholy in his eyes.

In the apartment, Xiao Naibao was sitting on the sofa and reading a book. Seeing Qin Yichen, he called
out sweetly, "Uncle demon!"

Qin Yichen came over and stroked his head. "Uncle will teach you to play military chess later, OK?"

"I already learned. Yesterday my father came here. He taught me to play military chess and told me the
story of Tianji racing." Xiao Naibao grinned and this sentence made him suffered.

His brows were slightly frowned. The melancholy in his eyes was aggravated, and his face became
dark and pale.

Today, Xu Ruochen has come. No wonder she has become so determined to leave him.

Mo Qinyu ignored him and told the nanny to give the fruit for the child. And then she went upstairs

He followed.

"You have quarreled. Haven't you calmed your anger?"

"Leave. I want to be alone." She poured a glass of ice water and went to the window. Her expression
was as cold as ice.

He walked up to her, grabbed her shoulder and pulled her over. "Stupid woman, I know what you're
thinking. It's useless. Don't waste your time."

She trembled a little, raised her eyes and stared at him. "Don't waste your time, either. I can't accept
your lover even if I die."

He had a sad smile, "what do you want me to choose? I don't need to choose at all. All I want is you.
There is no others"

She didn't speak, just sneered. The distrusted, questioning eyes stabbed him, let his back cold,
forehead cold, throat tight, and heart pain.

"Stop tormenting me, stupid woman." He held her in his arms. His tone was so helpless tone and sad,
full of helpless sorrow.

She struggled to push him away. Her eyes were sharp and cold. There was no temperature at all. "I
didn't torture you. You were torturing me. You have two mind. You always want to have a good time.
But you find the wrong person. I won't give in. No matter what you say or do, I won't give in! If An'an
doesn't go, I'll go. There's no compromise. "

Lu's viscera were like being pulled by an invisible rope. "In fact, you just want to leave, right? You take
An'an as an excuse. You make use of it to force me to let you go. "

"Whatever you think, it doesn’t matter." She shrugged. "If you really want to start again, you should
break with the past. Otherwise, it's cheating. I'm not going to complete your happiness. I'll never. "

At the thought of the pictures of his intimate relationship with An'an, she was furious and nearly mad.
Those pictures flashed in her mind like a slide. These turned into sharp blades, which cut her heart one
after another, leaving her in agony. She was almost bleeding to death.

She didn't know if she would die at some point in this suffering.

The only way to live a good life was to leave him and ignored everything. And then she would not be
bothered by these things.

Qin Yichen bit his teeth. The night wind blew in from the window, cooling his mind, hurting his will and
cooling his heart.

She didn't trust him at all. Even if he said with a deep heart and great effort, she wouldn't believe him.

"I never thought about that kind of happiness, nor about having two woman. You know I have a hidden
disease, and I can't touch those women at all. Why do you think that?"

She snorted, "you can take the medicine. If you take the medicine, you can."

He choked fiercely, and a row of black crows flew over from the head, "except the most powerful
aphrodisiac, other drugs are useless to me."

She was slightly stunned. She didn't know whether it was true or not. She turned away and said, "if so,
you can also erotica products. "

He could hardly cry or laugh. The sweat was on his forehead. "I don't have such a bad taste."

She puffed up her cheeks and looked at him angrily and doubtfully. The criticism in her eyes was like
two sharp arrows. "If nothing happened to you and An'an, why don't you let her go?"

He sighed, showing a bit of embarrassment. "It's more complicated. Give me some time, and I'll tell you
everything later."

Mo Qinyu looked at him. He seemed to have some difficulties.

But as the richest young master in Long Chen, he had much money and the highest position. How
could he let a woman who had no power, no money and no background pester him?