Love in full bloom

Chapter 282 Prince Charming was My Neighbour.

She lay on the bed, pulled up the sheet and covered her head, like an ostrich which buried its head in
the sand, like a snail which hid into the shell and did not want to face the cruel outside world.

Qin Yichen sat beside her and sighed bitterly, "can't I just behave so badly that you can't understand
my mind at all?"

"What would you think if I had intimated behaviors with other men all day and didn't come back home at
night?" She made a muffled sound under the quilt, and the whole person was like soaking in a vinegar
jar, and every pore was permeated with jealousy from the inside to the outside.

Qin Yichen had a strange wry smile on his face,"I will pay attention to it later, and I will not let you
misunderstand it any more."

She pulled the quilt down and showed a pair of big jealous eyes, "Well, I'll see your performance later.
If you perform well, I'll go back. If you don't perform well, I'll never go back."

He got into the quilt and pulled her into his arms. There was a bit of evil in his face.

"If you want to run away from home, you have to take me."

She choked fiercely for a while and was a little speechless, "I want to stay alone now. Go out."

"No." He pressed her down with the fire burning wildly in the black eyes.

She was terrified and tried to push him away, but it didn’t work.

"Let me go, asshole. I haven't forgiven you yet. Don't expect to touch me."

He grabbed her little hand and put it on the top of his head. "My wife, even if you are angry,but if I want
it, you have to give it. Understand?"

His gentle tone disappeared in a flash, and became extremely domineering. He never cared about her
willing. As long as he wanted, he would not hesitate to get her.

She had no freedom or right to refuse in this regard. She only can compromised, obeyed and was
forced to accept.

But at this moment, she was still angry. Her hands were controlled by him but she could kick him.

"Qin Yichen, can you be more shameless?"


Whether it was forced or submissive, they could fit each other perfectly.

In the evening, when they got up from the bed, Mo Qinyu held her waist.

Qin Yichen sat on the sofa and tasted the tea in his hand slowly. He was satisfied.

She rolled eyes at him. "You can go back."

He shrugged. "I live next door. It is still early."

Mo Qinyu choked fiercely, and coughed for several times before she was relieved. Her eyes were
bigger than the copper bell, and she was shocked. She thought she had an illusion and heard it wrong.

"What did you just say? Where do you live? "

"This floor has been bought by me." His voice was like a passing night wind, blowing Mo Qinyu, who
was disordered in the wind.

No wonder the neighbor was decorating house yesterday, new furniture, new toilets, new bathtubs. It
turned out this guy was playing a trick.

This community was a high-end duplex apartment, with one staircase and two households.

The apartment she lived in was rented. According to him, he was the landlord now.

"You bought it. Why didn't the landlord tell me?"

"I let him keep this secret. I want to surprise you." There was a cunning arc in the corner of his mouth.

She held her forehead and was speechless.


No! It was a fright clearly.

"You can't expect to force me back in this way."

"It doesn't matter if you don't want to go back. I'll take care of you here." Qin Yichen shrugged casually.

She was so depressed that she wanted to find a rope to hang in front of him.

Fortunately, they lived in two house, thought they were in the same door. Otherwise, she would have to
find another place to live.

The next day, Ru Chen called and asked her to have dinner at his villa.

After work, she took Xiao Naibao to here.

"Brother, don't you always want to eat the pineapple sweet and sour pork? I'll cook for you today. "

Ru Chen smiled and said, "today I invite you to have dinner. How can I let you cook?"

"Never mind. We are so familiar with each other. Do we still care about these polite manners?" Mo
Qinyu smiled and went to the kitchen.

Soon she made the sweet and sour pork.

Ru Chen ate a piece of it. A complex emotion was in his mind.

He didn't eat it for a long time, but he never forgot it.

Even if the memory was lost, the taste was still hidden in her taste buds, which has never been diluted.

"It's delicious. It's the taste I'm looking for."

Xiao Naibao blinked his eyes with long eyelashes,"Uncle Ru, if you like to eat pineapple sweet and
sour pork which was made by my mother, you can often come to my house for dinner. My mother is not
only good at making sweet and sour pork, but also good at making other food, which are all particularly
delicious. "

Ru Chen stroked his head and joked, "OK, I'll come to your house to have dinner as soon as I have

As soon as they had finished their meal, there was an unexpected guest.

Although she was going to get married, Lu Jinshan still had a little fantasy about Ru Chen and hoped
that Ru Chen can accept her again.

Walking into the living room, she saw Mo Qinyu, and the anger came out of her eyes.